Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Guide for new players on how to play better, tactically and NOT be baited into difficult maps
By Luiz_Alex007
This guide contains basic tips on how to properly use chat, without being baited. It also has some overviews of difficult and common maps. Finally, it has gameplay tips, tactics and a list of good guides that all players can use to learn from. Of note, I always played on realism and hardcore mode. So, this is a guide designed for those settings and mainly targeted to players learning or refining the basics.

In quick sum, personal tips on how to be an effective player in general and some map clues. Plus, some hints and tricks on how NOT to be fooled by the enemy into walking to the slaughterhouse. Also, to be clear, this isn't supposed to be a troll guide, I meant it to be actually helpful. In case of any doubts, praise or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment in here and/or my profile.

May or may not contain: Slight grammar and spelling errors, bad jokes and attempts at being witty. Utilize at your discretion.
Map voting on RO2 and RS
So, as anyone who has played either Red Orchestra 2 and/or Rising Storm knows, most servers let the players vote on the next map to be played. I didn't bother to take screenshots as I think it's a basic mechanic of most servers, specially the ones with the campaign mode on.

Today, I will be talking about how clever people from one team try to convince the other team into voting for a map which will be tough for the enemy to win.
Chat identification RO2 and RS
So, I guess you also know about the magic of communication via text and voice during the game. You can use specific chats for talk either to the whole server, enemies included, to your whole team or just to your squad. In case you don't know much about it, let me go through some basics really quickly.

Normally, during the game, you can see who is using voice chat and what team they are on by seeing their name and the crest of their team besides their name. You can also see which chat they are using by checking it under their name where it will say one of the following: "(Public)", "(Team)" or "(Squad)".

Important Side Note: the voice squad chat is broken and the enemy can hear it too, but the text squad chat is functional. So, refrain from calling strats on squad chat or the enemy team will hear it too. Although, you can use it to bait them as well...

On the text chat there is a color system to identify players. Players on the public chat get a different coloration to their name depending on their team (Red for Russians and Japanese, Green for Americans and a sort of Olive to Germans). In other words, when using the public text chat, the players get assigned the color of their team.

If a teamember uses the team text chat, which is visible only to their team, it appears as yellow to their team. If someone from your squad uses text squad chat, it appears as blue to their squad. Quick refresher, the colors indicate which chat the player is using and which team the player belongs to.

How a team baits the enemy into voting for a map
Here is the thing about the communications, after a match is over and the server goes into the map voting screen, you cant see the color identification nor who is talking in voice and in which voice chat. Your whole screen gets covered with the map vote overlay.

That is when smart players on one side use their mics to invite the enemy into voting for a map which is actually hard for the enemy. It's basic cattle mentality, once one goes for it, every new player goes for it. All it takes is one commanding voice and someone to fall for it. If there are more people to help the clever trickster, the effect is obviously amplified. It also works on text but the mic has much more effect. A lot of people just agree with players with mics, expecting them to be vets or something.

It's specifically a problem on campaign mode. As you can't re enter the map voting screen once you press "Esc" to exit it and identify who is using the voice chat. But it's also a problem with text chat and non campaign servers. For players can simply use the public text chat to convince others into voting for "an easy map", which turns out to be a tough map for their team.

Still, I would like to note that listenning to veteran players with mics, or simply in text chat, during the game and the map voting is not something bad. Not every player with a mic is good, obviously, but there are lots of people who play RO2 and RS frequently so you should at least listen to them every now and then.

A tip to know if the players screaming on your ears have any credibility: Check their hours logged on the game and their rank, you can use the steam overlay and go into the "player in the current match" list, just to be sure. But, when voting for a map, that isn't always enough, for they can simply be veterans baiting novice players.

How NOT to be baited into voting for a map which will benefit your enemy
To avoid being baited can be either easy or hard, depending on the size of the server and of the ruckus going around during the voting. But I am here to share some basics on how to identify friendly from foe and avoid becoming an innocent lamb tricked by the enemy.

Firstly, if someone whose voice you haven't heard during the whole game starts to say things like "Attack/Defend"(on the campaign map) and/or "vote for Winterwald/Iwo Jima/[insert tough map to attack here]", do NOT follow with it just because someone said so.

If someone didn't say anything during the whole match they can be someone who didn't communicate during the whole game (read "someone who doesn't has teamwork"), a newcomer who doesn't even know the strength of both teams and how things are going or, the worse of all, the enemy trying to make a fool out of you!

So, to simplify, don't follow any voice in your headset/speakers. If they weren't there during their game, their vote shouldn't influence yours. Don't simply vote for a map just because someone with a mic said for you to do it.

Secondly, don't use nor vote for someone who is using the public text chat. If they are using the text chat, it will appear the word "(TEAM)" right besides their name when they send a message. If they don't identify during that, they are probably an enemy.

Thirdly, If they don't react to the change in the vote numbers, they are probably an enemy and so they can't see it. Per example, if the map they are rooting for is already winning/losing and there is a change in the vote count or something like that. If they just keep screaming the name of the map. In campaign mode, if someone is rooting for a map on voice chat doesn't even have a single vote, it obviously means they aren't on the voting team.

Fourthly, don't vote in a rush. Most servers give players some seconds to decide the map they are going for. Think about how good both teams are and which map you think would be the most fun to throw everyone in. And once you vote for a map on the campaign mode you are usually locked out of text chat as the enter button will change your vote instead of sending a message.

Also, you can usually exit the map voting screen by pressing the "Esc" key. But, on campaign mode, that will throw you back into the map screen and out of the voting screen. You will be able to see who is talking and in which chat but won't be able to change your vote or use the team text chat, only voice chat as well and won't be able to see the voting as it goes on.

Quick list of Maps on RO2
So, I am going to make a quick list of maps on RO2 Territory mode with a couple of lines about it.

Quick List of the maps:

  • TE - Apartments - Really hard to defend, relies purely on the defence of Alpha. By far, easiest map to attack.

  • TE - Barracks - Hard for Axis, easy for Allies. Allies Spawn close to key point of Charlie

  • TE - Bridges of Druzhina - Need a good Tank Commander, TL and SLs

  • TE - Coldsteel - Needs good SLs more than anything, smoke and spawn points are key.

  • TE - CommissarsHouse - Needs good TC, TL and SLs

  • TE - FallenFighters - Heavily Allied sided map, very hard for Axis, not even on the list of many servers anymore

  • TE - GrainElevator - Needs smoke, flanking and good SLs above all else. The conveyor tower is the key. IRL, the Heer had a *really* tough time taking it. Fame as a hard map to attack. Actually easy, once you know the trick of using the conveyor tower's belt to attack.

  • TE - GumrakStation - It has good defensive positions, needing good SLs. The trenches are the hardest to take.

  • TE - MamayevKurgan - Fortified slopes with trenches and bunkers.
    Attackers need to flank around, use the smoke, slopes and trenches themselves to sneak upon the defender.

  • TE - MyshkovaRiver - Needs good TC, TL and SLs
    Attackers need to Capture the radio in Alpha, ASAP. The tank must be active all game long but very careful after Echo.

  • TE - Pavlov's House - Really Allied sided, needs a great Axis team
    Charlie is the key point, hold that basement. Don't stay at spawn either, push into Delta to get the advantage point.

  • TE - Rakowice - Another map with tanks and open fields but with hard strongpoints.
    Satchels and assaults are important to attack, MGs and snipers to defend.

  • TE - RedOctoberFactory - Needs good TCs and SLs above all else
    Flank Alpha, satchel Bravo, rush Charlie and then Echo. Take Delta, satchel Fox and rush Golf.

  • TE - Spartanovka - All about flanking, good SLs and well placed arty
    Take the overlooking village besides the Church(Bravo). Move through the flanks of the map.

  • TE - Stalingrad Kessel - Needs good SLs and engineers.
    Blow up doors and walls to defend. There is an connection underground from Charlie to Delta.

  • TE - Station - SLs and TL decide it through smokes, arty and spawn points
    The building top floor is the key, it overlooks the objectives.

  • TE - TulaOutskirts - SLs and TL are key factors again. Needs good attackers.
    Need to Capture Charlie first, use the flanks. Smoke and crawl up to the enemy. Needs good spawn points and arty.

  • TE - WinterWald - Heavily defender sided, needs teamwork
    Also needs smoke and crawling and everything that forms a good team.
Tough maps to attack
Most maps are easier to defend than to attack, meaning that the key for attacking is to be superior team by a big enough margin. The reason why these maps are harder to attack is because the margin required to win tends be harder to achieve.

  • TE - Barracks - Hard for Axis, easy for Allies. Allies Spawn close to key point of Charlie

    Axis must capture Charlie, both floors, and use it to keep the Allies at Alpha. Bravo is usually undefended, so it's good to clear and capture. But Charlie is the match point and can be entered easier from Alpha, Allies spawn. Axis must keep a line of fire surrounding Charlie while their SLs occupy the upper floor. Also, if Delta falls to the Allies, the game is likely to be lost.

