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[Deprecated] SurvivalPlus
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[Deprecated] SurvivalPlus

This mod is no longer in active development and will not work fully with recent ARK patches. Join for a spiritual successor.

A whole new take on ARK awaits you! Experience a more immersive Survival Feeling than ever before as you brave a new and more dangerous world on your journey from the Stone Age up into the Medieval Times. Forget, for a moment, Survival Evolved, this is Survival Plus!


Survival Plus is set in the middle ages and aims to increase the survival challenge significantly. Only a limited set of dinos can be tamed and some predators can only be killed in teams and with the highest tier of equipment and structures. Over 1000 (!) new items and over 500 new structures and structure pieces are available to assist you in your struggle.

This mod plays best with larger amounts of people. We encourage anyone looking to get the most out of it to join us on our official server.

Make sure to check out the ingame guide (button at the bottom of the inventory screen) and our wiki at

Feature Overview:
  • Technology from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages, but no high tech.
  • Professions: Over 1000 items are craftable and split up between multiple professions. All Professions are enabled in single player!
  • Extended Survival Mechanisms: Sleep & Exhaustion, Extended Food & Nutrition, Alchemical poisons and buff items, and more challenging dino encounters.
  • Carts for players and dinos.
  • New unique taming methods: Wild dino nests & multi-phase taming!
  • Rebalanced Dinos and upgraded Dino AI: Wild Dino Hunger, Fear Mechanic, Corpse scavenging and more!
  • Dynamically spawning new resources like tin, copper, limestone and coal - map independent!
  • Prospecting and Quarry System for endgame resources.
  • Trading: Currency and Trading System for items, structures and creatures with support for secure and offline trading.
  • Custom RP Cooking - Meals get different names & provide different nutrients based on contents.
  • Better farming with new crops, fertilizers and farming mechanics.
  • Extended crafting systems with more crafting stations, a new tool system and more.
  • Custom building system with construction sites and new free building parts.
  • A more balanced and less "grindy" experience on vanilla rates.
  • Upcoming: Tamed dino affinity system to forge deeper bonds with your pets.
  • Upcoming: Extended tribe system with a criminal bounty system, territories and more.
  • Upcoming: Religion and "karma" against offline griefing.

For a detailed introduction visit our website:

Feedback, Balancing and new Features
We are always looking for feedback and ideas for new features!
One of our main concerns is the feeling of "grindyness", so if you find something that you think takes too long or is too annoying - please let us know!
We will do our best to replace this with a meaningful mechanic instead of just blind farming!
Our goal is to make x1 rates feel comfortable for community servers.

Click the link below to get to our FAQ section.

This work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

If you have paid to use this mods or any parts of this mod, please demand a refund of your payment. The seller is in violation of the license under which this work was published. If you are a server owner and sell or award mod items for donations, please exclude SurvivalPlus content. There are no exceptions to this license.
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jus61 Jun 22 @ 6:10am 
Nun starten wir den SurvivalPlus Mod Server auf Lost Island !!!

Servr Name : [N4P] Willkommen im Dreck #1
Map: Lost Island

Join Link: steam://connect/



An die Discord Besucher bei N4P:
Für alle ARK SurvivalPlus Interessenten bitte unter projekte-rollen die Rolle ARK SurvivalPlus zuweisen damit ihr den zugehörigen Bereich sehen könnt !!!!
GUS_CHIGGINZ Apr 26 @ 7:56pm 
this mod is dead for the most part, ive seen someone launch older versions of ark to run this. but other wise its toast. RIP
Zadira Jan 25 @ 8:16pm 
I signed up but didn't see any info for a patreon. I did see a Survival Not sure how they would be able to use assets from Ark to make a brand new game. I would sure love to see something like that, though. Looks like the last entry was from almost a year ago so not sure if it is still going to happen.
guitarguy24279 Jan 25 @ 6:39pm 
They gave up this mod and started a new modding group making a patreon only medieval mod which I think has turned into a new game, Isle of Avalon. Warpath Studios is the name of their studio.. it's on patreon
Ruby Flame [Алексей] Jan 21 @ 6:36am 
Hey :pixark: need a update! :harvestpickaxe:
LegsDay Jan 11 @ 5:06pm 
hey :steamsad: need a update
Zadira Jan 11 @ 9:02am 
Surely there is someone who could bring this back. They were so close to getting that new update done. I am so curious what happened.
Mavslab Jan 11 @ 6:22am 
We need back this awesome work !!
jus61 Dec 28, 2021 @ 2:25pm 
pls bring it back