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Team Fortress 2

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The Plush Pyroshark
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Jan 8, 2017 @ 11:52am
[The items depicted are merely prototypes of the design itself, and are intended to give a general idea of what the final plushes would look like.]

This cuddly companion is not only cute, but also shares your pyromania. Not 100% fireproof, but 100% fire advocating.

Comes in red or blu.

Design, production and image creation by rayyy.
Original concept art (that inspired design) and advice by OverPovered.

Please show your support if you like the idea and share it to your friends and anyone who you think might be interested!

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You should also go check out OverPovered's workshop. He has a self-made item, and a Saxxy! He also has a t-shirt that's available for sale from the Valve website. You can find the link to his stuff here.

I can provide an idea of the pattern used and components of the plush if necessary.