Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Are japs op? (A Rising Storm guide)
By [MSPF] smash5760
A guide on how to defeat the japanese so you no longer cry that they are op
US Rifleman Vs Japan Rifleman
US Rifleman: M1 Garand, can level to 25 to get bayonet Semi-Automatic

Japan Rifleman: Bolt action rifle that comes with a bayonet for banzai charges

US Special Vs Japan Special
US: Flamethrower with the ability to clear an objective. If your playing japan and you see this. Run

Japan: Mortar with the ability to hit far range targets, If you hear this thing. Run
US: M1919 browning 30 cal with a slow rate of fire which runs through ammo slower and has the advantage if set up correctly

Japan: Some machine gun with a clip on the top with a really fast fire rate, if you come across this thing keep your head down.

US SL and TL vs Japan SL and TL
US: Should call arty on objectives before pushing and make sure they are placed correctly. Once arty hits you should be able to run in and make it a defense.

Japan: Push up with your team and try to overwhelm the US team. call in recon planes or artillery if you need to take an objective.
Japan is not overpowered, Yes they are good at ambushing but all you need to do with US is push up slow. Use Arty and recon and push the flanks that way you arent going down the middle every time. Use unexpected routes and after firing change position. Keep your head down and if you get bayonet charged shoot them or stab them with your bayonet.