  • TE - Bridges of Druzhina - Need a good Tank Commander, TL and SLs

    This is a great test of how good a team is at attacking. It requires coordination and teamwork to keep momentum and continue pushing. The attackers must not be able to dig in, specially before J and K. Attackers must use smoke to good effect, their marskman must silence MGs, enemy maskman and ATs. It all needs to be done while the team advances. Note that this means some cover while others advance. Don't try running forward in banzai charges, you will be cut down to the last man.

    The tank needs to do it's job of providing fire support and cover advances. The engineers must clear the way for it. Attacking Bravo and then quickly crossing to Alpha is usually the best way. Then it's necessary to capture the bridge at Charlie. The defenders can keep their arty to use it when Charlie is being captured and cause massive damage to the attackers. The best strategy is to clear under the bridge and both sides of it, as well as the river margin.

    Echo overlooks Delta, so it's the best objective to capture. To capture Echo and Delta, I suggest going to the far flanks and slowly crawl up. It's also important for the tank to go far left and helping to capture Fox. Taking Indigo first can be easier with the tank close support. G also has a line of fire into Hotel's second floor. But, obviously, it goes both ways. So, TLs using Golf's radio need to beware of it.

    After that, the tank should be careful with J and K, as the enemy can sneak up on the tank. The tank is better used at capturing L and M, but needs escort to keep suicide charges away from it. The last bridge, N, is where the tank can get behind sandbags and pound the Allies spawn or advance and let the attackers use it as cover. Engineers must be the tank best friends, clear every obstacle and keep enemies away from it. If for nothing else, clearing obstacles gives 5 team points for each set.

    Also, it's important to note that the Axis camouflage is much more suited for the first 5 objectives, Alpha to Echo, making the Axis team able to hide and snipe without calling much attention. But the T34 is much harder to destroy.

  • TE - Coldsteel - Needs good SLs more than anything, smoke and spawn points are key.

    Quickly taking Alpha from the right windows is the best bet. Bravo needs to be flanked, attackers can get into Delta and other parts of the map to shoot the defenders by a seemly barricaded area at the far right of Alpha. Doing these smart flanks is usually a good trick.

  • TE - CommissarsHouse - Needs good TC, TL and SLs
    Not so hard as needing important players on the key roles.

  • TE - FallenFighters - Heavily Allied sided map, very hard for Axis, not even on the list of many servers anymore.

    This map seems symetrical and equal at a first glance. But, it's spawn and objectives position make it an Allies map. Both teams spawn on opposite sides of the map. But the Allies spawn has a better overlook of the main plaza and it has an easy acess to the key objective of Charlie. Charlie decides the game and it has some underground entrances, the easier one being at the Allies side.

    The Allies ATs, snipers and MGs will also get a better line of fire, making the Axis advances rely heavily on smoke and coordination.To add salt upon the wounds, both sides get tanks and the T34 is the superior tank, being much harder to destroy.

    The Panzer IV can be one shot by hitting the underplate and belly from the front, the T34 cannot. With the better angles and spawn, the Allies can pin the Axis down and push into the objective as necessary with much more ease than the Axis.

  • TE - GrainElevator - Needs smoke, flanking and good SLs above all else.

    Capturing the construction site and then the conveyor tower is the key. IRL, the Heer had a *really* tough time taking it. Fame as a hard map to attack. Actually easy, once you know the trick of using the conveyor tower to attack.

  • TE - GumrakStation - It has good defensive positions, needing good SLs and assaults. The trenches are the hardest to take. Needs good smoke, spawn points and arty. The trenches are the hardest.

  • TE - MamayevKurgan - Fortified slopes with trenches and bunkers.
    Attackers need to flank around, use the smoke, slopes and trenches themselves to sneak upon the defender. Far left and right of Alpha are easy, then far left of Bravo. Use the trenches and buildings around the objectives to do pincer movements and cut the enemies from entering the objective. Ideally, the attacking team can lure the enemy into one flank with a small squad and push via the other one.

    Good marksman are essential to silence enemy MGs. It's a great map for sniping but also for close quarters inside the trenches. Try to keep your head low and advance from cover to cover. If you get inside the enemy trenches, clear it out to the back and use the maze to your advantage.

    In sum, always try to envelop the enemy from the sides. Do NOT attack from a single side, call arty behind the objective and keep SLs on both sides. Do NOT advance over the top into the objective unless strictly necessary. Smoke is very useful to cover advances but it's important to coordinate, so as to not let the enemy know where the push is coming from.

  • TE - MyshkovaRiver - Needs good TC, TL and SLs

    Attackers need to Capture the radio in Alpha, ASAP. The tank must be active all game long but very careful after Echo, can be snuck upon. Taking out most objectives past the bridge tends to be a matter of slowly taking building by building.

  • TE - Pavlov's House - Really Allied sided, Need a good Axis team
    Charlie is the key point, hold that basement.

  • TE - Rakowice - Another map with tanks and open fields but with hard strongpoints.
    Satchels and assaults are important to attack, the tank must keep the enemy tank and transports away. The transports can be used as mobile emplaced MGs, the Axis halftrack is the best for that.

  • TE - TulaOutskirts - SLs and TL are key factors again. Needs good attackers.

    Attackers must capture Charlie first, using the far right flank. Alpha far left flank is also useful. Smoke and crawl up to the enemy. Will need good spawn points and arty. Delta has a weak left flank from Alpha. Echo a weak left flank from the right of Delta. To cross into Fox, it's better to use the underground trenches and clear them out so the defenders can't shoot at the attackers back in Fox.

  • TE - WinterWald - Heavily defender sided, needs teamwork
    Also needs smoke and crawling and everything a good team has. The fog at the first objectives makes it hard for newbie snipers and MGs. Needs constant flanking and clearing out the strongpoints from the sides.

    Alpha and Bravo are better off being captured from the far flanks. Advancing from the center means the enemy whole team can concentrate fire. The barn at the right is hard to clear, defending SLs can fortify it and stay there, might be better off being pinned, isolated and surpassed. The defending team will have the height advantage until Fox. After that, they will have trenches that need to be flanked.
Tough maps to defend
*Remember* : SLs are mobile spawn points, smoke layers, commanding voices and arty markers. All in that order! SLs are not supposed to be in the direct line of fire. Specially, on the defense. Offensive SLs are great and all, but rare are the ones who manage to perform it well. A SL should have their priorities straight and only engage when necessary and/or justifiable.

  • TE - Apartments - Toughest map to defend, attackers can overwhelm the first objectives.

    Really hard to defend, relies purely on the defence of Alpha. Get every man into the objective and do not stop firing and throwing nades until the enemies' defeat. The defenders must truly fight as if their lives are on the line, pure adrenaline. Occupy Alpha's every window and the far flanks overlooking the objectives. Hug the walls and shoot down and at the side of the advancing enemies while not showing yourself too much.

    Also, keep the opposite buildings windows under constant fire while letting nades fall over the bridges and the wall that runs between them. The attackers can flank into Charlie from the basement and outside while capturing Delta by bunching up in the objective, breaching with explosives or flanking from Charlie. It's easier to win by running the timer out. So, it's important to not give in a single inch or angle of fire. But throwing tickets away can bite back at the end of the match.

  • TE - Barracks - Hard for Axis, easy for Allies. Allies Spawn close to key point of Charlie

  • TE - Coldsteel - Somewhat balanced map, but experienced players know how to flank into the back of the map at the right of Alpha. The flanks, specially the far right, must be defended or the attackers can attack from behind and envelop the defenders.

  • TE - CommissarsHouse - Not that hard, but requires a good defending tank, TL and SLs

    The defending tank should cover the plaza and make it impossible for the attackers to take Delta's building. The main bulk of the defending team should focus on Alpha, as it overlooks Bravo. Throwing Satchels and grenades off the doors and windows of Alpha is necessary to keep the attackers from bunching up against the wall and capturing from there.

    Delta and the other objectives at the square are very important. But the main force of the defending team must focus on the buildings, they are the advantage point to maintain the attackers pinned. Lastly, the last spawn of the map has an open field between it and H. SLs and TL must either smoke it constantly or do their job properly and NOT die.

  • TE - GrainElevator - Must choke the attacker on Alpha and Bravo by not letting them capture the construction site, much less the tower, and cross into Bravo. Setting up MGs on the main building overlooking their cross is important. Also keep their MGs off Alpha's roof.

  • TE - Pavlov's House - Really Allied sided, Needs a good Axis team
    Charlie is the key point, hold that basement. Allies are going to enter it through a trench. Charlie must be held, even after Delta has been captured. Delta must be cleared to the top roof and used to shoot into Allies spawn. Only snipers should stay back on the Axis spawn, everyone else must advance.
Hints for RO2 maps
  • TE - Barracks - Hard for Axis, easy for Allies
    It's a very Allied sided map, as the Charlie objective decides the map and is easier to be accessed by Allied spawn. Axis should not attack, unless the TL, SLs and assault teams are good enough to be able to capture and hold Charlie against the Russian onslaught.

  • TE - Bridges of Druzhina - Need a good Tank Commander, TL and SLs
    It's size and layout make it necessary for the attacking team to have a good set of TC, TL and SLs. Otherwise, the first 5 or 8 objectives are near impossible to take with enough time and tickets left for the rest of the map. An open map makes for arty and the attacking tank to make a difference. If the attacking team gets bogged down before capturing Golf and Fox, it's hard to win the game.

