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IFA3 RealPanzer
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IFA3 RealPanzer

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IFA3 - Iron Front 44 in ARMA 3 Tank Battles
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Iron Front 44 RealPanzer

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  • Real tank motor idle and movement sounds.
  • When tank shells hit against armour they make a metallic hit sound like in real life.
  • Improved and additional tank textures.
  • Improved vehicle movement.
  • Tank turrets have their correct powered rotation speed.
  • More historically accurate tank speed and turning.
  • More historically accurate suspension settings.
  • Tank motors operate at optimal revolutions and torque, where possible.
  • Tanks have historically correct transmission ratios and gear ratios and engine and torque curves.
  • Tanks have the historically correct number of forward gears.
  • Most gunsights are full screen instead of a peephole.
  • StugIIIG has scissors periscope for gunner with 10x magnification.
  • Sherman tanks have smoke dischargers.
  • German tanks have S-Mine dischargers in the loader position and smoker dischargers in the commander position.
  • Added inventory to all tanks, weapons, flares, tool kits, first kits, ammo like one would find in a tank.
  • Turret turn and gun elevation sounds, electric, hydraulic, manual custom made for all tanks.
  • The M3 Stuart is available to the Russians as a lend lease vehicle.
  • Smoke and S-mine launchers have correct ammo loadout and rate of fire.
  • Correct gunsight magnification levels.
  • Tank gunner has a one to one gunsight view option where he looks out of a periscope and away from the gunsight.
  • Tank ammo has the historically correct penetration value , speed, and where relevant the correct amount of explosive filler inside the shell.
  • Tank hit points have been reworked where some vertices were outside of the armour layer and taking unrealistic damage with no penetration.
  • Tank reload sounds are louder and have a human voice at the end advising that the gun is ready to fire. Same with a change of ammo type.
  • Added many flame tanks such as Sherman, Stuarts, t34 and sdkfz 251/16 halftrack.
  • Correct gun elevation and traverse distances and speeds.
  • More realistic hit point system.
  • Reworked hit point values based on historical test outcomes on real tanks.
  • Vehicle damage script is available as a seperate mod here: * @Real Panzer SFX
  • Tanks may or may not explode when destroyed. Often the larger tanks will take damage until all parts are black and inoperable and the AI crew have bailed out.
  • Tank destruction effects are improved and varied, no more standard tank explosion and smoke column identical for all tanks, now there is some variety.
  • Internal pictures of real tanks have been added to the position change sequence. If you have better ones please send them to me and I can update and improve them.
  • The damage system has been made more detailed with addition of spall and thermobaric wave damage when a shell penetrates a tank.


  • For more realism and a sense that your tank has been hit turn on cam shake effects in options. It is a standard A3 feature.
  • If you have a better sound that you would like to see used in the mod, please contact me, and I can assess it and see if I can replace the existing one with your new one. The sound must be of good quality with no background noises such as music, a moderator or crowds. If I take the sound up, I can credit you as a mod contributor if you want. Same goes for textures and other things that you might be able to offer and would like to see in the game.
  • I recommend using my adaption of the Smarter Tanks mod as well and the excellent Liberation Real Panzer mod.

    Smarter Tanks mod for Iron Front 44 and Liberation
    Liberation Real Panzer Mod
    Real Panzer SFX

    The Arma3 Nvidia PhysX sytem has some inbuilt limitations that hinder the making of a perfect tank simulation:
  • One cannot manually shift gears.
  • Only one turret speed so unpowered and powered turret turn cannot be simulated.
  • There is no off-road coefficient for tanks as there are for cars in ARMA3. This means that when a tank goes off-road the speed does not go slower to allow for the vehicle sinking into the softer ground. I have therefore adjusted the tank physx (vehicle handling) so that the tank is able to at least do its top reported off-road speed when off-road, downhill on smooth ground more is possible. This means that on a hard sealed surface such as a highway or runway the tank is unlikely to reach its top reported historical on-road speed. Given that tanks battle mostly off-road I found this is an acceptable compromise until a proper off-road coefficient feature is created by the manufacturer.
  • This mod was made and tested in single player mode and works well in that mode. In MP mode tanks sit too high on their suspension.
  • There is a problem at present that the damaged and destroyed textures do not show and wrecked tanks appear undamaged but often have no tracks.
  • This mod was made to run with CBA_A3 and the core IFA3_AIO mod installed and does all the things it should with those loaded. If you add other mods and strange things happen unload those others mods. ACE for example looks great and has some nice featues but seems to make the shells too weak and some of the tanks almost indestructible. Other mods can remove the vehicle speed limits or make the turret numbers vanish, just to name a few things I have seen.

    The Iron Front 44 Development Team
    For help with the turret turn speeds and general testing and ideas.
    The growing list of users and subscribers that use the mod and especially those that report errors for me to fix and so help in mod development.
    Gunter Severloh
    For his help on the multiplayer tank sound effects, server performance, play testing and design of this website on Steam.
    For answering some of my questions about real tank characteristics.
    Ruediger at Zahnfabrik Friedrichshafen AG
    For providing info on the Panther gearbox.
    Munster Panzer Museum
    For allowing me special access and help to measure tank wheels and answering questions such as how big and heavy the flywheel is on a given tank, the sort of information you can never find in a book or online.
    [tf86]Shadow93, DonBlazer, Artyomka, NoobMunchies, Dr.Rebus, Rowdie, Gunter Serverloh, ♥♥♥♥ Dastardly, Paraso, Detcord21B, CaoSaoVang, Ein Iridescent, Kreidelheim and Neeves from 23rd Panzer Division
    For play testing feedback and suggestions.
    My German friends Stephan and Thomas for voice acting the loader sounds.
    PIONEER for letting me use his tankscript.

    Hope you like it please subscribe and leave a thumbs up and even a thankyou tip!

    Here is my tip jar:


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Why is there a JPEG image over the tank sights? Fix for this?
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Great job! I love this MOD.
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Will this ever be updated?
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I cannot destroy tanks using anti tank weapons anymore. Is it possible to just have the skins for the tanks please. Thank you for replying.
{RP}Alan  [author] Apr 1 @ 9:34pm 
Depends what mod you are using. Try this one alone and see if the problem persists.
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please update, can't look in through the german gunner sights due to a JPEG
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Question, in sp the damage works fine but we have been doing some online mission that i made in the editor with our group and it just turns the tanks into unkillable
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