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Jan 16, 2017 @ 10:53pm
Feb 16, 2017 @ 10:17am
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Ink painting for the Year of the Rooster
Expresii is an advanced paint program currently specialized in Eastern ink painting. Its main features are: 1. 3D brushes allowing expressive strokes as if done wielding a real brush. 2. truly natural ink (watercolor) flows giving you the charm of water-based media. 3. vector-like 12k output with raster richness.

Expresii is the result of many years of research. The development traces back to 1999 when Computer Graphics researcher Nelson Chu started to devise a novel method to simulate a brush in 3D. By wielding such a virtual brush, you can make vastly different marks which normally require switching between many 'brushes' in other programs. By eliminating explicit switching you can finally make expressive marks that capture your rhythm.

Water-based media have always been a challenge in digital painting technology. Many paint programs offer 'watercolor brushes', most of which are based on local diffusion or stamping scanned images. Nice results can be achieved but something important is missing - the fluidity. Our paint simulation, on the other hand, brings digital watercolor to a whole new level by using Computational Fluid Dynamics for natural flows. The use of GPU makes such a simulation fast enough for real-time interaction, even on a tablet computer.

Finally, our simulation is paired with a new rendering method that gives you both raster richness and vector-like output up to 12k resolution. You can export your artwork with alpha channel to your favorite image editor for further processing.

Expresii is a breakthrough in digital painting tech in multiple ways. With your support, we will work our butts off to continue the revolution.

Download and try:

Those from mainland China can see the video here:
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VisceralSushi May 3, 2017 @ 4:40pm 
Can we get a status update on when this might hit the steam store?
veys Apr 25, 2017 @ 5:15am 
Hey is there any release date on Steam?
suter233 Feb 13, 2017 @ 6:27am 
Ideabrush  [author] Feb 13, 2017 @ 5:55am 
Thanks to those who voted and commented! Yes, Expresii supports most graphics tablets out there. It uses vendor's Wintab32.dll for Win 7 or earlier. For Win 8 or later, Expresii uses Windows' pen API, which means in most cases if a tablet computer comes with a stylus it should work out of the box.
楼至韦驮 Feb 13, 2017 @ 5:18am 

(请问一下...它支持各类 数位板吗?)
小慕 Feb 3, 2017 @ 7:24pm 
一定要上啊~~~~~~ Jan 31, 2017 @ 10:07pm 
Great software! Already own it, just incredible.
暗黑达加农 Jan 26, 2017 @ 3:37am 
☭.Kill Me Jan 22, 2017 @ 7:20pm 
cooc 很想试试
Tsunami Jan 21, 2017 @ 2:55am