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ArmCandy Insignia Pack
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ArmCandy Insignia Pack


UPDATE: Thank you all for your support and feedback, I truly appreciate it. Update 1.1 has now released, adding in 52 new flags to the mod. You can check the changelogs for more information.

A Mod for Mission Makers, Campaign Creators, and Tinkerers alike.

This mod was created for Eden Editor users who love to have that extra bit of detail and context for their mod. The ARMCANDY INSIGNIA PACK is perfect for use with uniform packs, such as my personal favorite, VSM - UNIFORMS. Featuring 89 patches that are based around Arma games, this mod can help to depict many factions. The ARMCANDY INSIGNIA PACK includes Altis and Tanoa themed flags, as well as Chernarus and Sahrani themed flags. A full list of patches can be found above.

Great for use with CUP (Community
Upgrade Project).

The COMMUNITY UPGRADE PROJECT was made to port content from Bohemia’s previous games to Arma 3. The ARMCANDY INSIGNIA PACK features patches that compliment the content added through CUP, such as Chernarussian flags, Takistani flags, Royal Army Corps of Sahrani flags, and more!

*Possibly* More To Come.

If there is enough interest in this mod, I will expand this mod and add more and more flags, patches, state flags, etc. But, this is only if there is enough interest. So, if you want to see more, subscribe, rate, and favorite to show that you want more. Leave a comment below of any ideas you might have, and I’ll be happy to try and make it come to life. Thanks for visiting, and happy tinkering!
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Katatafish Apr 16 @ 7:45am 
How'd ya get the Norweigan army mod??!!
Ryanwilliams2465 Apr 15 @ 12:27pm 
You think you could add some division, ranger and airborne insignias?
[M.A.C.O.]Schrödinger Apr 10 @ 9:10am 
N7 Flag would be cool.
Duke of Skellington Mar 30 @ 11:22am 
Any planes to add more flag patches in the future?
Vexcord Mar 4 @ 3:07pm 
I just learned it was because of VAA, they disable the patch, Face, and voice menu because it could cause Profile Corruption. So Disreguard my last comment.
Vexcord Mar 3 @ 10:14am 
For some reason my patches wont show up in the V.A. like all of them just disappeared. Not sure why.
Warris Mar 2 @ 2:43pm 
No norway flag? Can you add all European flags?
FriskalPox Feb 22 @ 3:24pm 
whats wit hall the metal gear stuff?
Cpt.Madmano Feb 12 @ 1:47pm 
Hey I think you should add the PJ Parescuejumper patch.
Asphalt Jungle | Duke Jan 27 @ 11:21pm 

If I have a request for a patch (or several variants thereof), would you mind implementing it into this mod? I can provide the patch texture as a .png (I'd do the rest myself but I've no idea how).

Thank you!