    The Allied T34 is much superior to the Axis Panzer IV. So, it's even harder for Axis to attack. A handful of good snipers and ATs, combined with well placed arty, can prevent Charlie from ever being captured or simply inflict enough casualties to win the game.

  • TE - Coldsteel - Needs good SLs more than anything, smoke and spawn points are key.
    Once again, it's a map that requires a good attacking team. To capture it, it takes good flanking, arty and spawn points. I suggest going far right and far left. The attacking team can flank around well into the next objectives, but so can the defenders to the earlier ones.

  • TE - CommissarsHouse - Needs good TC, TL and SLs
    This map can have more than one tank, meaning it can be decided by them. It also has a piece of open field to the side and a succession of close quarters combat inside the buildings. If the defenders dig in and their tank sets up on the place on the back of the square, you are in for a tough fight.

    Attackers need to capture the outside part first, preferably with a good elite force. This way the tank can't hold the down. The attacking TC needs to keep the defending tank down. TL and SLs need to smoke the advance as well mark arty on the tank and between defender spawn and the contest objective. Plus, SLs need to provide a spawn that isn't on the open. You know, the basics...

  • TE - GrainElevator - Needs smoke, flanking and good SLs above all else.
    Therefore, it may have credit for it's fame as a hard map to attack. The defending team tends to be able to drain the attackers well. There is no arty or tanks either, making the smoke and spawn points the key to win.

    I consider it actually really easy to win. The attacker must neutralize snipers and MGs and set up their own right from the get go. The best way to capture Alpha and and Bravo is by going far right and capturing the construction site with some SLs. From there, capture Bravo and use the conveyor tower to cross into the main building.

    The conveyor belt allows you to enter Delta. Invade Delta and go to Charlie from there, entering the staircase on the back of it. Capture Charlie from that staircase and run back to Delta. Then, once you hold Delta for two minutes, the defenders lose all their tickets and you just need to slowly climb to the top.

  • TE - GumrakStation - It has good defensive positions, needing good SLs
    This map starts with the defenders in trenches and easily defensible positions while the attackers need to cover open ground. That means good MGs, snipers and arty can halt an attack. It's necessary to breach the trenches from the sides with smokes and flanking counter fire by your MGs and snipers. Arty is more important later on, in the last objectives, as the fight moves out of the trenches.

  • TE - MyshkovaRiver - Needs good TC, TL and SLs
    Another map built on the assumption that the Tank Commander should make a difference. If the attackers can't capture Alpha fast enough, the whole map may be lost by time and tickets drain. The tank must be constantly advancing with an elite team to clear out opposition on tough points. The SLs need to smoke the open advances and the TL needs to be precise with arty.

    Always prioritize capturing Alpha first, there is a radio there and it overlooks Bravo. Flanking is also important, as most points overlook one another and a flanker can hold the attackers or defenders advance into it. The Tank HE shells, the SLs move around smoking and the TL calls arty.

  • TE - Pavlov's House - Really Allied sided, Need a good Axis team
    The Charlie and Delta objectives decide the game and the Allies can capture it easily. The Axis needs to advance from the open into Charlie, take it quickly and make sure to keep the basement clear of enemy SLs.

    The tanks are critical, as their role is to keep one another in check and the infantry out of sight. Still, once again, the T-34 is at advantage in every way. The T-34 is a superior tank, gets a better spawn and the ATs can support it well from the buildings. The Panzer, needs to advance in the open while being shot by everyside. A good way to get either tank is to hide in the defilades and trenches in Charlie with satchels and AT grenades, just let it past and destroy it.

  • TE - Rakowice - Another map with tanks and open fields
    Has tanks and needs to be attacked from open advances into strongpoints. A good defending team can set up and mow down the attackers right from the get go. Needs a good overall team, advancing into Alpha and Bravo quickly. Charlie only needs a well placed satchel. From Delta onwards, the tanks and arty can make a huge damage to advances.

    If things get really desperate at the start, the attackers can use a constant wave of suicide satchel runners into the bunkers of Alpha and Bravo. The engineers and ATs have two of those each, the SL can stay close to the entrance where the squad all gets those and charges into the objective. I don't suggest it, but it can throw off the defenders.

  • TE - RedOctoberFactory - Needs good TCs and SLs above all else
    This map is another that can allow more than one tank on each side. The attacker needs to flank the Alpha, satchel Bravo and rush into Charlie. From there, it gets tricky. It's far easier to attack Delta than Echo. Which means the defender should focus there and so should the attacker.

    From Delta, it's possible to shoot at defenders moving from spawn into Echo. It also means the defender will bunch all their troops in Echo and make it hard to capture. Try to take Echo quickly. It will need tank and smoke cover as well as arty to cut off enemies reinforcements. Fox can be destroyed by a satchel and used as staging point into Golf. Golf can be taken by a wall of smoke and the tank cover from the outside.

  • TE - Spartanovka - All about flanking SLs
    It's mainly about flanking. Right from the first objectives, the SLs need to flank. Capturing the village to the side of the Church (Bravo) is key to attack it from the side and secure the advance. The whole map relies on flanking and holding a line of fire that covers a good space.

  • TE - Stalingrad Kessel - Needs good SLs and engineers.
    It requires the attackers to explode doors and walls with satchels to open flanks. It's also important to set good lines of fire to cut advances into the objective. SLs need to use smoke and get close to the objective. You can go from Charlie to Delta from the station underground connection

  • TE - Station - The main building is the key
    The main building is key, get to the top and the outside is exposed. The SLs need to smoke in the flanks and take it. The TL will need to time arty well.

  • TE - TulaOutskirts - Attack Charlie first and flank Delta
    Attacker advance on the open, better start off attacking Charlie. Delta can be captured by flanking the attacker's left. Needs arty and flanking fire into the objective. A bad attacker isn't going to make a dent into it.

  • TE - WinterWald - Heavily defender sided, needs teamwork
    Probably one of the toughest maps to attack. Needs coordination with smokes and arty. The flanks are important, letting you crawl up into the enemy.


Bright red arrow is the main attack force, darker red is the secondary. The green arrows being their lines of support fire, once again following the rule of brighter being the one for the main and darker for the secondary force.

  • TE - Bridges of Druzhina - Need a good Tank Commander, TL and SLs

    Bridges is probably one of the most fun and interesting maps for me. It's a big map, combining several different situations in one map. Starting in field, crossing a river, going over a small climb over forested terrain into an urban scenario that leads into a slight downhill forest and, finally, taking a final bridge. It really feels like an achievement to push all the way into the end of it.

    But, its size and layout make it necessary for the attacking team to have a good set of TC, TL and SLs. Otherwise, the first 5 or 8 objectives are near impossible to take with enough time and tickets left for the rest of the map. Not only that, but the attacking team needs to coordinate well and balance speed with patience. As usual, but specially important in a big map, the attackers cannot wast time nor tickets.

    Being a mostly open map, it's very well suited for carefully selected arty and the attacking tank to make a difference. The arty marks can break an advance, such as calling arty right on the first bridge (Charlie) as the attackers are bunched up behind the wrecked car. On the other hand, arty can also cut advances, such as calling arty behind Delta or Echo and in the opposite side of November's bridge to cut defenders from the objectives. The tank can also provide cover for advancing troops and use HE shells for devastating effect against enemies bunching up in buildings.

    On a side note, the Allied T34 is much superior to the Axis Panzer IV. For the T34 has no real weakspots in the frontal armor, only on the sides. Differently, the Paperwagon IV can be one shot in the front. In Bridges, there are many instances when the tank will be slightly inclined, making it even easier to hit the front killspot.

    I always make sure to mention it, for the Panzer has better visibility of its surroundings, but isn't well suited for being the spearhead. (Ironic, considering the intrinsic characteristics of the blitzkrieg model) So, it's even harder for Axis to attack. A handful of good snipers and ATs, combined with well placed arty, can prevent Charlie from ever being captured, inflict enough casualties or simply waste enough time to win the game for the defenders.

    Therefore, if the attacking team gets bogged down before capturing Golf and Fox, it's hard to win the game. For the first 5 (Alpha to Echo) or 7 (Alpha to Golf) objectives are open enough to easily identify and counterattack an offensive push. It also forces the attackers to advance with little cover, while the defenders can sit back and inch forward. It's a battle of movement, patience and precision.

    My suggest approach is rather simple, although the scale of the map makes it sound a bit complicated due to so many details to learn:

    Firstly, the attackers must rush Bravo from Spawn, laying smokes right in front of the enemy and laying down to capture it from the first gullies. As soon as Bravo is captured, they must push right into Alpha and get cover behind the wrecked T34 and gullies on the left of it. ideally, this must be done with cover fire from smokes, snipers, MGs and the tank. Still, the most important part is for it to be a concentrated push and to keep the SLs alive, pumping soldiers into the capture zones.

    After Alpha and Bravo, Charlie's bridge must be captured from both the top and the sides. There is a wrecked car that can serve as cover for some soldiers. But a single arty can wreck havok into any men there. So, it's strongly advised to clear the immediate surroundings of the bridge and both margins of the river. Then, the attackers can cross the river and bunch behind both the sides of the bridge in the defender's side, chucking grenades over and helping to capture it.

