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Heavy Cosmetic Loadouts
By The Goyim Know
Hi guys, in this guide i will show you some of the cool loadouts for the Heavy.
Guys, i need you to suggest some of your favorite loadouts for the Heavy in the comments, thx!

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My Personal Heavy Loadout
1. Lime All-Father
2. Dragonborn Helmet
3. Lime Combat Slacks

Santa Hoovy
1. B.M.O.C
2. All-Father
3. Gift Bringer

Savvalaras' Heavy
1. Mo'Horn
2. Mad Mask
3. Weight Room Warmer

General Heavy
1. Officer's Ushanka
2. Cuban Bristle Crisis
3. Commissar's Coat

The Heavy Lumber
1. Outdoorsman
2. Apparatchik's Apparel
3. Unshaved Bear

The Heavy Boxer
1. Pugilist's Protector
2. Toss-Proof Towel
3. Heavy-Weight Champ

TF Classic Heavy
1. War Goggles
2. Heavy's Hockey Hair
3. Heavy Duty Rag

1. Cheater's Lament
2. All-Father

The Tankiest Heavy
1. Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm
2. Die Regime-Panzerung
3. Purity Fist

H3vy Snek
1. Eye-Catcher
2. Cuban Bristle Crisis
3. Hunter Heavy

420Lbs Senpai
1. All-Father
2. Hong Kong Cone
3. Heavy Lifter

Macho but Heavier
1. Heavy Lifter
2. Large Luchadore
3. Heavy-Weight Champ

Cheap Russian Rambo
Suggested by MDN

1. One-Man Army
2. Weight Room Warmer
3. Gone Commando

Old Memories..
Suggested by Bill Nyeeeee

1. All-Father
2. Summer Shades
3. Tough Guy's Toque

Wrong Spell
Suggested by Velocity

1. Chicken Kiev
2. Point and Shoot
3. Gift Bringer

The Wasteland Heavy
Suggested by Jeeper

1. Mo'Horn
2. Combat Slacks
3. Mad Mask

Burger's Hoovy
1. Hound Dog
2. Cuban Bristle Crisis
3. Borscht Belt

Russian Robot
Suggested by Buttershoes

1. U-clank-a
2. Mad Mask
3. Die Regime-Panzerung

Comic Book Villain
Suggested by Loli

1. Mad Mask
2. Bunsen Brave
3. Commisar's Coat

In Soviet Russia..
Suggested by Gogo

1. Officer's Ushanka
2. Combat Slacks
3. Heavy Lifter

Summer Heavy
1. Summer Shades
2. Summer Hat
3. Aqua Flops

Russian B.lyatman
Suggested by Mweh

1. Batbelt
2. Arkham Cowl
3. Dead of Night

Russian Forest Boii
Suggested by ♥♥♥♥♥♥

1. Yuri's Revenge
2. Warmth Preserver
3. Bear Necessities

Gay Russians don't exi...
Suggested by Meatboiii

1. Law
2. Macho Mann
3. Jungle Booty
4. Heavy Lifter

Veteran RED
Suggested by Pikey

1. Bill's Hat
2. Combat Slacks
3. Hunter Heavy

Max Payne..
Suggested by Muzzy

1. Jungle Booty
2. Heavy Tourism
3. El Duderino

Suggested by Dave

1. Dragonborn Helmet
2. Unshaved Bear
3. Sleeveless in Siberia

Saxton Hale but he's Russian..
Suggested by LGM

1. Jungle Booty
2. Heavy Lifter
3. Soviet Gentleman

Suggested by Stix

1. Officer's Ushanka
2. Dictator
3. Commissar's Coat

Trump but he has more SWAG than uuu..
Suggested by #IHaveNoLyfe

1. Coupe D'isaster
2. Summer Shades
3. Siberian Sophisticate
4. Aqua Flops ( i wish there was a 4th cosmetic slot.. )
5. A Drone to shoot your illegal bum down

Poot Nukem
Suggested by A

1.Bullet Buzz
3.Heavy Lifter

Heavy Tourist
Suggested by AHT

1. Dealer's Visor
2. Heavy Tourist
3. Aqua Flops

1. Copper's Hard Top
2. Security Shades
3. License to Maim

Alpha as F
Suggested by MiniSentry

1. Dragonborn Helmet
2. Heavy Lifter
3. All-Father

1. Eliminator's Safeguard
2. Mad Mask
3. Combat Slacks

Native American
Suggested by M(edgy)rton

1. Heavy Lifter
2. Big Chief
3. Cold War Luchador

A True Russian
Suggested by Meme Cat

1. Officer's Ushanka
2. Weight Room Warmer
3. Gone Commando

Suggested by BigBlackBoxFullOfCox

1. One-Man Army
2. Gabe Glasses
3. Siberian Sophisticate

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Soulite 12 hours ago 
what about Bearded Expense?
Barnesy1301 Oct 25 @ 4:44pm 
Pootis Bird Supreme:
Chicken Kiev
Tsar Platinum
Die Regime-Panzerung
Mr. Bacon Oct 22 @ 1:43pm 
-Commando Elite
-Siberian Sophisticate
-Breakneck Baggies
This is my loadout, thank me later.
Frug Oct 6 @ 5:48am 
-Chicken Kiev
-Red Army Robin
-Anything else
Thank me later
I3uzzk1ll Sep 30 @ 9:41am 
The Lone Survivor

1 - Bear Necessities
2 - Unshaved Bear
3 - Heavy Lifter
Peppermint Tea Sep 29 @ 9:21am 
Lenin or another name

2.-Security shades
3.- comissar' coat/ tsar platinum
Diamond jozu(no auth temp) Sep 8 @ 8:12am 
Donald trump heavy with even more themed type

1.Unusual coupe disaster(effect:dead presidents),paint:australium paint or colour of gentleman
2.Siberian sophiticate
3.Flair(with donald pics)
4.Melee weapon:Cons weapons with donald pic
Sigma Sep 2 @ 8:19am 

1. Dragonborn helmet
2. All-Father
3. Dead of night
Miskóta Aug 10 @ 4:48am 
Workout heavy

1. The Sammy cap
2. The Toss-proof towel
3. Weigh troom warmer
fish Jul 31 @ 5:21pm 
Depressed father.

-Unshaved bear
-Siberian sweater
-Mann of the house