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X-Cam prototype map 1.1

Please note that this map is indeed a kind of a prototype.
The prototype map was not designed to play missions on there.
In particular, vehicles have some problems to stay/drive on the roads,
because the density of objects in the immediate vicinity is too high.


The 10 by 10 km map, based on a 2048 pixel grid and a cell size of 5 meters , has approximately 40% solid landmass distributed on several islands.
The HD version of the map contains about 600,000 imported objects. In total, we have generated more than 320 export files with the X-Cam
without any problems. There was only the known problems with some large objects that had to be adjusted manually.


Silola: X-Cam programming, object import & handling, roads, object placement, xCam_EU.pbo
Luki: Map config, Sat&Mask texturing, terrain sculpting, object placement, xcam_objects.pbo,X-Cam Prototype 1.1
Hotzenplotz: object placement
Sky: object placement
t-800a: object placement
MCPXXL: object placement, xcam_wood.pbo (with permission from DMC)
poolpunk: xCam_Metal.pbo, xCam_Woodworks.pbo
Heros: xcam_pipe.pbo


Special thanks to Mikero for his tools!
Kju and all the people behind the AiA and CUP project.
Bohemia Interactive for this amazing software (OFP,ArmA,ArmA2,Arma3) with all these possibilities.
SKH-Team for testing and TS-server
themaster for extra sounds


The additional LD version (low density) can be found in the folder [LD].
In this version all additional clutter objects, as well as small stones and bushes were removed.
This version should be suitable for small infantry fights in MP environment.
If You want to use the LD version then replace the xcam_prototype.pbo with the xcam_prototype_ld.pbo.


CC BY-NC-SA 4.0:

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slypher72 Jan 15 @ 4:50pm 
here I was looking at the map puzzled, wondering if it was Culebra, I wwent to my Jeep with my computer to check the sticker I have on the rear window and I was like...oh crap! that's Culebra! Then I came over and read the comments, wasted my time! Puerto Rico representtt!!! lol
Obergefreiter Jan 15 @ 8:33am 
Prototype is good, how does a finished map look at you, laugh? Class, many nice details and good ideas, very harmonious, 5 stars! Thanks for the hard work.
awe777 Jan 14 @ 11:44am 
Need add Exile or Wasteland mods for this map!
Ali Jan 14 @ 9:59am 
So what factions would be on this map?
freezySS Jan 13 @ 11:01am 
looks nice
=V/-/= Tucker Jan 12 @ 2:59pm 
That's pretty nice...
Shnigs Jan 12 @ 2:41pm 
@safariman70 Culebra actually. Mona is west of PR.
safariman70 Jan 12 @ 11:05am 
Hello. Seems to me this is a map of Mona island located to the East of Puerto Rico. The map is position upside down. The North of the Island is facing South and vice versa. A+ for creativity and hard work. Excelent job.
[MPW] ColTeH Jan 12 @ 6:41am 
Your profile is private unable to look at other things made by you... why do "modders" do this is annoying as all hell to follow their work.
bPatrikHUN Jan 12 @ 2:30am 
Based on your minimap and that you have said its 10kmx10km you have got ~24,2km^2 solid landmass of which the main island is 21km^2, top-right island 2km^2, island on the left is 1,1km^2, bottom-left is 0,1km^2.

I was bored and i had an area calculator program on my pc because of a previous homework ;)

btw: really nice map! like it!