Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders

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Trendy Creation Contest 1 Mappack
Maps submitted to the first "Trendy Creation Contest" originally found on the now defunct official forums[forums.trendyent.com]. Not complete as the competition was pre-workshop and not everything was uploaded here by their creator.
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Tomb of Etheria
Created by TheBeev
Tomb of Etheria has been updated to version 1.2. The map now supports Overlord mode of the summoner class. We have also added some new content to the final wave to make it more exciting, you'll have to play it to find out what though. Good luck, h...
Arcane Tavern
Created by Comrade Questions
Last Updated Aug 11

WIP - The Arcane Tavern is a tavern for mages to go to, relax, and have a drink with their esteemed colleagues. A few mages got themselves into a drunken bar fight, and the magical energy they used has attracted malicious creatures. It...
Forgotten Graveyard
Created by Stimz
You tremble with fear as you arrive on the outkirts of Etheria and discover an ancient graveyard where the source of the evil invaders seem to be originating from. You must free this sacred ground of tyranny so that the souls of this enchanted place may re...
The Library
Created by MacCoy
The library is under attack! Only a hero like you can save it!

you cant build things in the rushing water....go for spots sticking out...like bookcases or debris...
The Forsaken Undercroft
Created by jeremy.stieglitz
Once... far ago... this area has been a highly coveted chill-out place for everyone, but now... Some careless guys have done some experiments with an unknown critical matter. They recognized the attracktion effect of the materia onto creatures a...
The Manor
Created by The Other Wes
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Update fixing skybox is out

New visuals, hedges and grass changed

New version has the summoner are fixed and ...
The Siege
Created by Geekotron
The castle wall has been breached, enemies are swarming up from a smouldering crater, and the evil archmage has more tricks up his sleeve!


Difficulty: similar to Endless Spires. Recommended mid-to-upper 20s for Medium....
Etheria Village
Created by Ri
The seal of the temple "eye of hell" has been broken, etheria village ain't safe no more... The little heroes join they're forces in one more epic adventure defending the hearts of the world.

--- Work in progress ---...
Port Etheria
At this busy port-of-enty into the land of Etheria, the enemy Hordes prepare for an invasion.


- 8 waves of standard Tower Defense for up to 4 players

- Mini boss wave and final boss wave!

- Customized rewards for completion

- Diffi...
The Knights Court
Created by Vawx
Defend the Knights Court crystal!

v3 - Added two more crystals, changed the intro cinematic a bit, added a mini-map, and changed the enemy spawn numbers a bit, to make it more difficult.

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