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15 HD Propane Tanks
Created by Ellie
This mod is a model replacement for the Propane Tanks (not the Oxy Tanks) : it replaces them with an "Improvised Gas Cooker" (made from a Propane Tank) and includes 15 different RNG skins with HD (2K) textures.
Each map, you'll get a new design ; d...
195 HD Molotovs [Pure RNG] (1/2)
Created by Ellie
[New] : Pure RNG : different designs within the same map AND first person skin matching the one you picked (or came close
195 HD Molotovs [Pure RNG] (2/2)
Created by Ellie
[New] Pure RNG : different designs within the same map AND first person skin matching the one you picked (or came close to
34 RNG Medkits
Created by Ellie
General Update 04/04/2016
Added "Global Radar" support ; Added 4 new skins ; Changed the First Person Animations to MaxG3D ones ; Fixed the RNG Flickering Problem ; Added HD Light Reflections for a more realistic look

Hello everyo...
BF4 Ammo : 8 RNG Skins
Created by Ellie

This mod replaces the HD BF4 Incendiary and Explosive Ammo skin by 8 randomly generated ones (RNG), they are all HD (2K) ;).

Hatsune Miku Tunnel of Love
Created by Ellie
Hi everyone and hi especially to people who like Hatsune Miku. First of all, yes this is an "Anime / Vocaloid" themed mod, but I guess there's room for this in the Workshop since a lot of people do like Anime, and that this mod is, I guess, nicely done.
HD + RNG Microwave
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone. This week, I'm offering you another little HD and RNG mod that you seem to like (or at least, that the ones that love things in HD like) : a new Microwave Model with RNG Meals in it ;). This little description says it all, I have nothing mo...
HD 50 Pills Bottles
Created by Ellie
Update 4
Added 10 new pills + fixed the glitch that was making the pill "flicker" in hand
Update 3
Added 7 new pills + fixed a thing that was limiting pills in hand
Update 2
Added "Real RNG" :
HD Ammo Cans (+RNG)
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone =), let me introduce you to another mod that uses the new RNG techniques. With this mod, you'll first get new HD Textures for the Ammo Tin Cans, but you'll also get a 1/2 chance of getting a "special" Tin Can every map (special = rusty or wi...
HD Animated Clocks (+RNG)
Created by Ellie
This mod does 2 things :
- It gives HD textures to the Wall Clocks and the Alarm Clock (digital and analog)
- It makes them display the time at the right speed (so the Wall Clock have the hands that move at the real speed etc.)

I had to...
HD Barrels + RNG
Created by Ellie
Once again a very simple HD Mod :) ; this one replaces the Fire Barrels by new ones (and this time with HD Charcoal in them). There are also 6 different skins under the True RNG System :D enjoy.

HD BF4 Fire & Explosive Ammo
Created by Ellie
Hi everyone ;). From what you could have seen in the Thumbnail, this mod looks like any mod that I've done before, but in fact, it introduces a brand new modding "tool".
This mod has the "Mod a Mod" technology incuded in it ; it means that it's pos...
HD Boxes (+RNG)
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone, I am once again providing you a new "HD+RNG" mod ;), this time it's for the Cardboard boxes that you can see thorough the game. Enjoy looking at now HD boxes with a little taste of RNG ;).

HD RNG Soda Machines
Created by Ellie
At every map, you'll get a new unique texture that will stay the same for the entire map, giving you a enhanced reality feeling. Enjo
HD Trash Can (+RNG)
Created by Ellie
Hello everyone. Once again, a "quick mod" I put up this afternoon. Since Tricky and K1CHWA did a RNG Trash Mod, I decided to jump on the weekly "Trash Brandwagon" and release this little mod that will RNG the Trash Cans content. This is not included in Tri...
HD Water Dispenser (+ RNG)
Created by Ellie
Ever thought that water in that game tasted like Pißwasser and you're not Bear Grylls ? Well, thanks to that mod, you'll be able to get proper water to drink ;). This mod replaces the Water Dispensers / Fountains by new HD ones that use the "True RNG" syst...
KF2 Music for Main Menu
Created by ShanestaDeJones
Lobby music from Killing Floor 2 replaces Left 4 Dead's regular menu music. (It's quality is higher than the video shows)...
Killing Floor 2 1858 Revolver
Created by Lt. Rocky
This is the 1858 Remington Revolver from the new Return of the Patriarch update of Killing Floor 2. Given current events, you'd think the update would have been called Revenge of the Patriarch ... or even The Patriarch Awakens....
Killing Floor 2 9mm Pistols
Created by Lt. Rocky
You know your day is ruined when you're just casually strolling about an ablazed partially dismantled Paris in a cocky strut, taking in the view and inhaling the firey fumes with the coppery scent of blood that abounds, only to turn around and find you're ...
Killing Floor 2 Healer
Created by Lt. Rocky
Fresh from the English bowels of the Briarverse, its the Horzine Healer mechanism, the #1 remedy for all things painful be it chainsaw, flamethrower, screaming or German Sausage man. Oh no, a monster with half a cinder-block for a head just punched all the...
Killing Floor 2 Katana
Created by Lt. Rocky
The world of Killing Floor is an unquestionably metal one. Its to the point that any image taken from it could fit right on an Iron Maiden album cover, that's why when I picture something as simple as a Katana in the presence of this absurdly...
Killing Floor 2 Machete
Created by Lt. Rocky
A weapon historically proven to be improved in performance when tied to a broom or an RC helicopter, its a machete from Killing Floor 2, the knife of the Support class, and the tool of choice when realizing that welding doors is a completely useless...
Killing Floor 2 SCAR-H
Created by Lt. Rocky
This replaces the Desert Rifle on ported KF2 animations.

