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Stargate Traits
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Stargate Traits

In 1 collection by Seph
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INCLUDED SHIPS with downscaled ships compatibility

CREDIT and love goes to SGI team from sins of a solar empire who created all the models and Frstwlf for importing them into stellaris. <3

Mod includes but not limited to

LeethalGambits's Stargate weapons with sound and more
Averax's planet size increase edict
SoG-Geongeon's Stargate Emblems Pack (only used few emblems from this mod)
Expanded Colours [144 Colours] by Veegi

Try it with this mod and report any bugs

Traits unlock species specific tech, buildings, ship modules and armies

-Ancient pulse weapons (5 tiers) and drones (3 tiers)
-Asgard beam (3 tiers), vanir plasma (5 tiers) and asgard ion cannon (5 tiers)
-Tau'ri railgun (5 tiers), cruise missile (5 tiers), nuke (3 tiers) and naquadah enhanced nuke (3 tiers)
-Ori beam (3 tiers) and pulse weapons (5 tiers)
-Goa'uld plasma cannon (5 tiers)
-Wraith plasma cannon (5 tiers)
-Replicator blocks (5 tiers)

Each race starts with 1st tier of their basic weapon unlocked at start

Strike craft
-Puddle Jumper
-Death Glider
-Wraith Dart
-Carrier ship sections for battleships

Shields (in-combat regen is included by default)
-Ancient shield has fewer hitpoints but high regen
-Ori has best shields
-Asgard is in between
-Tau'ri has a bit worse than asgard (thx to asgard tech)
-Goa'uld is the worst ofc
-Wraith has -100% shield modifier on all their ships built but they have a lot of hull points to compensate

Armor also gives hull points

Power generator
-Asgard power generator
-Naquadah 1-5

-Wormhole drive
-Warp 4
-Hyperdrive 4

-Ancient control chair
-Ancient nanites
-Aux targeting computer

Ship sections
Each race starts with their version of basic hulls unlocked.
Advanced hull for each ship size can be researched later on.

-Each faction has 1 unique army available at game start
-Goa'uld has additional Kull warriors later with tech
-Ancient and Ori has Half ascended troops with crazy moral damage after Ascension III

-Farm 6-7
-Mine 6-7
-Power 6-7
-basic science lab 2-3
-3 types of specialised science lab 6-7
-Industrial hub gives adjacency just like planetary capital
-Research center gives adjacency bonus to all science

Only science races can get lvl 7 of each building plus basic science lab 2-3 the rest is available to all races that have any stargate trait.

-Each race has 1 edict that costs influence and boosts economy/research
-Storage edict so AI always has enough minerals saved up to rebuild fleet quickly after a loss
-Core sector systems 100 (AI sucks big time dont ever let them handle your tall empire not even in vanilla game even less so here)

Each ship of the owners of these traits spawn with unique modifiers like movespeed or bonus damage/hull points.

Some tech are shared by more than just one faction for example Tau'ri having access to asgard beams.
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jtexasboyz Nov 15 @ 11:58am 
for portriat i would talk to this creater since he has some and has been helpful to others in the past
Seph  [author] Nov 15 @ 4:50am 
Ill look into it then.

About the next stellaris update: HOLY SHIT very bad and very good at the same time.
Ill have a shitton of work to do to adapt all the changes and have to delete chunks of this mod
On the other hand stargates will be implemented 100% all i need is a mesh to replace the in game stargate (gateway) and it will work exactly like ori supergates.
Doctor Octoganapus Nov 14 @ 10:37pm 
@Seph For me its when ever I play as the replicators or they exist in the world, save could be day 1 or 20 years in
Seph  [author] Nov 13 @ 4:59am 
About this crash bug... does it happen by chance after you finish Aurora project? It used to cause the same save game corruption before but i fixed it.. it might be back
Unit 206 Nov 12 @ 6:49pm 
@ XavierMace
I wasn't talking about this mod, I was talking about anything else he has installed along with the ship parts mod "conflicts with any other mod that adds ship parts" and "....Stellaris\common\game_rules\00_rules .txt\can_orbital_bombard"

I did not mean to imply that this mod was incompatable, only that IF he has the ship parts mod he SHOULD look though his mod list to see if he has anything in it in addtion to this mod and begin testing to see if that has anything to do with it, which based of my search of the mods around it seemed like a likely mod to point out.
Feralcus Nov 12 @ 6:07pm 
I am also having the "Crash on load game" bug but it's weird... Early on doesn't happen. Only after the game has gone for a bit will the bug kick in...
XavierMace Nov 12 @ 5:08pm 
@Unit 206 Yes, that would cause conflicts with other mods doing the same. This mod does not.
Seph  [author] Nov 12 @ 11:39am 
If anyone else can confirm it ill look into it but i havent had a problem like that so far.
But today i spent some time bugfixing. Like starting planet spawning with 2 stargates or not having any habitable systems nearby.

Only bug i know about concerning replicators is that their event still only fires once per galaxy. So some more than 1 ina game results with organic replicators which sucks XD
Doctor Octoganapus Nov 12 @ 10:59am 
@Seph I have found an issue with the mod..... I can start a game just fine but if the replicators are in the world the game will crash trying to load the save file.
Unit 206 Nov 9 @ 3:32am 
@ XavierMace According to the Author of the mod it's litterally in the mod description...seriously i feel like i'm the only one who reads these things..

"Compatibility with other mods:
Mod adds an additional line into:
Stellaris\common\game_rules\00_rules .txt\can_orbital_bombard
So there will be conflicts with mods doing the same. It will make added countries (such as different mini crises) lose their ability to bomb planets."