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Grandpa riddle
Genre: Casual, Puzzle
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English, Arabic, French, German
Players: Single-player
Jan 3, 2017 @ 12:38pm
Apr 6, 2017 @ 5:28am
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Announcement #1
Release date: 2017
A story-driven slider puzzle game.

Your grandpa is a famous Artist who created a puzzle to hide you a present within, solve the slider puzzles, collect the pieces of the map to solve the final map puzzle and know where your present is hidden.


The game is based on the famous old addicting slider puzzle.

So why Vote UP :) ?
New Geometric formations
Carefully chosen artistic images
Novel game flow
50+ levels

Special Thanks to:
Tiago hoisel
Carlos Ortega Elizalde
Salvador Ramirez
Edu Martin Julve
Julien Kaspar
Sergey Andreychenkô

~~ Art work participants whom if it weren't for the game would have not seen the light~~


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abirdgamecompany  [author] Apr 26, 2017 @ 4:47am 
Thank you :)
mohamed amine dghim Apr 25, 2017 @ 3:47am 
Amazing puzzle game ! Upvoted !
abirdgamecompany  [author] Apr 24, 2017 @ 5:20am 
Thank you :)
eng_mohi Apr 23, 2017 @ 11:53pm 
Great works , seems like a cool game keep it up (Y)
OctolabGames Apr 6, 2017 @ 6:42am 
Good Job!
abirdgamecompany  [author] Jan 29, 2017 @ 4:00pm 
Thank you :)
Chase of Bass Jan 29, 2017 @ 3:00am 
Really nice art and effects design -looks cool!
abirdgamecompany  [author] Jan 20, 2017 @ 1:57pm 
Thank you so much :)
Wily Jan 20, 2017 @ 12:18pm 
Voting Yes
However it's gonna be better on Mobile, but the art quality is so good, and the gameplay itself is interesting, not as usual/traditional as switching cubes inside a big square ... there're many shapes in here.
So YES and think about adding challenges like Countdown timer or max. number of moves ;)
abirdgamecompany  [author] Jan 18, 2017 @ 8:04am 
Thank you so much, you are a nice person.
I will do my best to finish the game and make it better.