    Delta and Echo:
    The advance needs to balance the speed and precision I mentioned. The defenders will be able to easily target attackers crossing the river and advancing into the objectives straight on. The best way to deal with it is to have SLs across the river at all times, using flanks, cover and smokes. Echo and Delta both can be flanked from the opposite ends of the map. I suggest SLs and others to crawl from the bridge into these flanks, literally crawl right besides the river, so the enemy doesn't see you getting there.

    Then, advance slowly while making little noise and making your way into the flank of the objective. Preferably, take Echo first from the far right, for it overlooks Delta. But Delta can be easier to take from the far left. So, it depends on where the defender's resistance is strongest at and where you can squeeze in. Once one objective is flanked or taken, capitalize on it by firing into the sides of the enemies hiding behind the next objective. Just hope the defending TL isn't going to foil you flank with a recon and arty. The tank isn't very useful advancing forward, as it becomes vulnerable in close range. So, I suggest seeking cover on the bridge and staying there as an armored cannon and machine gun.

    Fox and Golf:
    Both can be rushed frontally and both present the tank a good use of the HE shells into the windows of the objectives. But, my favored tactic is to advance from the far left of Delta into Fox. From the very far left, you can walk right into a wall and advance into Fox from the side. The tank can also do that with little opposition, just be careful while climbing the small hill into F, the Panzer will expose its belly while the T34 its side.

    From Fox, the attackers can fire into the back and side of Golf, while another group pushes from Echo to clear it, attackers can hug the wall of Golf and capture it from outside the building. Just don't let the defenders use the windows to throw down nades, mark arty or shoot into advancing reinforcements. There is also a radio on the upstairs of Gold, with a line of sight into Hotel's second floor and vice versa.

    Hotel and India:
    The force in Fox can advance into India by advancing while hugging the wall on the street and entering the window of the overlooking building to the right of India. Meanwhile, the team at Golf needs to advance into Hotel. The defenders can set a MG on the far right, at the end of the street and cut its advance. So it's advisable to send a detachment into the far right, then advancing into Hotel from the right while keeping Juliet under fire.

    Also of note, the aforementioned line of from Golf into Hotel, obviously, works both ways. So, attackers beware of their snipers killing your TL while he is at Golf's radio. Plus, it's easier to enter Hotel's second floor via a staircase right as you jump over the windows from Golf's street. It's not in plain sight as you enter and it's easy for the defenders to see the attacker enter it. But it's also safer than crossing the objective for the staircase at the end of it.
TE-BridgesOfDruzhina - Part II
Juliet and Kilo:
Juliet can be suppressed and pushed from Hotel while another force flanks the far right using the buildings as cover, so it can be a bit easier. On the other hand, Kilo is harder. The small offices are a good position to hold out at and the attackers must advance through two corridors to take the main backroom.

The usual breach tactics apply, get a team on the building right besides it, overlooking the crossing into back of the objective building, the half blown one with an AT rifle in it. Mark arty and set up a firing line behind the entrance to Kilo. Afterwards, send in the assault team while the SLs follow behind to keep a stream of reinforcements. In general this singular building in between both objectives is rather powerful later on as well, since the plank/ramp leading up to the second floor faces the attackers', letting them protect it easier and only avoiding nades through the windows, while also giving sight down into November.

Lima and Mike:
Both objectives present good ambush opportunities for defenders, due to blind corners. If the defenders get on the far flanks of both objectives and hug the walls to the East, where attackers are coming from, the attackers will be forced to advance into a hail of crossfire. Attackers must use smoke to blind the defenders' MGs while the attacking marskmen (not necessarily snipers, good rifleman or assaults work just as well) eliminate bothersome enemies to make way.

Then, the need is to advance into the tower right besides the attackers side of the bridge and use it to clear out the rest. Beware of fire from across the river, use smokes, use the tank HE shells and MG support to clear the tower and breach in. The tower should also not be too crowded. It's better to have a couple of sharpshooters there, while the rest of the team moves under their cover. If too many men decide to fight for each opening, the enemy can simple sit and pick off the attackers in their confusion.

The last objective, can be rather tricky. Usually, I would suggest slowly bleeding the defenders and let them waste their arty while keeping them pinned at spawn. But, if the rhythm of the game allows it or the clock is ticking, it's possible to supress and clear most of the opposite bridge head and repeat the advance from the first. Advance from cover to cover and from the sides of the bridge into the other side.

I suggest the engineers equip SMGs, crawl on the sides of the bridge and throw nades and satchels over the sand bags to keep the defender's bridgehead empty. The tank shall also try to achive a fixed firing position where it can shell the enemies from afar in a straight line, not exposing the flanks and allowing quick response to AT fire. Although, the support of the marksmen to keep ATs from damaging the tank is quintessential, as having the tank drive all the way from spawn deprives the attackers of valuable support.

It can also help to smoke the whole defender bridgepoint, but it can be risky for teams that lack coordination and good recognition, as it can lead to unfortunate team killing and turn the tides in favour of the enemy. Nevertheless, the key is to keep the defenders inside their last building and off the capture zone. Personally, I like to get close and personal but out of sight, bomb them into submission and shoot whoever peeks. It just gets my blood pumping to close in out of sight, hear the enemy characters' voices and shower them with explosives. Then, with knowledge of their positions and having already softened them, carefully peek and shoot them in the confusion, allowing your team to push behind you.

Currently, this section is under work and expansion, along with the core of content related to maps. I had planned to pretty much recreate Garmo's "Ultimate guide for Rising Storm" for RO2, with detailed guides for each map, decortating each objective and analyzing the best course for attack and/or defense. Unfortunately, I have a lot of things to do in real life, so I put this project in wait. Then, Steam banned it for a while, which really made me wonder about what was the point in even trying. Specially, since I doubt anyone else cares about this. Also, it's a fundamental part of my country's culture to start grandiose building projects and never end it. Anyway, know that this isn't even its final form, you fool.


Grain Elevator one of my favorites maps, due to the verticality of the map offering some very unique gameplay. From my experiences, the success of an attack on this map is decided in the first objectives. Mainly, due to it being easier to pick incoming enemies while they are on the open and the defenders inside the building moving unseen around fire positions. Plus, very importantly, an unique quirk of this map, once the attackers capture and hold Delta for two minutes, the defenders lose all tickets. Not only that, this is one of the few maps where there is no artillery and no recon. That makes the TL role a very different one, giving it a much more offensive and front support role, using smoke and forced respawn while pushing forwards and managing the team.

Unfortunately, due to this verticality, my usual 2D map seems a bit pointless. For, if I kept drawing lines over each other on Paint, it would be hard to proper visualize the information without having to make it a carnival mess of colours. Therefore, I will be making the visual tips only for the outside movement of the attackers. If I have the time and resources, I would also like to add actual screenshots of the map. But, I am doing this mostly away from my PC and my screenshots would be in the lowest graphical settings anyway, so it might not happen.

To start with, the attackers must start by dividing their team in two groups. The first group will be represented by the bright red arrow, the second by the darkest red arrow. Of course, I expect these groups to have their own sub ramifications. Evidently, each group will be comprised of different Squadrons and each Squadron has their own loadout and different players.

But I don't desire to micromanage each player, as it would not just be an impossible task on an open server. But probably degrade the level of fun of the players and even their possible efficacy, by taking away from their own unique habilities in turn of a rigid control, which not only denies the use of their aforentioned singular capabilities but also diminishes their possible reaction time.

Lastly, I will mark some important locations on the map. There are two areas circumscribed in yellow and two in different shades of green. The areas in yellow are areas the attackers can set up lines of fire from to stem the flow of enemy movement from and to certain areas of the map.

The lighter green area, also named "Construction Site", is an important position of the map in the early advance, allowing the attackers to set up a forward base near the Bravo objective, allowing quicker and less vulnerable advance towards said objective. The darker green area, named "Conveyor Tower", is the tower connected by a suspended and enclosed belt to the main building. This second venue of operation allows the attackers to breach the main building and flank the defenders from above, as well as advancing deeper into their defenses to prepare for the crucial capture regarding the Delta objective.


Well, it with no further ado, the first group shall advance from the South of the map, taking Alpha from the right. The idea is to clasp the South limit of the map and quickly advance into the open door over the far right of Alpha to stop defenders from entering the goal from the East, starting at the construction site, Bravo or their spawn. There, the attackers can also use boxes to climb atop the area demarked in yellow to fire into defenders entering or behind Alpha and enemy marksmen still inside the main building.

The second group shall advance towards the North of the map, taking the building closest to the main and overlooking the cross from the main building into Bravo. There, they can set up lines of fire from the roof and inside the area enclosed in yellow to accomplish such and crossfire with the first group, virtually doing a half encirclement of the defenders in Alpha and forcing their retreat.

Alpha must be conquered quickly and without delay, otherwise they will get bogged down and very exposed to defending snipers, from the high floors of the silo and the tower. All the rooms and many windows are open, and the roofs are accessible. There is no artillery available.


