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Dubs Bad Hygiene
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Dubs Bad Hygiene

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Adds a sewage system, toilets, showers, baths, hygiene related needs and mood effects, central heating, water, irrigation.

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Discord for my mods:

Forum with previous versions[ludeon.com]

Works with existing saves!
Can't be removed from saves easily

You need to build a water tower to pump and store water to be used by fixtures, sewage outlets can be placed anywhere, if sewage overlaps with water towers then they will show as contaminated and can then cause disease.

Hot Water
Baths and showers require hot water, either build a boiler which can heat and store the hot water, or build a heat store and heat it using a stove or solar heater.

Hot water and radiators are heated separately by boilers and stoves, think of a hot water tank like just another radiator which is used for hot water, so the heat produced by a boiler is split between all connected radiators and the hot water tank, if it shows the capacity is low then turn up the power on the boiler or add another stove.

Privacy is important, so make sure toilets are private or in small stalls or around corners out of line of sight.
Pawns wont mind using baths and showers infront of people of the same sex so restrict communal baths by gender.
Private en suite bathrooms can be shared by couples without problems.
Pawns will search a small radius for toilets when they are outside of the home area, so make sure a toilet or latrine is nearby if you are off mining on the other side of the map.

Sprinklers turn on at 5am every morning for an hour, the bonus slowly wears off over the day as the water evaporates. They will use large amounts of water so make sure you have enough supply or isolate the tank from your normal plumbing system so people dont run out of water to flush the toilets

Mod Options
You can tweak some settings in the mod options menu, like disabling needs or increasing the amount of water available.
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Aug 2 @ 8:06am
Aug 12 @ 4:10pm
A tutorial on how to work the mod and its features would be lovely.
Jul 30 @ 9:09pm
colonists not using basin
< >
Dubwise  [author] Aug 18 @ 11:32am 
also people are sign blind so even if i do put it in bright flashing pink and blue text with a siren people will skim past it. I have plenty of experience dealing with that
Dubwise  [author] Aug 18 @ 11:30am 
well its kind of standard to branch your save files off while you play with a mod and see if you like it just incase it breaks something even if the dev says it wont. Also i state that i can't be removed easily right under the text saying it works with existing saves. You just need to go into your save file and remove any elements referencing badhygiene, probably just the map comp and the needs
Kuroi_Mato_O Aug 17 @ 5:04pm 
Well I guess I have a small suggestion. In the description add something like "ATTENTION REMOVING THIS MOD PROBABLY FUCK UP YOUR UI COMPLETELY". I'm not complaining, it's my bad for not reading description properly, but current one really not that noticeable.
Vincent J. Aug 16 @ 3:03pm 
Yeah ! I've just noticed it trying the order on my sewage outlet, it works. That has given me 55 fecal sludges. It may be a little bug, doesn't really matter, I can clean, repair the wall and the pipe
Dubwise  [author] Aug 16 @ 2:54pm 
that tile should then be designated with a symbol, then haulers will come and shovel the sewage into barrels
Vincent J. Aug 16 @ 2:41pm 
What is the remove sewage designator ? I can go in the Hygiene or the Hygiene/Misc part of the architect, and select "remove sewage", then click on the tile. That's all. I thought it was due to a bug, what should do my pawns ?
Dubwise  [author] Aug 16 @ 2:09pm 
hmm it should be possible to clean up the sewage in those cells using the remove sewage designator, pawns have to actually go do the job, you can also collect sewage from septic tanks
Vincent J. Aug 16 @ 10:19am 
Hello Dubwise, my mains drainage had a leak and 21 faeces spilt INSIDE a wall. I removed the wall, there's no pipe anymore, but when I click on "remove sewage" on the faeces nothing happens. How can I get barrels of fertilizer ? Sorry, but I really need to fertilize my fields ^^
Rev Aug 16 @ 7:51am 
Any update plan to adding mobile bath or something like that for caravan's hygiene? This mod is perfect as it is, but kind of like that would be very neat.
Dubwise  [author] Aug 15 @ 5:53pm 
they dont wash their hands with wash buckets, thats in the b19 version, you have to use actual basins, there is also mod options to change the disease rates