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CH View Distance
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Jan 8 @ 2:15am
Feb 9 @ 5:56pm
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CH View Distance

This little addon allows you to flexibly adjust your view distance and terrain quality based on actual ingame situation.
It's neatly packed with features:
- adjust view distance or terrain quality based on current vehicle type;
- synchronize object view distance to your view distance or adjust it automatically based on your current zoom;
- all settings save to profile and load seamlessly on every mission start;
- supports CBA Keybindings and swift view distance change with hotkeys;
- mission makers have the ability to limit maximum view distance and restrict deactivation of ground vegetation in the scenario.

CBA Keybindings:

Mission version included in download files on BIS Forums:

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in this thread:
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puckvirus121 Aug 13 @ 2:34am 
@Champ Could you please be sure that all of your files are updated and correct? As well could you please be sure to sign your mod with a Key so that we may add it to our server list. We are unable to verify signatures until you do this. Thank you. Let us know if you need any help
Marv Jul 23 @ 1:24am 
Does everyone on the Server have to have this mod in order to play?
cineafx Jun 15 @ 1:45pm 
This mod is amazing! Thank you!
Jakes Jun 10 @ 5:28am 
can this be used as a client side mod only?
MARLAN May 27 @ 9:38am 
What do the sync modes do?
Sethos May 1 @ 7:39am 
Just what I was looking for, excellent work.
Up2Dat3 Mar 21 @ 7:11am 
i have installe on this discription :

But on server restart i become the error:
ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\Exile.Tanoa\CHVD\CfgFunctions.hpp not found.
YOU JUST GOT BEANED Mar 14 @ 7:31am 
once ingame says press ctrl + backslash i press them and nothing happens please help
Psychomantis Feb 28 @ 4:08pm 
can you use this on public community servers
Pesoen [XSQN] Feb 17 @ 12:11pm 
@Champ only issue i have, is my on foot settings reset as my server resets, and sometimes when i close and reopen arma. other than that, it all works wonderfully, now i can see 3+ kilometers with about 50 FPS avarage.