Bravo (Conveyor's tower) is somewhat of a repetition, in that the aggressors are once again exposed to snipers and MGs, who have a myriad of openings in the main silo and the tower. The tower communicates by a conveyor belt with the silo, allowing advance of the defenders under cover, at the cost of speed. Not only that but the tower looks directly at B's capture zone, and the top has a view of the German spawn and advance from Alpha. Therefore, it also must be captured quickly.

The first group shall smoke the crossing from the South of Alpha into the Construction site. Then, the assorted Squad Leaders shall advance with their supporting squadrons into said building. From there, the SLs shall provide their squad a closer spawn to Bravo and guide them into the attack. If the team moves fast enough at the start, there ought to be minimal or no enemy presence at the construction site and the advance into Bravo should be swift.

The second group shall use their position on the North of the map to focus in cutting defending players from the open crossing between the main building and Bravo, as well as preparing to breach the next objectives. Once again, it's a half encirclement of the enemies that should push them backwards into the building.


First group advances from the conveyor tower into Delta, sets spawn there, pushes further into the floor and attacks Charlie through the starway in back of the objective. The group can also use the fire stairs on the outdoors East side of main building to climb up and down the map. It's just important to keep the SLs alive, as this will be the force that will eventually capture the essential point of Delta to win the match.

Second group serves as frontal attack force by entering the main building through basement in the left (West) and advance into the objective. The idea is to draw most of the enemies while the first group is advancing from behind them. This group can also advance from the firestairs on outdoors West side of the map. Although, beware of MGs on the far back (North) of the map zeroed on those stairs. I have denoted the area in a blue square, but the enemies can be closer to the wall and await for the raiding part to be upper before starting to fire.

The external ladders on each side of the building and an internal one are the accesses to the upper floors, the control of which is the sine qua non (imprescindible) condition for the progression of the advance without a bottleneck.


This is probably the crucial point for the map, because once it has been under the attackers control for 2 minutes, the defender's reinforcements are set to zero for the rest of the battle. There are a couple of key points to protect or capture this point. The main ones being the conveyor belt and the stairs, both the outsite stiar on the East and the inside stairs. If the attackers follow the attack plan I laid out, two of these points should already be in their control, the conveyor belt and the stairs leading from Charlie into Delta as well as the narrow corridor connecting those. Also of note, there is a ledge on the outside of the building that still counts as part of the objective zone. This ledge can be a good place for Squad Leaders to hide and it overlooks the firestairs on the outside of the building and the outside entrance to Charlie below it. On the downside, the defenders can also shoot down and drop grenades on it from the upper floor, by going out of the building on the East.
TE-GrainElevator - Part II

Echo and Foxtrot (respectively the front and the back of the 4th floor), are the last stand of the defenders, where they are cornered at the top and have to establish a flawless defense in this large room, MG and assault troops are essential if they do not want to lose and every defender must be on their maximum efficiency, lodging nades and keeping enemies at bay without unnecessary risks. In all honesty, I only saw a team pull this defence once, it was in the Merrils' server and they retreated their whole team alive to set up positions overlooking the stair cases, with one MG down on Alpha zeroed on the firestairs from the West. But, hey... It's possible, even if extremely unlikely, as long as you have the perfect conditions of a good defending team against a lower quality attacker with the time running out and low on tickets as well.

Once again, the attackers can flank and assault from various directions. There are advances from both the internal staircases, the main one and the one directly into Delta, from both outside firestairs and those even offer a route to the floor above the objective room.

In general, the western firestairs that are located near Alpha are the best option. For the internal staircases allow the defenders to drop grenades and set up their defenses to supress any advance. I advise the attackers to climb all into one floor bellow and all the way one floor over the objective. From the floor below, they can set a staging point to attack the objective and distract the defenders.

Meanwhile, the main force climbs the firestairs on the West and starts breaching the objective in the boiler room between the objective and the firestairs. That room overlooks the outside on the West of the last floor and there is one room above that can be used to cross over there under fire cover.

So, the objective can be flanked from there and, if you managed your tickets and advanced steadfastly so far, it's mostly a case of doing that. Advance from those stairs into the outside, crawl under the windows while, hopefully, unnoticed and/or under cover from friendlies at the boiler room overlooking the enemies all the way on the back of the map. So, once the attackers enter the capture area, their presence will be revealed by the capture bar and they should kill the most dangerous enemies to allow for the other forces to assault from all sides. Also of note, there is an emplaced Maxim HMG on the back of the objective and it can be either a powerful last stand or a quick way to get a head shot from the attackers. In general, I advise only using emplaced positions when in superior position, so that the enemy won't just pick you off like the standing target that it turns you into.


This is usually just a rush into the last defending enemies that are hidding behind crates and pillars. Still, if the attackers are low on tickets and/or the defenders are good, the attackers can once again flank from the outside of the building and run-crawl under the windows to get them from behind.

History of the Grain Elevator

So, the character limit forced me to create a part two of this map. And I don't feel like wasting all this possible space. So, let me give quickly mention the history behind this map and the role it played in the historical Battle for the city. Quite the shame, even if predictable and based on a unescrupulous rationale, that Western media tries to portray Operation Overlord and the Western Allies as having pratically defeated the Axis powers single handly. It drowns the importance and brutality iof what happened there. For forther study, I will add a couple of links to give you some proper idea of the fight that took place in this building and that adds so much to the ambiance of this map and game.

So, like many others, this map is based on one of the actual locations in the historical Battle of Stalingrad. And, and as pretty much every piece of soil in that city, it was a scene of brutal fighting that deserves to be forever in history books. However, this one was specially important, so much that General Paulus, leader of the Axis Army tasked with taking the city, chose the elevator as the symbol of a special patch to commemorate the capture of Stalingrad. Heh, that sounds so ironic in retrospect. It took so much to capture that building and it was so tactically important that he considered it a sign that things were going his way into final victory.

The giant concrete behemot that was the Grain elevator separated the South of Stalingrad from the rest of the city, providing a key tactical advantage to whoever held it. It also provided a clear definition of the "front", marking whoever held it as the one with the control of several districts. According to the sources I found, the Soviets defended it from overwhelming force of air power, armour and artillery, only succumbing after spending all available resources and retreating during the night. The building, being so sturdy, albeit severely damaged, survived but it saw such heavy fighting that it really became one of the symbolic sights of the battle.

Here is a transcript from the wikipedia page on Stalingrad https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Stalingrad
Combat raged for three days at the giant grain elevator in the south of the city. About fifty Red Army defenders, cut off from resupply, held the position for five days and fought off ten different assaults before running out of ammunition and water. Only forty dead Soviet fighters were found, though the Germans had thought there were many more due to the intensity of resistance. The Soviets burned large amounts of grain during their retreat in order to deny the enemy food. Paulus chose the grain elevator and silos as the symbol of Stalingrad for a patch he was having designed to commemorate the battle after a German victory.

Additional sources
Compendium of basic infantry tactics
Infantry advances and general offensive tactics:

Infantry is the focus of this game, which makes this is wide subject. So, I will try to atain myself to speaking about infantry pushes and how to effectively capture an objective with infantry. Still, knowing the offensive tactics means you will also learn how to foil your enemies' plans when you are defending.

To be clear, I am no real life military man, though. Thanks to the Flying Spaghetti Monster for saving me from that. So, I have to focus on basic gaming tactics and what my experience in this game has taught me. With that said, I am only trying to give you insight, you are going to need extract the most of it and then transform into something useful for youself.

  • Basic tactical awareness and prioritizing advantage points

    Many teams have captured Delta in TE-BridgesOfDruzhina and TE-RedOctoberFactory to find themselves unable to move on. The answer is simple, in both cases, Echo has a clear line of fire into Delta and is more defensible itself. Therefore, allowing the attacker to take the weakest part and bleeding them is a great defensive tactic, if you can hold their attack.

    It's specially worrying in TE-RedOctoberFactory, as an attacking team can easily take Delta and end up in Lockdown by not taking Echo fast enough. It also happens in TE-Station, as the main building overlooks the railtracks and the open field. In both cases, the defenders can fortify an objective while overlooking the advance from the other.

    There are many more examples, but I will use the first two to represent the scenarios I wanna ilustrate. These are examples of players being herded into killing grounds, where the enemy has the advantage and theirs is only the doom. For specific maps, vide the map section. But, since I can hardly prepare myself, much less you, about each single situation and ploy, you need to learn the basics of tactics.

    Firstly, "attack the enemy where he is weak to weaken where he is strong" is the opposite of what tends to happen in this game. Once the easiest point to attack has been taken, the defenders can simply pile up on the other objective and create a stronghold, which is always bad for the attackers.

    A good and confident defending team can throw an objective away to focus in a better one for them. If the defender can mitigate the attacking momentum, it's very useful to concentrate around a better position. Therefore, for the attackers, it's important to not rush into traps, by blindingly rushing into the enemies' sights or allowing them to fortify. Attackers must keep the momentum going. For that, it's necessary to recognize what areas are killing fields. Not only that, you need to know what are the key points to capture and hold.

  • Identifying high priority points and targets

    The easiest way is through trial and error, advance through somewhere and get shot until you realize it's a bad idea. Well, as you can probably guess, it's a costly idea and it will probably lose you the match, if you insist on it. But, it's often necessary to test or risk things to learn.

