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Bokida - Heartfelt Reunion
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, French, Korean
Players: Single-player
Feb 25, 2017 @ 10:52am
May 17, 2017 @ 12:00am

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Bokida is Greenlit!

Bokida - Heartfelt Reunion takes place on a dormant, seemingly monochromatic world of light that gradually reveals its beauty, expanding its palette of colors. It is a peaceful game where you experience freedom while exploring an intriguing environment. As the player, you will journey through this environment using your abilities to reunite two planets who were separated a long time ago.

  • Explore a stark monochrome environment rich with the potential for playfulness
  • Play with physics, generate and sculpt geometry, experiment with their combinations
  • Play your part in the reunion of two worlds who were separated long ago
  • Enjoy a calm, relaxing game experience in this peculiar world rich with mysteries

Bokida's setting is defined by two worlds: the light one, made of a vast and open environment which the player explores at their will; and the dark one, often visible in the skies above and home to another realm of mystery. These two gigantic entities have been separated for a very long time, but the player's arrival marks a turning point in this equilibrium.

Like two lovers longing to reunite after having been kept apart for far too long, these two worlds finally have a chance to be as one once again, with the help of the player.

At the core of the experience rests a powerful tool bestowed upon the player. With the abilities it grants, the player can create colorful structures, cut and sculpt them with precision and clear away cut-off cubes and fragments, all in real time with simulated physics. The mechanics combine in an elegant manner to offer an experience almost tangible in nature, where the player is invited to express their creativity and to navigate the vast open world however they wish.

Exploration revolves around the playful manipulation of this tool to engage with and harness the virtual environment. With the colorful structures/compositions they create, the players colorize the canvas of the computer screen. The initially dormant game world is transformed and turns into a beautiful territory. The player discovers majestic landscapes to roam and sometimes dives into another reality ...

Rice Cooker Republic is a French indie video game collective founded in 2012 by then students at the I.C.A.N. school of Game Design in Paris, France.

Bokida was first developed as a graduation project, which lead to a prototype release in 2013. This prototype went on to win the Gameplay Award in the French competition Hits.Playtime and was later showcased in the Main Exhibit of the 2013 Notgames Fest in Cologne, Germany. After receiving an IGF 2014 honorable mention for Best Student Project, the team transitioned to working on turning the prototype into a full-release game. Their hard work earned them an official selection for IndieCade Europe in 2016.

Here are excerpts of what the press had to say about the project over the course of its development:
  • "Had a stressy day? This seems perfect."
    - Craig Pearson, Rock Paper Shotgun

  • "The music is soothing, the mechanics -- cutting and subsequent physics-based response in particular -- are fun to toy with, and the weird, existing world is fun to climb and explore just for the sake of doing it."
    - Steven Hansen, Destructoid

  • "The idea that a game about creation and destruction, about the unification of two stars (perhaps one dead and one alive), eventually leads you to realize the power of “non-action” seems like it could be powerful."
    - Chris Priestman, Killscreen []

  • "It features the exploratory freedom and wonder of a game like Proteus, the surreal graphical aesthetic of something like Antichamber, and the physics based tools of Tiny & Big."
    - Nick Reineke,

Other awards and distinctions include:

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