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LED Lights
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Jan 16, 2017 @ 4:52am
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LED Lights

I do not recommend adding this to an existing save as there have been issues with lights replacing ore. If you do want to try, back up your save first!

LED Lights now requires Architect Sense to reorganise the category tab.
Supports Adjustable Colored Lights, but I decided to keep the coded coloured versions in.

A range of power-saving LED lights. A full rewrite of Loki88's LED Lights mod, which has been discontinued and can be found on the Ludeon forum. Textures were taken or adapted from Loki's mod.
Includes ceiling lights, wall lights, rope lights, a floor rope light, growing lamps and a medical lamp.
Due to the new patching system, the lamps will not conflict with other mods that affect beds. The building underneath an existing lamp issue is also resolved.
The wide range lights are now visually distinct.

Here are all of the lights:

- LED Rope Lights: A tiny lamp that is draggable like a power conduit. They consume 1W per segment, can be placed on walls and must be directly connected to power. Rope lights will transmit power like a conduit. After researching Colored Lights, seven more colours will be available. Each segment can light up a 3x3 area.
- LED Rope Growing Lights: They work exactly as normal rope lights, but will light the area of effect brightly to allow full-speed plant growth. Each segment uses 5W.
- LED Floor Lights: Basically slightly more expensive rope lights that are embedded in the floor and therefore invisible. My personal alternative for conduits that would otherwise be visible.

- LED Lights: Perfect for lighting up small areas and only uses 7W. The radius will be visible before you place the blueprint and when selecting the constructed lamp. The same seven colours are avaiable after researching Colored Lights.
- Wide Range LED Lights: A somewhat more powerful version of the LED Light, consumes 15W.
- HID LED Lights: A more powerful version of the LED Lights, the features are the same, but it has a larger radius and consumes 25W. In addition to the coloured variants I have included a square version that is centered on a 2x2 area (this one will not show its radius as that just turned out derpy).
- Wide Range HID LED Lights: If you really need some silly lighting. Uses 40W. Slightly OP and the game doesn't like lighting up areas that big. Don't like it: don't use it. ;)
- LED Wall Lights: Small LED lights that look quite nice against a wall, but can also be used without being mounted on a wall. Same radius and power consumtion as the basic LED light.
- Wide Range LED Wall Light: The wall version of the WR LED light, also has the same radius and power consumption.

- LED Growing Lights: This power-saving sunlamp alternative comes in three sizes (150, 96 and 69W). They're expensive to build, though! The lights will also display their radii and allow for one-click creation of growing zones. Will now turn off automatically at night.
- LED Medical Lights: A light specifically created for hospital rooms, providing a 5x5 brightly lit area. When placed near medical beds it will function like a weaker vitals monitor. Consumes 69W.

Feedback is always welcome! And please report any issues.

Github link for old versions: https://github.com/cucumpear/LED-Lights-Extended/releases/latest
The pre-Architect Sense version on github: https://github.com/cucumpear/LED-Lights-Extended/releases/tag/v1.1

This workshop entry will be updated to the current version of RimWorld as it is released. The A16 version is available for manual install here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/emf86bzr04d7mvh/LED%20Lights%20Redux.zip?dl=0
More Furniture Patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vryy5hezvq51hgp/LED%20Lights%20More%20Furniture%20Patch.zip?dl=0
More Furniture and SD medicaddons Patch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n587wq3p8b7tyd2/LED%20Lights%20MF%20%5Bsd%5D%20medicaddons%20Patch.zip?dl=0
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Jan 19, 2017 @ 10:55am
Do not use this mod with existing save files
Jul 25, 2017 @ 4:24pm
Error log
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zombie May 21 @ 6:49am 
Think i got it. The option for area grow lights(L,M,S) doesn't show in the menu if you dont have enough resources. While i was running the game and thinking wtf... my miner had moved on to mine some component and as soon as it was mined the menu changed to allow building the grow lights.
cucumpear  [author] May 21 @ 2:06am 
I haven't updated anything. Did you add any new mods at that time?
zombie May 21 @ 2:03am 
My grow lights have turned into rope lights. Anyone else have that problem? Everything was working fine until a day or 2 ago.
cucumpear  [author] Mar 18 @ 1:23pm 
The bonus is provided to the medical beds. If if the lamp can't connect to the beds it will show as inactive. Any of the vanilla bed (not sleeping spots) should work, but it needs to be set to medical to receive the benefit.
Check if you see the connecting lines when you hover the blueprint near your beds. If they are set to medical use and the lines don't appear you probably have a mod conflict.
Torres Mar 18 @ 7:18am 
Why is my medical LED light stating the +5% medical tend quality and 1.5% immunity are inactive? they're powered and since I'm end game I have some of them near the surgery area to bright lit the zone and provide the bonus but well... as I said, it reads inactive.

cucumpear  [author] Feb 11 @ 12:50pm 
I certainly can't code that, sorry.
Warbeast Feb 10 @ 8:36pm 
As side effect:insta kills all plants in the time to clean and blight too / damage to living things dot dmg
Warbeast Feb 10 @ 8:27pm 
Just a quick question would it be possible to add a uv light that creates sterile environment? Requirement 3h ontime at night/0%lit with no liveing thing inside? Maybe 3-5x the power req. Of a grow led Filling the whole room with a neon blue light at night? Or would that kill cleaning jobs?
Mr Hoodlum Jan 9 @ 1:48pm 
Oh fudge.. I removed it from my load order! I might've accidentally removed it in all the fuss of moving mods about.. might be a sign I have too many at this point. Thank you!
cucumpear  [author] Jan 9 @ 12:46pm 
Looks like you either don't have Architect Sense or you loaded it after LED Lights. Make sure you have Architect Sense activated and above LED Lights in the list. :)