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The Best Total Conversion Mods for HOI4 by SilverKnight
December Update: Made a List of some of these mods on my Blog: https://wordpress.com/post/strategia760825190.wordpress.com/54
Hi I’m SilverKnight and I have compiled a list of total conversion mods for you to enjoy. Total Conversion mods are mods that significantly change the game. These mods fundamentally change the map, events, foci, tech, and more! If you have a comment please do so below the collection.

1. Kaiserreich by the KR4 Team. Imagine a world where the Central Powers won WW1. 2 of the former Entente nations, France and Britain, are now communist utopias ready for revenge against Germany. The Russian Republic after defeating the reds is in chaos and will soon have to pick a side, or create one. The exiles who escaped during the French and British Revolutions are licking their wounds in Canada and the French Colonies, respectively. Will you side with the current order, the revolution, or reclaim your birthright? Start in 1936. Current Version: Alpha 0.5.3 "Heia Safari"

2. Apres Moi Le Deluge by General Runtime. It has been more then a 100 years since Emperor Napoleon I took the world in storm and conquered it. Since then the French Empire has reigned supreme, gaining colonies all over the world. However, it’s enemies still remain. The remnants of the Prussians are ambitious and are seeking to finally unite Germany and destroy the French. The upstart heirs of Rome, led by Benito Mussolini, are also seeking revenge. And the British and Russians may choose to also destroy the French order once and for all… Start in 1936. No Version Number but pretty far in development

3. Road to 56 by Greatexperiment. I don’t have a big description because the mod technically is a little different then the rest here, but basically what it does is that it adds a LOT of foci, a expanded tech tree up to 1956, a bunch of new laws, and much more! But warning here: if you don’t like balance and love crazy shenanigans, this mod is for you! Start in 1936. No version number but far in development

4. HOI4: The Great War by Wolferos. It is the early 1910s. The world is heading towards chaos. The Entente signed by France, Britain and Russia seeks to defend against the Central Powers who are Germany, Austria and Italy. War is inevitable and the world will be in a bloodbath. Will you join the upstart Central Powers, or keep the balance with the Entente. The choice is up to you. Start in 1910 or 1914. Version: Beta 0.4.2

5. Millennium Dawn led by Ted52. The world has entered the 21st century and things are already starting to heat up. The new Russia led by Vladimir Putin is looking for revenge for the collapse of the U.S.S.R and China is also ambitious. The “end of history” might collapse, maybe in fiery ashes… Start in 2000 or 2017. Version: 0.29

6. Red World by Kaiser1871. The Soviets have won the Cold War, but instead of communists fighting other ideologies, they are fighting themselves! As hardline communists face against revolutionary socialists, the remnants of the U.S seek revenge against the new order. And the Sino-Soviet split still remains… Who will dominate after the chaos. Will it be the Soviets, the new revolution or the remnants?
Start in 2010. Current Version: "For Whom The Bell Tolls"

Last but not least, Darkest Hour by Algerian General. Darkest Hour seeks to improve the vanilla experience to make it similar to the old HOI game, “Darkest Hour”. Rebalancing, events, expanded foci, AI improvements, and much more. This is for people who want a experience similar to the vanilla game but are tired of the many shortcomings of Vanilla. Start in 1936. Version: 0.1.13

Thanks to all of the modders who have created these mods!
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Created by Kallar Duskwood
Please note: Kaiserreich is not compatible with any unofficial mods due to it's size. If you are having issues please d...
Kaiserreich Music (old)
Created by Zarasophos
This mod is no longer being updated. The new Kaiserreich Music Mod can be found under https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1360299796.

We had to transfer the mod because Steam does not allow for transfers of mods on the workshop ...
Apres Moi Le Deluge
Created by General Runtime
Après Moi, Le Déluge

Today marks the 70th year since the outbreak of the Republican Revolutions.

The Continental System established by Emperor Napoleon weathered the storm, battered but victorious. The malcontents of the world licked their w...
The Road to 56
Created by Greatexperiment
Good Afternoon!

Road to 56 is a frankenstein of mods that has been riveted together for your convenience and pleasure. Here are the lovely details:


New Focuses
  • Argentina, Austria, Belg
Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War
Created by Wolferos


Status: Open Beta
Project Lead: Wolferos
Current Version: 0.5.4
Compatible with: Hearts of Iron IV "Cornflakes"
Supported Languages:...
Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod
Created by Ted52
Hey there, we love all of your enthusiasm about the merge with MD4, and yes, it's happening, but please stop asking us about an ETA - we don't have one, it'll still take a while! Thank you for your understanding and have a fantastic day!


Red World
Created by Kaiser1871
What if the Soviets Won?

Red World imagines a modern scenario in which the Soviet Union won its cold war against the United States. Despite becoming our globe's sole superpower, the Soviets face a daunting task of maintaining unlimited contr...
Darkest Hour
Created by Algerian General

Are you tired of Vanilla ignoring the larger part of history? Luxembourg conquering the world by 1941? Canadian naval invasions ruining your dreams of Lebensraum? Then this mod is for you.

By improving and b...