    The other method is to identify overlooks and advantage points, where the enemies gets a good field of view while showing little of themselves, by imagining yourself in their place. Simply example, from where a single man can easily fire into a mob while they have a harder time hitting him. It can be a tower, a trenchline or a gully. It can also be a barricade or the carcass of a destroyed vehicle. Anywhere from where the enemy can pop out of, shoot you and go back into cover with ease.

    Once you realize where the enemy can hit you from, you need to find the weakspot of that position. The simplest is to flank, for no man has eyes in his back and he can't cover his back against your bayonet. Other means are to create a smokescreen and rush, strongly unadvised against machine gunners, to flush the enemy out with explosives, close quarter weaponry and the aforementioned bayonet. I believe flanking to be the best, but it isn't always viable, smaller maps with good defenders tend to be much better guarded.

    These aren't your only options, though. There is a final option, requiring skill and patience, virtues of the same origin. Even a single well positioned and trained rifleman can identify and kill a hidden enemy marksman. By advancing slowly and unseen, one can slowly identify and observe the enemy positions. It's not the best way, for it can waste time, but it can save time.

    It also proportionates duels between players and it's about making sure you gain the best chances before you even show yourself. It's also something which I like to indulge myself in from time to time, might I add. Ideally, you would be able to combine a bit of each approach and find the best mix. Try balancing time, and tickets while you try to gain knowledge and advance from that.

  • Keep out of sight and close in

    For attackers, you must try to flank and skulk around while avoiding advancing on open ground. The closer you can get without being seen, much less shot, the better you are doing. Large exposed areas are a killing field for MGs and marksmen while the bane of any advancing force. Flanks and smokes are the answer, move from cover to cover and try to keep out of sight.

    Every map has a good flanking opportunity, for the defenders cannot fully cover the map and there will be blindspots in their defensive system. The easiest one is where the enemy cannot see your advance due to map design, gullies, trenches or whatever. In this case, merely advance without peeking out and be ready for when you are forced to face them.

    But, when you don't have a very obvious route to take, you must make your own headway by using smokes and clearing out key enemies keeping your team from advancing. Snipers and MGs are the key players in this field, countering each other directly and in a constant fight over any open crossing or area in general.

  • Taking strongholds

    It's natural for defenders to dig in at tactically sound points and use them to their max effectivness. So, any good attacking team is defined by it's ability to clear these points out. The best way for doing it: Circulate the objective, cut the defenders from help, prepare an entrance and then clear them out quickly and orderly. Use every tool at your disposal, combining everything I already mentioned, and make sure the enemy has no breathing.

    You know, the usual strats for taking a heavily defended building, you cut them from help, bleed them just enough and go for the kill with overwhealming force and skill. How to do that: Close in as best as you can, prepare a staging area with nearby spawn points and entrances to then advance with concentrated force. Flank around the objective and get into the defenders reinforcement areas, cutting them off. A simple example is setting up a fire line behind the objective. A more difficult one is to have a constant stream of explosives into the area.

    Attacker needs to use smoke, flanks and explosives get close enough to spawn over there and capture it. Envelop the objective and cut the defenders from reinforcements. Thin out their numbers, isolate them by clearing out the enemies on the front and surroundings of the objective.

    Then, call arty to further ensure there will be no relief forces against your push. Silence enemies overlooking your entrances. Finally, push in with automatic weaponry, explosives and smokes to clear out your entry points. Get in quickly and with the minimum confusion possible, making sure you kill the enemies and capture the objective before they can counterattack.
Focus+Fire (Shift+Click)
Firstly, I know that a lot of people don't like the focus feature to begin with and some game modes/servers have it disabled. But it's in the game and I say everyone ought to use the available tools to their maximum. Not only that, but this is a trick mainly directed to bolt actions and sharpshooting in general. It's still useful in CQC and to MGs, but it's a must for every marksman to master.

With that addressed, as you should know, the game has a focus option. If you don't, it basically allows the player to zoom thir view while aiming down their sights and holding the assigned key. The game automatically assigns it to your sprint key (Shift), just hold it while not in movement and your field of view will diminish in turn of having a better view of a slightly more distant area. It's a very basic but fairly important FPS component.

The trick to use it effectively is to not hold the focus, for it won't last long and it keeps your vision restricted. But to press it right when you have an enemy in your sights. It may sound unnecessary, but it can make a big difference. The main idea is to aim at someone and focus so as to make them a bigger and easier target. That is simple by itself and just takes a bit of getting used to it, just like double clicking with manual bolting on.

Meanwhile, the next level play is to use it for flick shots. Basically, when you detect an enemy in your field of view, concurrently hold the focus, aim at him and fire. It's pretty much a point and click game with the added help of making your target a bit bigger. It requires training and practice, but it makes a difference in those moments when you have a split second to fire. If you are peeping from a window down a street and the enemy will appear for a short second or you are aiming across the map, that small trick will be even ludicrously important. So, get yourself used to it.
Making each bullet count, knowing how many you still have
So, it's fairly cliche to say it, but I won't let that stop me from emphasizing how you must make your shots count and be always aware of how much ammo you still have.

Ammo awareness and conservation

To start with, let me use your standard bolt action rifle as the example, since I believe it perfectly illustrates my views. All bolt action rifle have five rounds/bullets/cartriges capacity and stripper clips to load it all at once. And each projectile is capable of instakilling an enemy with a shot to the chest, but can take a bit to reload. So, you must make each bullet count and always know how many bullets you got left in the stripper clip inside the rifle.

Now, the most sure way is to count your fired rounds after each reload, how many times you discharged your weapon since reload. Not only that, but some weapons have specific quirks to help you, like the ping on the Garand or the open bolt in some semi autos. Still, when you are highly focused on a match you can lose track of it. And that is an issue, for you might try to fire your weapon and realize you got nothing to discharge at the angry and armed enemy in front of you.

However, there are two small details to help you. When you fire your last round, your gun will have slightly less recoil and also make a slightly distinctive sound to let you know that your chamber is empty and you need to reload. Being able to perceive it and reloading in your gun right away will save you precious seconds and make sure you won't be caught without ammo.

Unfortunatelly, like most things on the guide, it takes some practice to recognize it and I would love to illustrate it with a video but I don't have the time nor the software for it. So, I suggest you practice firing all weapons in an empty LAN server so you can identify it. It's usually a marginally lower sound and smaller recoil than normal, representing the difference between a round being chambered and a empty chamber. Also, I would be glad if someone agreed to provide footage and imagery of it.

Reloading bolt actions wastes a round

Now, another bolt action specific feature, everytime you press the reload button with a bolty, your character will bolt the action and throw the cartrige in there away. So, to avoid wasting ammo, the best course of action is to fire a round, NOT bolt it and then reload. Now, this is just another of those small details you might be better off ignoring in some circumstances but I suggest you try to keep in mind, as it could be very important in a match where ressuply isn't a viable option or it might risk you losing momentum.
Be a gunsliger today! (Pistols/Sidearms hints and tips)

There you are, the last guy on your team, the enemies hunting you and you can't use your sniper/MG in that situation. Or, maybe you used your last round in your main weapon and can't ressuply. Did they rush you? Did their corner you? Are you trying to sneak? Was this weapon even yours to start with or did you scavenge it on the field to save your life?

Well, the precise situation isn't important, what is important is the weapon you are going to be relying on, your side weapon. You draw your pistol (or revolver) and you get ready, for you know that you must make up for your lack of firepower. It's time to summon your inner gunslinger and use the low range, low damage, fast firing gun you have in your hands.

  • Double fire

    This is an actual real life trick that somewhat translates into the game. Whenever you are firing a side arm, the accuracy isn't going to be perfect. So, you must try to fire fast to compensate for it while not losing your center due to recoil. So, the circumvention is to fire in small groupings instead of single shots. To balance the fact that your shots might not hit the target on the first try, you shoot twice or thrice, trying to gain a hit through saturation and letting your instincts guide you through it. It's specially useful for when you are in CQC and can't take your time to check the hit and correct aim.

    Well, let me actually translate that into the game instead of getting derrailed. Here is the thing about this game sidearms, be it the pistols or the revolver, all are imprecise at long range, have lower damage than a main weapon and have an obscene damage drop due to range. Meaning that, you can't surely one hit kill without a headshot and that isn't an easy feat to start with.

    Still, apart from the revolver, which is a bit slower, the pistols are really fast firing. So, the trick is to always keep your magazine full (or your round clip, in the revolver case... Always the odd one, aint you Nagant?) and fastly dispense ammunition at your enemies to make sure that, at least, one pellet will hit them, making sure that they are killed or incapacitated before being able to do the same to you.

    Then again, spraying and praying is one quick way of wasting ammo and to get killed. For the recoil will just throw your aim off target. Thus, you must fire, recenter your aim and fire again in quick succession. I found the best compromise to be firing two or three rounds in quick succession, recentering quickly and firing another two, continuously firing, pretty much controlled point shooting.

  • Always reload

    Now, if you are following the suggestion above, you will realize that you have to master a new habit, to always have your magazine/clip full. One that might seem wasteful for other weapons. Still, even if you are not firing like that, you probably realized that the sidearms have a small damage capability per bullet, so you must always make sure to have it full. After all, unlike an one hit kill bolty, the side arms are more reliant on volume of fire than precision.

