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Plane Parts
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Jan 7, 2017 @ 9:19am
Aug 19, 2018 @ 2:13am
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Plane Parts

Are you interested in planes? Off course you are!
Every engineer starts on earth and had to learn how to fly. Here you got your wings, your wheels and the other stuff. Good luck.

All parts are available for Small and Large grids.

Basic of that Mod are the wings with aerodynamic script (see coments on the end of description).
+ some useful parts

- wings in different sizes (can be used in both directions):
++ 9 parts with rounded edge for the front side of the wing 0°- 76°
++ 6 parts with pointed edge for the back side of the wing 0°- 45°
(with Digis Aerodynamics script, Digis Mod is not required)
- fill block with the texture of the wing parts
++ 1x1x1 (looks like the 1x1x1 armor block, but has a smaller collision box, usefull for places near motors or wheels)
- parts for wing tips
++ 1x1x1/2, half cylinder
++ 1x1x1/2, quarter sphere
++ 1x1x1, quarter sphere
- wing motors --> (improved behavior for subgrids, maingrid must be the biggest grid)
++ 1x1x5, usable for angeled wing, flaps, ....
++ 1x1x11, "
++ 1x1x15, "
(please be carefull and use the safety lock -> Keen removed the safety lock ;-) )
- wheel motors
++ 1x1x1 to 1x1x1, to retract your one wide wheels
++ 1x1x1 to 1x1x2, to retract your twin axle wheels
(please be carefull and use the safety lock)
- parts for wing rigging
++ 1x1x1 straight
++ 2x2x1 sloped 45°
++ 3x3x1 sloped 45°
- redesigned vanilla parts
++ plane antenna 1x1x1
- air brakes (animated)
++ double and single variant to reduce speed in atmosphere
- plane wheels
++ large suspension with 2x2 block double wheel
++ large suspension with 2x2 block single wheel (NEW, for the "in Wing" landing gear door)
++ large suspension with twin axle 2x2 block double wheel
++ small suspension with 1x1 block double wheel
++ side suspension with 2x2 single wheel
- landing gear doors
++ Landing Gear Door Twin 5x5, for the twin axis wheels
++ Landing Gear Door Side 5x3, for the normal wheels, sideways
++ Landing Gear Door Front 5x3, for the normal wheels, forward/backward
++ Landing Gear Door Tiny 1x3, for the small 1x1 wheel
++ Landing Gear Door in Wing 5x3, special without collision box to hide the wheel in the wing without extra blocks, use it with "large suspension with 2x2 block single wheel"
- Armor Blocks
++ the default (13x2) armor blocks with wing texture and without edges
- misc parts
++ Cover tube 3x3 (to implement thruster in wings, 4 blocks , also usable for other stuff/deko/...)
++ Cover tube 1x1 (to implement gattlings in wings, 4 blocks , also usable for other stuff/deko/...)
++ 1x1x0.1 Flat block
++ edges and corners for the flat block 0.1x0.1, 0.5x0.5 and 1x1
++ and some small things

Large Wings are 10 times stronger than small wings, maybe that will be changed in the future.

To hold the impact on the servers on a low level, the tiny parts are not linked to the script (Aerodynamics).
Only the Wings 1x5x1, 2x5x1, 3x5x1, 4x5x1, 5x5x1, 6x5x1, 7x5x1, 5x3x1, 5x2x1, 5x1x1 are using the script.

Please give feedback and thumb up to hold me motivated to create more stuff.

thinking about / working on / coming soon:
- nothing, mod is now large enough

known Bug/Problem:
- the game has enough for itself, if you find something, please report


Plane Parts Demo World

For build:
Setup your wheel height offset that the front of your plane is higher than the rear.
(or set your wheels that way)

I have the permission from Digi to use his script for the wings.
Follow this link to Digis Aerodynamics mod for more informations:
Basic function of the Script is identical to Digis Script, see list of changes:
- removed destrictions to directional use, wings can now be used in both directions
- improved behavior for subgrids related to maingrid (maingrid is the grid with biggest mass)
Attention: In Digi's Mod description he writes that helicopter rotors are possible. I have tested some variants with my and his mod, it looks like this does not work any more easily.
(both mods can be used side by side without problems)

More for Planes:

Plane Parts plus: Propeller

Plane Pilot


"Skyblade" Helicopter Propellers

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Jun 20, 2018 @ 1:08pm
Planes/Creations they use this Mod
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Takeshi  [author] Feb 15 @ 12:25pm 
A few days ago i had a feedback that in combination with deadly reentry, after a reload of the world the planes fly slower than normal. But please test it for your self, communication was not complete so i was not able to reproduce the problem for my self (i am using the same Scriptcore like Digis wings use).
e1k3 Feb 15 @ 12:08pm 
hey, just wanted to ask if this mod is compatible with deadly reentry? on its page it only says its compatible with digis wings but those are pretty lackluster compared to yours. here is a link to the mod in question:
woostyboy Feb 6 @ 1:29am 
EXCELLENT MOD, great work! I use this mod on anything, not just things that fly! See example here on my tank machine gun turret and camera turret in between the top hatches. - used to cover the rotors and add a nice tidy look -
Takeshi  [author] Jan 28 @ 4:53am 
@Tartaross, thx for the nice feedback. At the Moment i will not add stuff to this mod. And wheels, wheels, nope. From my perspective wheels are still a problem for the game. No Wheels. Check out my HoverEngine ;-)
Tartaross Inc. Jan 27 @ 6:46pm 
Heyho. I recently stumbled over your mod and let me say: Its awesome and I am having a lot of fun exploring all the parts <3 I don´t want to appear greedy or so, but would a set of 3x3 wheels be a possibility? I am currently using those wheels of yours to build a few motorbikes and a set of 3x3 would really make them perfect. Anyway, take my like and fav and thanks a lot :)
Felix (The Cat) Jan 19 @ 2:51pm 
I guess I thought they were for making ailerons/elevators
Takeshi  [author] Jan 19 @ 3:29am 
The wing motors can be used to create angeled wings. They are Rotors/Motors with another model and you can control them like the vanilla parts. (or i dont understand your question)
Felix (The Cat) Jan 18 @ 6:31pm 
How are you meant to control the wing motors?
CrashtiferT Dec 20, 2018 @ 1:44am 
@Akali, it isn't possible without scripts due to the games limitations of not being able to control subgrids from a cockpit. I highly recommend you use this script: . Its easy to set up and use, and works pretty well.
Akali Dec 19, 2018 @ 11:32am 
i dont know if i just dont know how to do it or if it isent prosble at all:
i cant use the wheels if there sitting on an wheelmotor, i cant stear or brake.