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DPS GUIDE | Featuring: Mage [UPDATED]
By Onifans
Hello, this guide is UP TO DATE with the Spring event. Please check it out as it will show you possibly the best DPS (Damage Per Second) build for Mage. If you like this guide please let me know, also if you would like me to make a dps guide on the two other classes (Ranger and Warrior) please let me know.
How Much Damage?
The Damage varies from the spells we are going to use.

Lighting Zap IV
The instant damage you can pull with this spell is just insane. You can hit Damages of upwards from 3k - 10k. With this spell, you could instantly kill the first Worm Boss.

Poison Rain II
This is where you main damage comes from, and the only spell you have to use on Large waves of mobs, or even just shredding a boss. This spell alone deals damages from 500 - 2k every second. Not to mention it can be spam casted (we will get into that later)

This spell will increase your damage output with other spells, use this before you cast any spells or any wand attacks to maximize your damage.

Healing IV
This spell obviously doesnt deal any damage, it is just a tag along spell just incase you take damage.
The Gear
Crown of the Wicked
This hat offers no added damage, but it allows your to reset your spell's cool downs. Adding to what I said earlier about spamming Poison Rain.

Robes of the Wicked
This robe increases your health slightly, and for it's main purpose; increases your critical strike damage. When you critical a spell it will do more damage, the more CSD you have.

Gloves of the Wicked
These gloves, increase your mana and critical strike chance.

King's Boots
These boots are the best in the game for DPS. It increases your critical strike chance and damage.

Watchman Cape
Best Cape in the game for DPS. Increases critical strike chance and damage just like King's Boots.

Critical Ring of Fire
As the item is named, increases critical damage and chance while also giving you some Electro resistance.

Immortal Titanium
Immortal Titanium is a fast attacking wand, allowing you to get additonal damage and criticals off to reset your spell, if your spells arent already doing that for you. This wand also increases your critical damage and chance.
Talent Tree
Level 2
You will be using Immortal titanium for this build (which is a wand). Use Wand Specialization for the most ammount of damage.

Level 5
Use mana shield so that if you would take fatal damage your mana will save your life.

Level 10
This choice is personally on what kinda of mob/boss you fight with the spells you use. For example if you are fighting the Ghost King (Normal Final boss) using light damage will give you an added boost to its damage, if you added Master of Elements talent your light damage will do even more. But sense in this build Poison Rain II does the most damage output I use Trancendence so I don't run out of mana. But if you were to fight the Hardmode Worm Boss I would definetly think of taking Master of Elements as poison damage or "Earth" damage does extra to "Electro" damage.
Elemental Opposites:

Level 15
So I have tested Spell Crush and how it works. Sadly if you were to use WarCry then use a spell WarCry is not counted as a spell so your next spell damage will not do extra damage. BUT if you were to cast for example Lightning Zap IV and you got the spell reset cooldown from your hat and you were to cast Lightning Zap IV once more, it's damage will increase because of Spell Crush. Also Spell Rush is completely useless with this build (but if you don't have the "Crown of the Wicked" use Spell Rush).

Level 20
Mana Theif is just overall better because of Poison Rain II and running out of mana will rarely happen. Meditation is useless, because you will be dodging enemy hits like crazy during a fight and Summoning of the Orbs is useless too because you will not be killing many enemys in a boss fight.

Level 25
All the bosses deal magic damage; Magic Armor will protect you from just that.

Level 30
Now you must be saying "Arcane Concentration" gives you more damage on your spells with the added bonus of shimmering energy around your head! Well yes that is true, but that extra damage is only added if you cannot lock onto a target because of distance. Illusion is neat, as it will have enemies start attacking your illusion. But its downsides is that the illusion doesnt last long and you can still die with usng illusion. Personally Blood Magic is the way to go because Poison Rain will give you that chance for healing 25% of its damage dealt or any spell you use.
Attribute Distribution
Default Mage Lvl 30
By default your attributes should look like this. If you want to reset your attribute points you can craft a Potion of the Void dropped by the Hardmode Final Boss.

How to Distribute?
What works for me is to go for 8 points into Constituion because just a little added extra health for survival. 47 Points into wisdom for that spammable Poison Rain and also a ton of mana to be able to cast WarCry before spamming your other spells. Last but not least 32 points into Intelligence for increased spell damage.
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X-Games Legend Player Apr 22, 2020 @ 2:25pm 
It isn't updated to 2020.
Kout Apr 22, 2020 @ 10:08am 
Is this updated to 2020?
Pollous Aug 18, 2019 @ 3:01pm 
can you do a rougue guide please?
Neko Sep 14, 2018 @ 11:02am 
Thanks a lot X-Games Legend Player :D :tinder:
X-Games Legend Player Sep 11, 2018 @ 7:13pm 
That's okay, all weapons and armors* has been remade and balanced. Beating a HM boss is even... harder than before.

*There's few exceptions.
Onifans  [author] Sep 10, 2018 @ 8:40pm 
im not gonna update any of my guides. too much stuff to go through again.
X-Games Legend Player Sep 9, 2018 @ 7:10pm 
-The lighting zap IV has been removed, but you can get Fireball IV, which deal a big damage+DoT. It has a similar DMG as lighting zap III.

-The set of the wicked is called General Mage now, and it's crafted at the Enchanted Altar.

-The Hollow King drops the powerful critical cape, however, it's not like Watchman Cape.

-The critical ring of thunder has been nerfed: it's the ring of fire, and you can get it opening an Epic Chest (the big golden one) on Deepest Mosakola or killing the Queen Slime, the first Mini-boss (+ 1.5.x)

-The King's boots has been nerfed and renamed. It's the Avenger's Boots (no, it's not about "the avengers" from Marvel) and it's crafted in an anvil IV.

If you don't know how to get Poison Rain, well, the Poison Rain I is dropped by the Normal Worm (1st boss) and the Poison Rain II is dropped by Electric Worm.
Neko Sep 1, 2018 @ 2:34am 
Is this build still up to date? Or are some things no longer in the game anymore?
b0ne Jun 6, 2018 @ 3:59am 
where do i get the critical ring and cape? o.o
Onifans  [author] May 28, 2018 @ 6:38am 
@FabE you craft them