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Thicket Beta 3
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Jan 9, 2017 @ 5:45pm
Jan 29, 2017 @ 10:45pm
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Thicket Beta 3

Thicket Beta 3 - A small COOP map designed for checkpoint through a wooded area. Capture points A,B,C,D. No destruction objectives. Still a work in progress. I love it best on brutal-max bots. should be compatible with servers that are bot-count modded for hordes. By Waxy Chicken.

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Jan 15, 2017 @ 11:24am
Thicket_Beta_2 out before monday
Jan 29, 2017 @ 10:50pm
Thicket Beta 3 out now
Jan 15, 2017 @ 8:56pm
FIX: "Map won't download/update on my server"
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Sparkie951 Jan 30, 2017 @ 7:02pm 
Looks good.. I ran it solo and is much improved on the Bots and Lighting... Once I get a group together will get you a better idea of what people thinkl
WaxyChicken  [author] Jan 30, 2017 @ 1:03am 
updated to beta 3
WaxyChicken  [author] Jan 15, 2017 @ 9:09pm 
re-submitted. and the dropbox link in the description includes the correction.
WaxyChicken  [author] Jan 15, 2017 @ 8:52pm 
SPARKIE! THANK YOU! that T must be what's causing it to fail to download on the server i play on. you may of solved the problem for that part. it's been a major headache. I will re-release it with that corrected ASAP.
Sparkie951 Jan 15, 2017 @ 8:47pm 
Oops... I just missed a major point... The map would not auto download for my server, received a "Recursive Error". I noticed that the .nav file is lower case "T" and other 2 file names are upper case "T". This may work for Workshop, but it does not work when downloading from another server. I renamed all the files to all lower case and problem was solved. Just a heads up in the future user the Same case for the letters for all file names. (Not trying to be complaining, just trying to help).
Sparkie951 Jan 15, 2017 @ 8:42pm 
We had a good play with the map tonight and see great improvement, but as always there are a few things that we noticed:
1.) At re-spawn, we always spawn back at the front of the map, needs to be closer to the point.
2.) Bot Spawns way too close. Sometimes we get shot before we have time to aim.
3;) Need to do something for the Bots as they see thru the trees and we can't
4.) and just a nicety idea to the realism, With the wind blowing, it would be nice to see animated trees blowing in the breeze.

I did notice major improvements, The scopes are usable and the water looks much better as well as the building as a little more light now. Before, if you did not have a flash light you could not see anything. Keep up the good work and I certainly look forward to seeing this map grow... I have been looking for a map similar to this... Keep up the good work.
WaxyChicken  [author] Jan 15, 2017 @ 5:45pm 
Let me know if the cube maps (refelctions on guns, etc) are working proper on your systems. I have a vid card that was cheap 4 years ago so i can't test both HDR/non-HDR settings.
Sparkie951 Jan 15, 2017 @ 3:55pm 
Looks much better... Have it in rotation, will give review later.
WaxyChicken  [author] Jan 15, 2017 @ 11:20am 
beta_2 released to workshop. direct download (mirrors welcomed)
Sparkie951 Jan 15, 2017 @ 5:27am 
Great idea... Please keep sharing it outside of the Workshop... I can also hosted on my Webpage if it will help you get it out ( )