    Thankfully, the reload times are fast. So, I advise to always reload your gun during the quick lulls between one fight and the next. Do NOT run around with a half loaded pistol or revolver, unless you have no more or very little ammo left. In which case, things get much more subjective to each situation.
Combat Classes and Roles
All classes have their use. It's up to you to determine which one is, at any given situation, the most useful for your style of play. The depth of the game lies exactly in the difference between the available classes. For it allows to very different approaches to the same situations.

On the other hand, the weapon upgrades, allow an even further customization of your gear and to possess a more complete and efficient arsenal. Which turns class categorization a bit harder, by allowing different classes to mingle through mismatching their equipment.

So, I shall add a bit of my insight into the classes. Each class has a set of skills and equipment that should be used for playing the necessary role for victory. It's impossible to set out exactly what each one should do, as each player has their own strengths and weaknesses. Still, I will try to explain how each class operates and put out some guideline for drawing out on their potential.

This is the staple of Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm. Armed with a rifle and two grenades, in RO2, and also with a pistol in RS. The rifleman is a versatile and difficult-to-master class that can easily turn into a killing machine, while too often underestimated as a newbie's class.

The rifleman is versatile and deadly, since the rifleman can kill with a single shot to the chest as well as rush forward with speed and be effective at a distance. Specifically in RO2's realism/hardcore and classic modes, the bolt actions are able to down most enemies with just one bullet. That turns the rifleman in a precise weapon of killing. Not only that, the rifleman is also one of the fastest classes, due to the light gear. And it's also able to go into close quarters thanks to the use of the grenades and the bayonet.

The first things to master with the rifleman is to turn the manual bolting ON and learning how to fire quickly and precisely. Automatic bolting is slower than manual bolting. I am not sure why, it surprised me at first. But it seems like the devs wanted the game to be more skill based than automatic. Therefore, you get a better fire rate with the manual ON. Not only that, but allowing you to fire without bolting can be key in close quarters, giving you the chance to fire one shot and then proceed into bayoneting your enemies.

After that, you must learn the specific characteristics of your weapon. The Mosin is a bit longer, giving a better melee reach, and has a slightly faster bullet. That has impact in long range shooting, having to compensate less than for the Kar98. In other hand, the K98 gets better sights at level 50 and is more suited for close quarter combat, CQC. The reason being that the game actually requires your weapon to be fully drawn to fire and it won't be able to go through obstacles, be it walls or ruble, forcing you out of firing stance. This is quite annoying, when the game won't let you fire and forces you to move a bit.

The main thing to know about the rifleman class is that it's a highly versatile and skill based class. It might seem raw and simple at a first glance, an underarmed meatshield, but it has a lot of potential. Like I said, it can advance fast and it has killing potential to cause damage. Not only that, but rifleman aren't so pressure for performance as other classes. A rifleman can try things out without the constant fear of letting the team down and/or having to drop the role to a more experienced player that will use it better. It's both a great class for those still learning the basics, those warming up and the ones who want to play their on own behind enemy lines to allow their team through.

So, you need to train and gain confidence in your own skills. Won't sugarcoat it, you can only learn by constantly playing and getting a good muscle memory. My usual training and warm-up routine is to start an offline match in TE-Bridges of Druzhina against the bots as a defender. I shoot the moving bots in the open until I get an instinctive sense on how to hit them reliably. After that, I jump into a lightly populated server to try it out. Once I am feeling confident, I jump into a full server and start to play more seriously.

Still, to be honest, that is just because I am a bit of a competitive try hard. And I know it's time consuming, which means most people will just have to learn through playing... And through your many subsequent failures and accomplishments. The gist of it is to keep trying and getting better while exploring your strengths.

Also of note, if you connect to a server during the game or your connection takes too long, chances are it's going to be the only class available. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. A good hero class rifleman can advance steadily and confident in his skills. Many were the times when I had a great time clearing rooms with bolt actions and melee. And many were the times when I understimated a rifleman, not prioritizing him and ended up getting killed.
Elite Assault and Assault
Elite Assault

The elite assault class is a hybrid of the elite rifleman and the assault, only available in RO2. It has access to the SMGs and to specialty weapons. Being the specialty weapons that make this class stand apart from the assault class. It also has two grenades and a slightly difference character model.

The specialty weapons are the AVT-40 and the M(k)B-42. The AVT-40 is pretty much the SVT-40 but with an automatic fire mode by default. I suggest changing it to semi auto in spawn and only using full auto if strictly necessary. The reason being that the recoil makes it near impossible for spray control, much less long range shooting.

Just like the SVT-40, the AVT-40 is a great semi auto rifle and it gets a scope at level 50 that allows the elite assault to play sniper. Although, I am inclined against it, as assaults are always needed at the capture point, some cases may require the elite assault to turn marksman, be it for defence or to neutralize key enemies before pushing.

Meanwhile, both the M(k)B-42 is, in a broad term, an assault carabine and the ancestor to modern assault rifles. It has a smaller caliber round, meaning lower damage per hit and lower range. But that also means it has a controlable automatic firing set and is lighter. Plus, it has a bigger magazine capacity. It's perfect for a mobile tactical movement. At level 50, it also gets a scope but its not a very good one and the round difference makes it distinctively harder to snipe with. I suggest using it in close and medium range. Use it in semi auto to clear enemies while you close in, then turn the automatic mode and use short controlled bursts to clear the objective.


The assault class player has an automatic weapon and two grenades to punch and occupy the capture areas. It acts in addition to the squad leader and the commander to progress by combining speed and firepower. Ideal for cleaning rooms, this class is not well equipped for long-range shooting. Making their main advantages in CQQ. In Rising Storm, the assault also gets a pistol, which makes it even more equipped for it. Although, with enough practice and experience, its armament reserves many surprises. Namely, an experienced player can extend the effective range of the weapon through fire control.

Machine gunner (MG)

A machine gunner has his main weapon, a sidearm and two grenades. The sidearm is meant for him to defend himself while the main weapon is not deployed. The grenades for clearing enemies and some destructable objects. While his main armament is the light machine gun he carries, making him slower but a forced to be reckoned once deployed.

In general, the princible objective of the Machine Gunner is area denial via superior fire power and saturation of fire. Meaning, it's the MG's job to set up in a position overlooking a key point of the map and keep the enemies from using it. It can be a crossing or even a small corridor, what matters is to be an obstacle for the enemy. It also means that he must supress enemies from using certain fire points and cover advancing allies.

Beware, for the MG isn't supposed to lie on the ground as a decorative element, he is supposed to be the bane of the enemy. The MG's the firepower is significant, his disadvantages being the lack of mobility, the need for flank cover and ressuply by his team mates while also having to change his barrel in case of prolonged fire. But he can make up for it when you hear his weapon roar into life while the foolish enemies fall in front of him.
Anti tank (AT)

A similar class to the engineer, it shares the loadout in all but the main weapon. The anti tank solder has a side arm, satchels and anti tank grenades. But his main armament is the an antitank rifle so that it can fire armor piercing rounds at a distance, which allows it to be relatively protected. Like the machinegunner, he is slower and must lie on the ground or lean on an element of the scenery to deploy his main weapon, adopting a fixed firing position.

The anti tank class may seem straight forward and quite one dimensional. The main job of this class is to neutralize enemy tanks, be it at a distance using the rifle to fire at the tank's weak spots or closing in with explosives. Honestly, I am one for closing in, since the rifle is only useful if you really train to hit the right spots at a distance long enough for the bullet to gain momentun and most maps are not that big. Moreso, it's unlikely any experienced tank commander will stand still and exposed while being shot.

Don't get me wrong, it's ludicrously satisfying to one hit a tank at 300m away, but the window of opportunity is so rare, miniscule and it requires so much practice that I can hardly justify spending time practicing for it. For a bigger chance of success, you must also use the correct weapon against the enemy, the German PTRS against the Russian tanks and the Russian PTRS-41 against the German tanks. Although, it can be useful on some maps. For more on that, look at tank section further down on the guide.

Finally, let me tell you about some general tricks of the class and its equipment. Per example, just like with the engineer, the Russian anti tank grenade can be used over walls and obstacles against infantry. The german AT grenade cannot be used as such. Also, the satchels can be also be used against the infantry and to destroy some objects. Not to mention there is a chance that, once a satchel is thrown, it becomes a dud and doesn't explode. On that, I am not sure how or why, but have seen it happen and videos of it.
Squad Leader (SL)
Squad Leader
A battlefield leader, the squad leader acts in addition to the commander. The SL, as they are going to be called henceforth, can use the binoculars to mark artillery points and as either a semi-automatic rifle or an automatic weapon, accompanied by two fragmentation grenades, a pistol and up to two smoke grenades. Not only that, but the SL can also mark points in the map for his squad members to take. And, ultimately and most important, the SL has the unique spawn point ability.

The squad leader also leads a group of up to 10 teammates. These may spawn near him during the game, if he is alive and the circumstances allow it. Note that the size of the group and the nature of the classes of weapons in the squad depend on the nature of the squad. Depending on the classes allowed on a map, some squad leaders can find themselves in command of vastly different and specialized squads. Some squads can be filled with assaults and elite troops, with the best gear for close quarters, others with rifleman, anti tank soldiers and engineers.

