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(-(CP: New Ship Classes - Improved Ship Battles Doomsday)-)
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Dec 30, 2016 @ 6:26pm
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(-(CP: New Ship Classes - Improved Ship Battles Doomsday)-)

ATTENTION! I am no longer able to maintain or update my mods going into Patch 2.0. My PC has crashed and I don't know when I will be able to replace the broken parts. Furthermore, my personal life is in the middle of an important crossroads and I'm going to be focusing on reality. This means NONE of my mods will be updated further. They will remain as they are for Patch 1.9.

DISCLAIMER: If anyone wishes to maintain/update/continue this mod, they have my permission to do so with the understanding that credit must be given in the description of your updated mod to the original author. Always give credit where credit is due.

Original description follows:


NSC = New Ship Classes, and refers to that mod, either Main & Streamlined.
ISB = Improved Ship Battles, and refers to ISB Doomsday for this particular patch.

You MUST have an appropriate combo of the required mods on the right side of this page in order for this patch to function properly. If you don't have all of them, that's alright, and you can ignore the warning when you subscribe IF you follow these rules:

1. You MUST have one of the NSC mods listed: either NSC Main or NSC Streamlined. You cannot use both simultaneously, but both can be subscribed if only one is active.
2. You MUST have ISB Doomsday and ISB Doomsday ONLY. This patch has been adapted to patch this version of ISB and not Balance. The patch for ISB Balance and NSC is separate.

If you do not have the mods listed on the right side of this page in accordance with the rules laid out above, do NOT subscribe to this patch.

Guidelines for those confused by Balance/Doomsday patch split: you need only ONE of the patches, based on this:

ISB Balance Only: Use Balance Patch
ISB Doomsday Only: Use Doomsday Patch
ISB Balance & Doomsday: Use Balance Patch

For those of you using ISB Balance or ISB Balance & ISB Doomsday, you need the other patch, which you can find here.

This patch edits the following to ensure compatibility between New Ship Classes & More (also "Streamlined" version) and the Improved Space Battles Doomsday:

1. Combined country_types files.

This file combination allows the AI to use both New Ship Classes & More ship classes and Improved Space Battle classes at the same time. Without this merger, one mod would overwrite the other, and the AI would only use one mod's ship classes. This way, the AI can use both: using NSC classes but also unlocking the ISB end-game ships later on.

2. Balances NSC & ISB ship classes via technology.

Updated 6/11/17!

Basically, this patch changes the requirements of most of the ISB ship classes (Titan, Leviathan, Erebus, & Avatar) so that the player (and AI) must get the NSC Superdreadnought technology before the final ISB ship techs can be unlocked. This is done for balancing purposes, as the ISB ships are much more powerful than (most) of the NSC ship classes, because they are meant as end-game ships. This makes sure that you get ISB ships when needed (last, towards the end of your game) but you get to enjoy all NSC ship classes before you unlock the ISB ships. You can still get all other required technologies for the ISB ships without hinderance, however, until you get the NSC Superdreadnought, all ISB "final" ship techs will not be available.

The one ISB ship class not unlocked after the NSC Superdreadnought is the ISB Ragnarok, and this is because it's the "equivalent" to the NSC's Flagship, and while the NSC Flagship is more powerful than every other ISB ship class, the Ragnarok is the exception, and like the NSC Flagship, you can only get one. Therefore, unlike the other ISB ship classes, the Ragnarok is unlocked after the NSC Flagship.

To be perfectly clear, this is how you can unlock the top-tier NSC ship classes and the ISB ships:

NSC Dreadnought -> NSC Superdreadnought -> All ISB ships but Ragnarok are now available -> NSC Flagship - > ISB Ragnarok.
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Ugandan Chicken Jul 13 @ 4:24pm 
@chris.zayc Why do people consistantly never read the description. THE FIRST LINE OF IT says it will not be updated.
WalkerEvans Jun 23 @ 10:57am 
Update all ISBS for NSC2 please? I think I been missing out!
HooL Apr 19 @ 4:52pm 
Raksha Apr 8 @ 8:21am 
where is the hero we need to update this mod????
Ex_One Mar 21 @ 6:42am 
Обновите пожалуйста
Ex_One Mar 21 @ 6:41am 
Вылетает в новой игре
Draco Lander Mar 13 @ 2:16am 
For some reason i can't choose "New Game" in the main menu with this patch launched. xD
war-angel Mar 12 @ 4:02pm 
@Crusader Vanguard you know you can re cover your mod files just by sub to this file i hope get you pc fix soon
ƔALERIUS Feb 24 @ 9:43am 
Please read the bold, underlined parts too...
"This means NONE of my mods will be updated further. They will remain as they are for Patch 1.9."

@Crusader Vanguard
Never talked to you before, but I had some conversions with your modder collegue CaptainX3 recently... Like in his case I also wish you the best, life can offer to become happy in real life; thanks for upgrading Stellaris till this point for everyone to become a much better experience!
Best wishes and hope to see some of your amazing work again one day in future! :aod_salute:
Crusader Vanguard  [author] Jan 20 @ 5:25pm 
@Unknown924 - Thank you for reporting that. I do not keep up with the updates of these mods much anymore, and thus any minor changes like this escape my notice unless someone tells me. I have updated all the mods affected by this, so hopefully it should work for you now.