3 Stars of Destiny

3 Stars of Destiny

Not enough ratings
Laxius Power Trilogy
By donmakles
I noticed that some of the reviews here were somewhat unfair but it’s quite understandable since most of those reviewers haven’t played the original trilogy of the game.

This will serve as a guide to those who are interested to download the original trilogy of the 7-games Laxius Saga series.
I noticed that some of the reviews here were somewhat unfair but it’s quite understandable since most those reviewers haven’t played the original trilogy of the game. I’m hoping that the Laxius Force trilogy will also get ported here in Steam and maybe a remastered version of the original Laxius Power trilogy. LP fans would certainly willing to pay for that.

3 Stars of Destiny is part of a 7-game Laxius Saga series that started all the way back to October 2001 and was inspired by the novel, "4 Stars of Destiny" by Alan Pendragon (pen name of the saga's creator a.k.a. Damienzeking/Indinera Falls). However, 3 Stars and Destiny was only release several years after the original Laxius Power trilogy.

Laxius Saga:
  • Laxius I - 3 Stars of Destiny (release date: February 2009)
  • Laxius II - Laxius Power 1: Random Story (release date: October 2001/updated: May 2002)
  • Laxius III - Laxius Power 2: Destinies (release date: April 2003)
  • Laxius IV - Laxius Power 3: The Final Terror (release date: December 2004)
  • Laxius V - Laxius Force 1: Heroes Never Dies (release date: August 2008)
  • Laxius VI - Laxius Force 2: The Queen of Adretana (release date: August 2009)
  • Laxius VII - Laxius Force 3: The Last Stand (release date: August 2010)
Laxius Power Trilogy
To those who wants to know what happen to the characters after the 3 Stars of Destiny. Here's the next part of the story - The Laxius Power Trilogy and they are FREE to download.

Originally posted at the Laxius Power Shrine Forum[laxiuspower-shrine.goodforum.net] by Thaumaturgist:

Laxius Power Trilogy in a single archive:
Laxius Power Trilogy[dl.dropboxusercontent.com]

PATCHES (use ONLY if you are using/downloaded a copy of the games from outside the Laxius Power Shrine forum):

Laxius Power 1:
Laxius Force Trilogy
As for the Laxius Force Trilogy

You can buy them at the creator’s website Aldorlea Games[www.aldorlea.org]:
Walkthroughs for Laxius Power Trilogy
I personally recommend Wiseguy's LP1 Walkthrough and the Laxius Power Shrine Forum for just about everything you want to know.
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James with the Games Jul 6 @ 8:28am 
I can't seem to be able to gain any of the Laxius Power games either anyone have a suggestion for this?
inner caster Jun 24 @ 4:53am 
From the mega link folder, all 3 games look to be complete bu you can't save. What a shame, can someone contact Thaumaturgist to make this possible? Or is someone able to correct the game folder to be able to save?
The developer is out of it as the game is very old.
丶Crucificial Nov 9, 2017 @ 10:39am 
apparently, the game works fine when i log in from another user account. weird :D anyways thank you :) time to re-play it again after 15 years xD
donmakles  [author] Nov 9, 2017 @ 4:07am 
I think your computer is too advance for the game to function. The download link I provided is also not working anymore. I might've to look for another source to download the game.

Also, you might want to change the compability of the game from the older Windows to the recent one.

I hope this iinformation also help: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Video-Display-and-Touch/Bad-Image-error-igdumdim32-dll/m-p/4730218/thread-id/101751/highlight/false#M101913
丶Crucificial Nov 8, 2017 @ 9:14pm 
i get a weird dll error when i start any of the 3 games downloaded. some wird igdumdin32.dll whatever. help please
Banake Oct 3, 2017 @ 2:18pm