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Rage In Peace
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jan 12, 2017 @ 4:10am
Nov 8, 2018 @ 8:06am

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Rage In Peace has been Greenlit!
Rage In Peace Entered Top 50 in Day 3!
Release date: Early 2018
What would you do if you knew that today is your last day to live?

Rage in Peace is a story-driven, side-scrolling action game with elements of surprise and memorization.

Play and watch how things unravel in the last day of Timmy's life, as he races against time to get back home and fulfill his sole dream before the day is over.

This is the story about the day Timmy dies

The game tells the story of Timmy Malinu, an average guy in his late 20’s who works as an actuary in a top insurance company. He lives miles away from his hometown, loves coffee, hates drama, and so on, and so on. Being emotionally numb, Timmy thinks that whatever happens in life happens just because, no matter how terrible and no matter how amazing. But still, he has this one dream: to die asleep in his pajamas, in the warmth of home, in peace, with no drama.

Unexpectedly, fulfilling that one simple dream proves to be no easy feat when a Grim Reaper appears out of nowhere bearing news that Timmy will die today. With his head cut off. Surely not the most fun prophecy to look forward to. The good news is, Timmy still has until the end of the day to rush back home and fulfill his dream.

The bad news, however, is that his long way back home will not be that easy. Strange and stranger things keep happening, one after another, after another. Will Timmy be able to survive and make it back home? What happened in Timmy’s past that made him emotionally numb, yet still keeping such a dream? And why did the Grim Reaper come and warn him of his coming death?

This is the story of Timmy’s last day, and what he does to fulfill his dreams. And what about you? What would you do if you knew that today is your last day to live?

Fun to play + fun to watch = an abundance of fun

Although the story revolves around death, Rage in Peace will not be that dark, gloomy, Limbo-ish game. Initially created for #IndiesVSPewDiePie game jam with a “fun to play, fun to watch” theme, Rage in Peace is wrapped in a fun gameplay. So, get ready to forget logics!

Remember the “strange and stranger things” we promised you? That’s where the surprise part comes in. Anything in this game can kill Timmy: zen bamboos appearing from the floor, sharks emerging from puddles, Moai riding a skateboard—anything.

But see, surprises won’t be as surprising once you know it, and, we don’t know, maybe memorize it, and start it over and over again. There you go, we just gave you a big hint on how to overcome the hurdles ;)

Since it’s a story-driven game, you will be scrolling through the acts not without reason. Each act happens in a place that has its own story, all of which play a part in Timmy’s journey. And if you want to help Timmy make his way home in time, brace for obstacles!

You will be able to make him run, jump, double jump (bye bye physics), and more. It might be surprising how absurd unpredictable the obstacles can be, but do memorize them and figure out the way to pass!

Pro tip: don’t die!

Timmy Malinu

Here’s Timmy Malinu. Timmy is extraordinarily ordinary—boring, almost. He lives an ordinary life, does ordinary routines in his ordinary days. He thinks that whatever happens in life happens just because, no matter how terrible and no matter how amazing. But as ordinary as he might be, he still has a special dream: to die asleep in his pajamas, in the warmth of home, in peace, and with no drama.

Grim Reaper

This mysterious-looking, skull-and-schyte-bearing Grim Reaper whose name is unknown works at T.R.A.G.I.C. (The Real Association of Grim-reapers Inter-Cosmos). Each day, Grim Reaper travels around the world taking care of clients who are destined to die that day. One day, Grim Reaper is assigned to take care of Timmy. But hey, why does this Grim Reaper care so much about Timmy’s dream?

Ah, have we mentioned that you can download our latest demo at, gamejolt, or indiedb? Let us know if you have any feedback :) Feel free to contact us. Thank you!


We are Rolling Glory Jam. Rolling Glory Jam is an Indie Game Studio based in Bandung, Indonesia. We are a bunch of random dudes and dudettes who make games to express ourselves.

In early 2016, through our passion and obsession in indie game development, Rolling Glory Jam was started. Our simple wish is to freely make games to express ourselves and sell enough to continue working on this dream.

As our first project, Rolling Glory jam decided to seriously work on Rage in Peace, a game we created for IndieVsPewDiePie game jam, which was held by Game Jolt in 2014. Rolling Glory Jam collaborates with Monkey Melody for the sound and music.

Visit our site
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