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Populated Cities
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Jan 8, 2017 @ 10:02am
Jan 8, 2017 @ 7:33pm
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Populated Cities

[Tested in Version: 0.95.11]
IMPORTANT: For the correct installation of this mod. Subscribe and IMPORT THE GAME instead of loading it and it will already be working. Remember to save game later to keep the changes.

Improve your gaming experience in cities!

Populated Cities significantly improves the major cities in Kenshi. This modification not only adds more citizens, it also makes them smarter and more active in the city.

What improvement?

- Cities have more citizens and are more smart. It also adds several personalities for citizens (Example: some go out more to buy than others).

- If you have a building owned in the city and a shop, the citizens WILL GO TO YOUR STORE TO BUY. 100% guaranteed.

- At the end of the day, blacksmiths leave their store to buy materials (iron, mesh heights, steel bars, etc.). If you sell them in your store they will visit you!

- Citizens have realistic schedules. During the day they walk and shop around the city and at night go to their homes to sleep or do household chores.

- Citizens visit all types of establishments in the city.

- Some citizens have better clothes and a staff to defend their family.

- Citizens buy more types of products.

What will there be in future updates?

- The bartenders and arms dealers will also go out on the streets to perform tasks (currently only the armor sellers).

- More personalities for citizens.

- Improve citizens 'dialogues to improve the players' experience.

- Upgrade the rural citizens (farms and small towns).

- (MAYBE) More buildings to improve the citizen life.

This mod has full support in its development. If you have any suggestions or find any bug, contact me. Thank you very much!
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Dec 24, 2018 @ 5:29am
Playing the Mod
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That Guy Called Luke Jul 29 @ 5:43pm 
I get townsfolk wearing brightly coloured shirts for some reason xD not sure if it's this mod or not
Revalias Jun 7 @ 11:00pm 
will we be getting an update this year to add some of the intended features? all the same though I do like the mod allot
duanethebathtub May 29 @ 2:19pm 
Does this mod support town overrides?
DarKGeeK May 22 @ 5:26pm 
Like the guards don't care that they are commiting a crime, it even says they are commiting a crime but when I beat them down the shek guards will try to even heal them back up.
DarKGeeK May 22 @ 5:23pm 
I don't know which mod is causing this but everytime I have a home in squin some of the people in squin break in to my house and won't get arrested.
Nopo May 17 @ 8:57pm 
What does it mean "import" the game?
ChiefBanana May 6 @ 2:05pm 
does this add guards? killed everyone in a town only to reload and there are more guards out of no where
Renato Laranja May 5 @ 6:06pm 
Love how lively this makes towns but I'm forced to uninstall cause I hate how citizens beat my door down. Need me my privacy
Benalar Apr 30 @ 4:19am 
After uninstalling, there is still the occasional shopkeeper sleeping late, or hanging out at the door, but that is now very rare. I would guess, the schedule changes by the mod mess up their regular routine, and instead of returning to their counters at one point, they bug out at the door or in bed and stay there.
Benalar Apr 29 @ 10:46am 
Yep, they still beat down doors.
I also have issues with shopkeepers who are hard to find, because they are not behind their counters, but stand in front of the door, stay in bed all day, and some I can't find at all. Not sure if there is another mod causing this, but I'm uninstalling nonetheless, it's just not worth having all my doors broken anyway.