In conclusion, when combining its armament, gear and unique abilities, the SL turns into a versatile and crucial player, allowing for a good player to facilitate the progression of his team, regarding the attack or defense of key points of the map and capture zones by its teammates.

Note: SL1 is one of the most important roles in the game. For Squad 1 is usually the first to be filled, due to players being assigned to the first squad available. Which means their squad is almost always full and he is able to spawn a good portion of his team near the front line. Squad Leader 1 is, practically speaking, the Deputy Team Leader. It's strictly advised to only allow the best players to pick this class. Those still learning should pick other squads.

  • The Squad Leader's job and main duties

    The Squad Leaders are some of the most important players in a team, being the only ones able to provide a spawn point to their squad mates. Plus, SLs also carry up to two smokes and can create artillery marks to be used by the TL. Not to mention, SLs carry elite gear, such as SMGs and semi automatic rifles. Therefore, I find it very important to straight out my view on how this decisive role should be played.

    1. Mobile Spawn Point (Close in to the objective and stay alive)
    2. Be a leader (Coordinate your squad and maintain team work alive through communication)
    3. Provide tactical help (Throw smokes and help to identify the best places to attack and/or defend)
    4. Mark artillery (Put artillery marks as requested and update it to match the recon)

    To start with, the most important duty of a Squad Leader is their exclusive spawn point power. For the Squad Leader has the unique power of spawning allies right into the battle. By that I mean to say that it must be the SL's constant worry to close in to the objective but never put himself into harm's way unnecessarily. A good SL is a flanker and smart enough to do all the things I acknowledged previously to advance without being seen.

    Then, the SL must also be a commanding voice and a leader, helping to devise and implement tactics through the use of team chat and smokes. The Squad Leader must actively look for opportunities to attack or defend objectives. Arty marks and smokes are crucial tools for that, allowing the SL to deny the enemy vision and helping the Team Leader to inflict heavy damage or denial of specific areas to the enemy. Important to remember that a SL spawns with only one smoke grenade but can carry more by going to a supply point, carrying two smokes can be very useful or even crucial.

    A good SL should also identify high priority targets, key enemies that need to be countered. Per example, when a marksman or MG is holding a whole squad, localize him and ask for support. Or, when it's necessary to destroy an obstacle with satchels, the SL should ask for engineers while incentivizing other players to help. If everyone picks a satchel at ammo dumps and work together, it should be quick work to destroy anything in your path.
Team Leader (TL)
  • The Team Leader's job and main duties

    The Team Leader can make or break a team. Still, his job may sound very simple. The TL's role is to direct the team through crafting and enforcing tactics. To achieve that goal, the TL must be an active voice of command and understand how to use his team, the available gear and skills to defeat the enemy. In simpler words, his job is to help each player to do their own job properly while he also uses his special powers to help them out.

    The TL's powers are the forced respawn, the recon, the artillery, his two smokes and his own weapon. Each situation favors the use of one or another in different ways. But, the general guideline is for the TL to carefuly utilize his artillery calls and recon while making a constant use of his smokes and never stop being a leader and active support.

    The two smokes must be used to provide cover to his team and denying vision to the enemy. The recon must be used to find out where the enemies are gathering and their staging areas, as well as their open flanks. The Artillery calls are supposed to clear out areas from enemy presence, denying them that area by inflicting casualties. Ultimately, the TL also has access to good weaponry, making him an able last resort assault. Even in maps where there is no recon nor arty, the main supporting powers of the TL, like in Grain Elevator, the TL's smokes and weapons still make his a very important role.
Tanks in RO2
  • TripWire wiki page on RO2 tanks[wiki.tripwireinteractive.com]

    There are a couple of full tutorials on this, making this section a bit redundant. So, let me focus on the main tanks which you will face in RO2, the Panzer IV and the T34. Specially, because the light tanks are, not very surprisingly, mere lighter versions of the originals.

  • Panzer IV
    The Axis tank, which I have nicked named "Paperwagon IV". It can be one hit from the front, by hitting the underplate between the front and belly. It can also be one hit from the sides and back. It's vulnerability to AT rifles and AP rounds make it a very easy target and unable to merely charge forwards. It needs to be constantly using cover and have a support team around it.

    The Panzer IV cannot really be used as a spear head either, as a cheeky AT could shoot it in the frontal or any other instant killspot and leave everyone stranding behind a smoking wreck. It's more useful as a mobile MG and cannon. Just park it in a safe spot with a good overview of the field, with it's front to the enemy but not presenting the belly. The one advantage the Panzer has, the TC and his crew can watch their surroundings for enemies with AT nades and satchels and serve as recon.

  • T34
    The strongest tank in pretty much every sense, simple sights, better armor and durability make it a very clear advantage to the Allies. The T34 can serve as cover for advancing infantry and it can charge through enemy lines, creating a gap for infantry to flood. Still, better to try using it as a mobile MG and cannon, just remember to never present the sides to the enemy. If the T34 can face the enemy and keep the sides clear, it can take a lot of punching and deal out a lot more.

    Easiest way to destroy the T34 is by charging it with AT nades and/or satchels, for it has no easy way to keep an eye on the sides and back, needing constant cover from infantry. A flanking AT can also find the sweetspot between the second and third wheel. Get some rounds in there and the T34 is going to be severely weakened and then killed.

    Tank Gunnery & Small Arms Range Steam Workshop Mod[http//Tank+Gunnery+%26amp%3B+Small+Arms+Range]
Good, more in depth, guides
A quick list of other guides, deeper and more detailed than mine, on alphabetical order and a quick explanation below:

Concluding the basics
Ultimately, let me reiterate, identify who is talking to you and don't simply vote for a map because a mysterious voice is telling you to do it.

Chat usage

When someone starts screaming for your team to vote for some map think about these things:
Have you heard his/her voice on your team during the game? If so, is he a good contributing player that helped your team?

Try talking to him on team text chat. Is he reacting to what you are saying on team chat? Is he using public text chat or your team chat? Is he reacting to the actual voting? If no one even votes for it, he is clearly not on your team. If the vote is already clearly defined and he is still on the same tone, he is probably just spamming over chat.

Is he providing a plan on how your team is going to take the map he is rooting for? If so, is it a plan you have seen work before or is he just saying random things like "trust me, I can get us to victory"?

Think which map would be nice. If you don't know who is talking or which map is easier, ask on team chat and ask for people to identify. If someone keeps scream "Vote for ..." "Vote for ...", you shouldn't just follow with it. Identify the speaker and think about what you are voting for. If you are a new player and don't even know what to vote for, you can always not vote for anything and learn the maps a little.

Tactical movement

Move without being seen, identify priority/advantage points and key enemies to silence so you can push. Get on close and personal while on attack, make sure your enemy feels the pressure. Get a good defensive point during defence and do not falter.

Again, do NOT be cattle, avoid charging MGs head on and/or crossing a marksman field of view with no cover nor support. Use teamwork to advance and take the vital points that compose each map. Once you hold the best position, use your skills to hold it or advance.
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Kangaroo Jan 12 @ 9:07am 
You are welcome & deserve credit for this sensible interesting guide. I hope u are ok about what ever went on with The Asian Driver & dont take it to heart mate try to just forget it, keep playing RO2, the game needs thoughtful clever players like you. I for one like and favorited this guide. All the best to you. :steamhappy:
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Thanks, Kangaroo. I ressonate your words. This is an unique game and I wish to see it receive deserved recognition. I am glad to have you as a friend, your personal skill and, specifically, your general friendliness make it so.
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Anyone Eastern Front bent, who realise the significance and sacrifice on all sides will find this game mate. They will find it. And they wont stop playing it. Taken such folk are reasonably few in number, i take heart everytime i kill a lower level player, they are new players and whilst modest in number they come to RO2.
Great work Alex mate im proud to be one of your many RO2 Friends. WELL DONE.
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Thanks, I actually ended up spending quite a bit of time polishing this. Shame it will probably be near to useless, considering that aren't many new players.
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good guide for newbies. @doomdude1 you are aware that there are defenders and attackers and they switch apparently place at some point....
Punchmaster Oct 21, 2017 @ 12:09pm 
I am punchmaster
Luiz_Alex007  [author] Oct 19, 2017 @ 4:58pm 
I don't see it that way. A team that cannot capture and hold Charlie isn't a very good one. And Delta is a weaker position to defend, being easily flanked from Bravo. So, it's both a better objective to hold out at and a show of superiority. I say push into Charlie and keep the central overlooking position while using Delta and Bravo to keep the Allies at Alpha.
DoomDude1 Oct 16, 2017 @ 7:26am 
You don't need C to win Barracks as Axis, just hold D and the F4 map area, to prevent MGs killing your spawned dues and you can win with a smidgeon of competence.
Hunter Oct 16, 2017 @ 3:15am 
Chat Identification RO2, Squad VOIP is global due to an unfixed bug, so don't assume the blue is from your team
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Thanks, I had some free time and decided to add the section you suggested. It's not on the same level as Garmo's, by far, but I hope it gives some insight to newbies.