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CH View Distance
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Feb 9 @ 5:56pm
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CH View Distance

This little addon allows you to flexibly adjust your view distance and terrain quality based on actual ingame situation.
It's neatly packed with features:
- adjust view distance or terrain quality based on current vehicle type;
- synchronize object view distance to your view distance or adjust it automatically based on your current zoom;
- all settings save to profile and load seamlessly on every mission start;
- supports CBA Keybindings and swift view distance change with hotkeys;
- mission makers have the ability to limit maximum view distance and restrict deactivation of ground vegetation in the scenario.

CBA Keybindings:

Mission version included in download files on BIS Forums:

If you have any suggestions, please leave them in this thread:
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Sethos May 1 @ 7:39am 
Just what I was looking for, excellent work.
Up2Dat3 Mar 21 @ 7:11am 
i have installe on this discription :

But on server restart i become the error:
ErrorMessage: Include file mpmissions\Exile.Tanoa\CHVD\CfgFunctions.hpp not found.
Josh Mar 14 @ 7:31am 
once ingame says press ctrl + backslash i press them and nothing happens please help
spy sea meems Feb 28 @ 4:08pm 
can you use this on public community servers
Pesoen [25th PF] Feb 17 @ 12:11pm 
@Champ only issue i have, is my on foot settings reset as my server resets, and sometimes when i close and reopen arma. other than that, it all works wonderfully, now i can see 3+ kilometers with about 50 FPS avarage.
Champ  [author] Feb 9 @ 5:58pm 
any details maybe?
EPiCNESSS Feb 9 @ 11:10am 
downloaded, doesnt work on the serverer i play..
Air Bitch Jan 27 @ 10:45pm 
you legend thats what i need
Linux© Jan 9 @ 1:46am 
Rad Jan 8 @ 7:35am 
You da real mvp