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Levels - Creating & Sharing
By Christopher Wulf and 2 collaborators
When developing Ellipsis for Windows, Mac and Linux we put a lot of work into the level editor, to ensure it has all the needed features for the Ellipsis playerbase to create the same kind of levels we had created while developing the game initially. This guide will run you through the process of creating a level by using the in-game level editor, sharing your creation through the Steam workshop as well as downloading other users levels.
The in-game level editor as well as this guide are "work-in-progress" and will continue to improve - feedback welcome!

We're a tiny team and our time therefore is limited. By adding the level editor and Steam workshop support to Ellipsis, we're trying to get you, the player, the best bang for the buck!
1. Creating a Level
1. Open the Editor
Ellipsis doesn't contain any text and the level editor is no different. This written guide is our small compromise. To get started on your level creation, head over to the level editor section, create a new level, give it a cool name and you're good to go:

2. Create a Level
Start by placing down the blue objectives and the portal that will be appearing in your level. You'll still be able to move the around as much as you'd like to later on, so don't worry if you haven't yet decided on the exact structure of the level.

Next up are the enemies. The level editor works through a drag & drop structure, meaning you choose an enemy from the grid, move him to some spot in your level and drop him there. Again, you can keep on moving those enemies as much as you like until you're happy with their placement!

3. Test your Level
It's important to make sure your level works and feels right. We strongly encourage you to try out your level again and again until you're 100% happy with it. Not happy with how your level feels? Move enemies, delete them or add new ones!

4. Additional Controls

Would you like to scale or rotate an enemy? Press the CTRL, Alt or Cmd key on your keyboard and click on the object you want to edit. Please be aware: Not all objects are scalable!

Are you satisfied with how your level turned out? Share it with the Ellipsis community! Learn how to in the following section.
2. Sharing Your Levels
1. Playtest your Level
Now that you've completed the work on your level, you can upload it to the Steam workshop. Before being able to do so though, you must play through and finish your level once, to prove it's beatable!

2. Upload your Level
After completing your playthrough, a new icon shaped like a globe will pop up right under the "play-button". Click it and a few moments later your level will appear on the Steam workshop.

3. Publish your Level
By default your level is set to hidden. To make it visible to the public, set it to public. Make sure to add a fitting title to the description to make it more intriguing for other members of the Ellipsis community.

4. Create a Collection
You can group levels together into collections. This is a great when you have a similar theme across several levels. To do so, click here and following the instructions:

Pre-Release Level Pack
To celebrate the launch of this new feature, we've released our own small Pre-Release level package to the Steam workshop. Go ahead and try it out right now!

3. Playing Other Users Levels
To download levels that have been created and curated by us and the Ellipsis community, head over to the Steam workshop, where you can find all publicly available level creations:

These levels and level packs are completely free, so go ahead and download as many of them as you’d like to. After selecting one of the uploaded levels, simply click on the “Subscribe-button” beneath the preview image.

The level will be added to your download queue and should be available immediately. If the level isn't available, make sure your Steam downloads aren't paused! After launching Ellipsis, head over to the user created levels section and start playing:

After completing the level, please make sure to rate the level in the workshop. This helps other users searching for the best creations that have been made by the community and gives us a chance to focus on levels the Ellipsis playerbase enjoys the most!
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