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Snowdreams -lost in winter-
Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Players: Single-player
Jan 18, 2017 @ 4:44pm
Jan 25, 2017 @ 12:39am
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Release date: 未定
About the game:
《Snowdreams》 is a romance visual novel game set in the eastern district of Taipei, narrating the difficulties that the main character Xie Zichen runs into whilst pursuing his dream of becoming a professional novelist, as well as his love story with Xia Qianfan and Xuejian. By combining refined illustrations, touching music, and exquisite acting, the game leads players on a touching experience of a story of dreams and yearning. Besides the usual visual novel game elements such as conversations and choices, the game will also include other special features such as a map system that allows for diverging storylines, as well as collectibles and achievements to enhance enjoyment in the official version of the game. The trial version of the game has already been announced and made available for download, with the official version in progress and scheduled to be announced on Steam.

Game Features:
Intricate and richly detailed illustrations
Experience the familiar streets of Taipei's east district
Joyous character interactions accompanied with exquisite internal depictions
A winter love song that tugs on heartstrings
Numerous possibilities due to multiple endings
An original story suffused with Taiwanese local flavor

Unexpected meetings and farewells during the days of winter weave together a story of dreams and fond yearnings...

The streets of Taipei's bustling eastern district were cheery, yet remote at the same time on the eve of Christmas. It's been about a year since Xie Zichen left home to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. He found himself back at the starting point time and time again, unable to advance beyond the wall called reality.

As he stagnated amidst the crossroads of life, he encountered two girls.
Xia Qianfan - the enthusiastic, straightforward girl working at the cafe.
And Xue Jian - the mysterious spirit full of riddles.

Crossing paths with the two girls made him reevaluate the original intentions of his dreams and also awakened the memories buried deep within his heart...

In which direction do the scales tip between dreams and emotional ties?
He searches for snowfall in the still, gray world.

Download the demo:
We've released the demo version in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and English. Please download the game and have some fun!

This is the first time we've developed a game in multiple languages. If you have any feedback regarding the translations or have any other thoughts, please let us know in the questionnaire. We'll try our best to resolve the issues before the full version is released.


Contact us:
▲Official website

▲Facebook fan page

▲Translator's website
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