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Sins of the Prophets: NSC Compatibility Patch
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Jan 11, 2017 @ 11:25pm
Jun 28 @ 9:58pm
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Sins of the Prophets: NSC Compatibility Patch

Sins of the Prophets: NSC Compatibility Patch v0.2.5

Compatible with 2.1.* and 2.0.*

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Building off of our main Sins of the Prophets: Stellaris mod, we are pleased to present this compatibility patch for use with New Ship Classes & More.

UNSC model changes:
Corvette: Paris
Destroyer: Halberd
Cruiser: Halcyon
Strike Cruiser: Eion
Battlecruiser: Marathon
Battleship: Valiant
Carrier: Epoch
Dreadnought: Artemis
Titan: Punic
Flagship: Infinity
Colossus: Zeus
FSS: Cradle

Covenant model changes:
Corvette: ADP
Destroyer: SDV
Cruiser: CPV
Strike Cruiser: RCS
Battlecruiser: CCS
Battleship: ORS
Carrier: DDS
Dreadnought: (Purple) CAS
Titan: (Silver) CAS
Flagship: OSS
Colossus: DOS

Do not redistribute without permission.
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[IMP] VMarshall Aug 11 @ 10:09pm 
Okay, thanks man.
Lavo  [author] Aug 11 @ 7:28pm 
We plan to update the OSS design; we have a new model done, I have yet to rig it for Stellaris however.
[IMP] VMarshall Aug 11 @ 2:14am 
I am kinda disappointed with the OSS design :(
Bogart Jul 13 @ 10:23am 
Thanks for the clarification. I though it was due to NSC section modifcation outside vanilla setups. At times some patches for shipsets and NSC miss some section change so I assumed this was the case. The issue is EAC: At War. Specifically one of the features "Miniaturized Defense Platform Components" As with NSC it creates new sections. I thought I dumped all the station mods but I was wrong.

That feature break every shipset mod I have so I will have to modify EAC and remove the tech
Lavo  [author] Jul 12 @ 12:27pm 
We do not touch section template information. As a result, it cannot be us as we do not change the stats of any unit.
Bogart Jul 12 @ 8:49am 
I do not think the defense stations (1 tier above default platforms) models are not setup correctly. I am still going through my mod list in case anything modifies those stations. The Sins of the Prophets models have half the weapon/hanger slots as the default model and 1 less "A" slot. There is also one extra Sins of the Prophets models; 2S 2P. So 7 Sin's models to 6 default. The stations still function in gameplay.

Mod's models:

Default models right below the mod's in the same window. The last model is cut off in the screenshot.

Confirmation of the above would help in case the problem is on my end.
Lt. Angelo/Cupcake Jun 30 @ 11:03pm 
so far they said no
Dobrynja Jun 30 @ 7:30pm 
Is there any possibility of a patch for this and Downscaled Ships? The models are quite large and with NSC they don't fit together well. I found the base patch for DS and SotP but it doesn't have NSC support included.

Thanks for this great mod
Lavo  [author] Jun 28 @ 10:06pm 
Alright, we should be good for the time being.
Lavo  [author] Jun 28 @ 8:45pm 
I didn't that, welp. Yeah I need to get an update out.