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Advanced Nanosuit (Wearable/Multi-Language)
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Jan 8, 2017 @ 1:51pm
Mar 24, 2019 @ 7:15am
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Advanced Nanosuit (Wearable/Multi-Language)

**Playermodel and Hand animations are visually updated now. (Nanosuit modes are now visually visible in hands and playermodel.)

Thanks To;
TheYaargPirate for taking the photo for the addon's image
Kael for editing the photo for the addon's image and helping for the english description of this post :)
☣Ⓗazard WastⒺ☣ for the Russian translation.

• It's wearable (duh...)
• Armor, cloak, visor, nanovisor and power modes..
• Visor includes a hacking mode for hacking npc's (turret, etc.)
• Animated hands for the nanosuit.. - Source -[]
• EMP grenade and unknown energy source.
• Have a armor station for wearing and unwearing.
• It includes radar and warning system for the enemies
• Lightweight addon, It won't lag in your server.
• Multi language support (If you want to help out for a new language contact me.)
• Added kicking mod. You can kick ass your aliens.

Available Languages:
English - Hud(✔) Voice(✔)
Turkish - Hud(✔) Voice(✔)
Russian - Hud(✔) Voice(✔)

*If you want to be added your language, you can help us. You need to find your language voice sounds in crysis game packs and translate the addon's text.

The files: mega. nz/#!JNsy3ZyR!7i13cQ-p-qCanHc0rMu42zjdc0eYaPs_fofAykwHTmU
Hint: You can find the voices in crysis (2 or 3) language patch. (but you need to unpack them with crysis .pak extractor)

Q - Armor Mode
E - Cloak Mode
C - Nano Visor Mode
Z - Visor Mode
G - Kick
Shift + Right Click - Power Mode
CTRL + Shift + F - Unwear Nanosuit (Changed from box to armor station)
Shift + F - Change Binds
Shift + CTRL + R + F - Disable Hud

crysis_language [0 = english, 1 = turkish, 2 = russian] (Restart Required)
crysis_climbvel [default value = 160]
crysis_muzzleflash [0 = disable muzzleflash, 1 = enable muzzleflash]
crysis_muzzlesmoke [0 = disable muzzlesmoke, 1 = enable muzzlesmoke]
crysis_newarmorstyle [0 = disable new armor overlay, 1 = enable new armor overlay] (for client)
crysis_damageeffect [0 = disable damage effects, 1 = enable damage effects]
crysis_movementeffect [0 = disable movement effects, 1 = enable movement effects]
crysis_crosshair [0 = disable crysis crosshair, 1 = enable crysis crosshair]
crysis_adminmode [0 = disable admin mode, 1 = enable admin mode] (for infinite energy)
crysis_kickmenu - Consist of kicking settings.

If you want to disable your visor, just change your weapon using your mouse wheel or your keybindings.
If your weapons don't show up, just change your weapon using your mouse wheel or your keybindings.
If kicking does not work, you should type this: bind g "impulse 201"
If you stand T-pose, you have to unsubrisce "Nanosuits 2.0" addon.

Addons used in the addon presentations;
Crysis Weapons (CW 2.0): Crysis Weapons Collection
Crysis Music: Nombat music- Crysis (Unoffical)
GDCW Weapons: Revision GDCW Weapon's Pack (Darkrp Compatible)
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