Modder's Resource

The source files for the SCAR animations can be downloaded [url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/l0see7wo1651e2q/L4D2%20-%20KF2%20SCAR%20Source%20Files.7z?dl=0...
Killing Floor AK-12 (AK47)
Created by Lt. Rocky

These are the rules of the Killing Floor.

This is the AK-12 from Killing Floor 2. This is the AK47 version, compiled on its own KF2 animations.

You can see the Desert Rifle version [url=http://ste...
Killing Floor 2 Scrake Horde Alert
Created by RAWRimagator
"Back at the 'ol horde alerts, are we?"

"Why yes, my good sir. How 'bout some Dosh?"

Yes, yes, we ARE back with MORE horde alerts ._. this time it's that eerie and loud scrake spawn sound! You know? the one that goes, *VVVRRRRRRRRMM* GRRRAAAAAOOOOGHOOHOO...
Lab Bile
Created by Ellie
This mod is a shape replacement for the Bile Jar / Vomit Bottle. It replaces it by a more "Laboratory" looking version. It's also in HD and compatible with any skin that replaces the color of the liquid inside.
Everything is said :D, just make sure...
Legacy Particles Support ( muzzle effects )
Created by Urik
Important: for modders.
It has come to my attention that people often create their own muzzleflash mods and include contents of this mod in it.
I don't have any qualms about that, but for sake of conlicts, DON'T just copypaste materials and effect...
Pipebomb - Insurgency Animations
Created by Lt. Rocky
This is the regular ol' Pipebomb on my normalized Insurgency molotov animations, with some adjustments to better fit it.

This is compatible with retextures.

The source ...
RNG Small Truck
Created by Ellie
This mod adds a bit of variety to the small little trucks (called Nuke Trucks because they were created for the de_nuke map) with 20 RNG skins for them.
With the help of мяFunreal's new UV-Mapping for that truck, you'll now be able to see more variety in ...
[Adrenaline] KF2 healer HUD icon
Created by Alex_D_Vasilkov
A HUD icon for the healer from Killing Floor 2.

Type: in-game model silhouette

This addon replaces SCRIPTS (changes the icon)! That means if a server is enforcing consistency, you may get kicked. Disable this mod if you have trouble with joining servers....
[AK] KF2 AK-12 HUD icon
Created by Alex_D_Vasilkov
A HUD icon for the AK-12 from Killing Floor 2.

Type: Flash outline (artwork included)

This addon replaces SCRIPTS (changes the icon)! That means if a server is enforcing consistency, you may get kicked. Disable this mod if you have trouble with joini...
[Pistols] KF Berettas HUD icon
Created by Alex_D_Vasilkov
A HUD icon for the Beretta 92 with Insight M3 flashlight from Killing Floor or Killing Floor 2. In the first game they are M9A1 pistols, while in the second they are hybrid Berettas.

Type: Flash outline (artwork included)

This addon replaces SCRIPTS (cha...
Created by Splinks
Place your laxative in the cupboard, because the Snork from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is here to clean you colons. So put on your best pair of brown pants and enjoy to be scared shirt-less....
(RNG) KF2 Donovan Neal
Created by Splinks
Donovan is a big guy, but he's also very smart, controlled and careful. A real professional, he never lost a client until the Zeds came. Not happy about it.

(RNG) KF2 Mr Foster
Created by Splinks
Foster fell into day trading, but found it suited him down to the ground. Lazy and loud, now he's found another way to make money. Killing Zeds.


:::::For seperated stand alone mods::::::
I took my time to separate each ...
Created by Splinks
Same old mudmen action, but now with Extra teeth!!!...
Blood Sucker V2
Created by Splinks
Blood Sucker 1 was loosing it's touch you say, Well here's Blood Sucker number 2 with a tongue ready to put a pack of dogs in a peanut butter factory to shame. So Once again grab the guns and carry a pack of mints. Good luck ladies....
Weeping Bat
Created by Splinks2
Don't be scared of the monsters, just look for them. Look to your left, to your right, under your bed, behind your dresser, in your closet but never look up, they hates being seen.

GAME: Silent Hill: Downpour...
Lepotitsa Spitter
Created by mrlanky
By popular demand (and because I'm trying to do all the special infected hehe) here is a spitter mod based off the Lepotitsa_by_adngel(xnalara) model. Seems to work ok but the spitter is a little hard to mod for so let me know if you see any problems. Enjo...
Team Health Counter
Created by Rayman1103
This addon adds a health counter for Survivor teammates. Now you can see how much health they actually have in numbers, allowing for a more accurate display of their health....
Lepotitsa - Resident Evil 6
Created by Chet
Lepotitsa a creature from Resident Evil 6 and is a replacement skin for the Boomer.

Visit http://www.l4d.com/blog/ for more info....
Bill The Badass Survivalist
Created by Rex The Impaler
This aint 'nam anymore baby, this fight will be forever.

Bill is sick of everytime he goes outside he has to fight zombie after zombie after zombie so now he's getting himself prepaired even if he has to murder every one o-well you get the point.

Original Francis
Created by Splinks2
Found Deep within the Valve Archives and now polished to make his first public appears to you all.


This mod is part of the Community Update. Please visit and read more about it at the follow.

Original Louis
Created by Splinks2
Another gift from the Archives.


The Fro is Back!!!...
Original Zoey
Created by Splinks2
Yes all the glory is back, The kneepads, socks, ammo vest, the hoodie!! Yes Original Zoey is Here!!!


Because High Socks are Cool!!!...