ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Jurassic-World PVE Scorched Earth Mod Sever
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Watch out!

v 3.2
Rebuild Jungle Foliage
Add Underground Temple to Jungle
Add Crystal and Beacon Cave To Snow Island
Fix Phoenix Spawner Make a cheat DestroyWildDinos
Remove Many Floading Foliage
Change Thunder Sound
Add More Rocks To Canyon
Change SupplyDrops Spawner
Change TragonTrench Spawner I hope for more eggs
added black pearls to the ocean
[more changes in the next patches]

The Map Name Tunguska has nothing to do with the Tunguska event,
I was inspired by a game which bore the same name Secret Files Tunguska

Tunguska is currently 95% complete there is always something to do therefore no 100%;).
The mainland can be used for hunting and foraging,
The Map has all the latest dino spawns
All Explorer notes are available
Resources are all available

You don't need the SE DLC for this Map, Collect all Scorched Earth Dinos and Engrams

Boss Arena works we have it extensively tested There are all boss dinos including Scorched earth Manticore

Be careful not to sit on a dino
Since they die when they are teleported




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Special thanks to:
Orumis and TomHud Makes a preview video
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Doublee (EE)
Nov 30 @ 8:00am
No Wyvern Nests or Eggs.
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garytganu 19 hours ago 
thanks for letting use know about the update FN awsesome map. thanks for yuor work
Danger  [author] 22 hours ago 
the update will be coming in the next few days
WesNoneya Dec 7 @ 9:36am 
@Danger, any news on map update or Egg issue?? I know you mentioned it in the past and we still are not seeing eggs. Loads of Wyverns. No Nests No eggs. Also hoping to see more in the caves - lots of insects, bats, etc - my players are not seeing any loot crates.
garytganu Dec 3 @ 4:00pm 
keeps locking up at Snapshot 10 can't play on my server.. can play off line ok. any ideas..
WesNoneya Nov 30 @ 6:48pm 
You are amazing thank you! Really appreciate that. I am going to try and have some wyverns spawn in other areas and see if the nests show up. - Can't figure out why I get no eggs, no wyverns at all.
Danger  [author] Nov 30 @ 6:24pm 
I'll take a look at it again, and I will update the spawner again

I'll revise the list, and post a new one
WesNoneya Nov 30 @ 6:05pm 
The list of Artifact Locations is fantastic, thank you. Love the map. Really appreciate the work you put in to it. My players love it too.

Any chance you had to look at wyvern nest/egg issue?

Or would consider posting a list of the spawn location names to allow for ini override of spawns in a given area? Also any thoughts on update?
Danger  [author] Nov 30 @ 5:55pm 
Artifacts Updated
Hunter: Lan 47.3 Lon 55.2
cheat setplayerpos 41622 -21712 -10358

Brute: Lan Lon
cheat setplayerpos -263590 -226088 -29042

Cunning: Lan Lon
cheat setplayerpos 269977 -143871 -43167

Masiv: Lan 56.1 Lon 64.4
cheat setplayerpos 117155 65324 -13408

Strong: Lan 73.4 Lon 69.0
cheat setplayerpos 153951 206150 -12286

Clever: Lan 69.5 Lon 80.0
cheat setplayerpos -324717 -344498 -7202

Devourer: Lan 23.7 Lon 74.7
cheat setplayerpos 199910 -198824 -13002

Pack: Lan 45.7 Lon 57.5
cheat setplayerpos 60208 -19951 -14068

Skylord: Lan 66.2 Lon 45.9
cheat setplayerpos -688103 -523849 -12807

Immune: Lan 67.4 Lon 46.1
cheat setplayerpos 156542 8785 -9608

Scorched Earth Artifacts

Crag: Lan 55.7 Lon 64.7
cheat setplayerpos 119735 46451 -13909

Destroyer: Lan 55.5 Lon 64.3
cheat setplayerpos 115946 45053 -13853

GateKeeper: Lan 58.1 Lon 64.3
cheat setplayerpos 116021 65324 -13405
WesNoneya Nov 30 @ 3:51pm 
Any chance of getting a list of the Spawner names - so I can add/modify spawn list for a given location? By that I mean entries in the game.ini
SultonMRP Nov 17 @ 4:54pm 
Any clues on brute artifact location?