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Uro's Memorial to the Fallen
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Uro's Memorial to the Fallen

Uro's Memorial to the Fallen

A homage to community authors, contributors and mentors who are sadly no longer with us.

They shall forever be remembered for thier commitment and dedication to empowering the community with thier knowledge and never ending enthusiasm in aiding comrades.

Rest In Peace...

Paul 'Bushlurker' Pelosi, 5th August 1960 - January 2017.
Randy Stratton, 12th January 1980 - 3rd April 2014.
James 'Planck' McNicoll, - 15th December 1952 - 7th April 2010.

Mod Information:

Requirements/Dependencies: Arma 3.

This mod is fully rigged for use in the 3DEN in-game editor and is also Map Builder enabled.

3DEN: In editor category 'Empty' under 'Monuments'
Map Builder: Under 'uro_monuments > Monuments'

Terrain authors are free to use this mod in thier terrains provided they adhere to the APL licencing which follows in the spirit of Arma modding.

You can find the licence at and I have also included a copy within this package. (Docs\licence.txt)

Mod Contents:

readme.txt - This file.
licence.txt - The APL Licence that applies to this mod.
mod.cpp - self explanitory.
uro_monument.pbo+bisign - The mod itself, fully signed.
\Keys\ - folder containing bikey for server admins.
uro_monument.pbo contents:

Model Info:

classname "Land_uro_arma_monument01"
LODs: 6 Resolution, Geometry, Geometry Phys, View Geometry, Fire Geometry, Memory, LandContact, Roadway and ShadowVolume 0+10.

Textures: Custom textures & mod presentation imagery.
Materials: Custom materials.
Config: Associated magic to make things work as they should.

Copyright 2017 Uro.
This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named Uro
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Bushlurker statue has been added to the game on the Malden map.
Thanks, BI.
Eskandare Apr 28 @ 8:32pm 
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Rest in Peace.
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I hope BiS adds this to the remake of Malden. RIP
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My best wishes friends. May you mod forever.
[Bloody] | DeliciousAce♠ Mar 1 @ 7:18pm 
Didn't recognized that another Armaverse buddy is gone....
Really Bad news...

You will never be forgoten Guys.....NEVER...

Missing the old good Days with Randy....i learned so much from him...

Rest in Peace