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Scribblenauts Unlimited

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Tips, Tricks, and Useful Objects/Adjectives
By Warlord 桜
These tips, tricks, objects, and adjecives will help you better understand how to play the game and will inspire further creativity. Hopefully you'll learn something! :)
Scribblenauts Unlimited allows for an incredible, almost unprecedented amount of creativity.
As such, this is the best version of Scribblenauts, so you must use every feature provided.

1.) Barely any limit.
In Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts, there was a strict limit to how much you could spawn at once. That is not the case here. Create up to 60 objects at once! That's insane!

2.) You can add as many adjectives as you need.
There's not really a limit to the number of adjectives you can add to an object! Go wild! (Ex. Giant happy independent purple funny spicy exotic titan.)

3.) The backpack.
Make use of that thing! Find yourself needing to get somewhere faster? Keep some 'supersonic wings' readily accessible in your backpack! This can also be accessed by pressing the 'B' key.

4.) What you see.
You can see as much or as little of the screen. You can zoom in to see Maxwell almost exclusively, or you can zoom out to see most of an area! Pan around holding your right mouse button. It comes in handy.

5.) The 'Enter' key.
Simply pressing 'Enter' will open the notebook up. No need to click on the notebook each and every time. Also, you can scroll through what you previously typed using the up and down arrow keys.
Useful/Interesting Objects
A list of various creatures, memes, vehicles, outfits, weapons, and Easter Eggs. The things listed do not usually come to mind because of their obscurity, or specificity. Correctly categorizing some of these objects is impossible to do. Some things fall into multiple categories.

Hydra (Hostile creature)
Medusa (Hostile creature)
Kappa (Creature)
Ahool (Hostile creature)
Cthulhu (Hostile creature)
Chimera (Hostile creature)
Tacgnol (Creature)
Hercules (Creature)
Feep (Half robot, half zombie creature)
Chupacabra (Creature)
Santa (Friendly creature)
Shambler (Aggressive creature)
Ooze (Aggressive creature)
Necromancer (Aggressive creature)
Burning Man (Aggressive creature)
Unicorn (Friendly creature)
Titan (Creature)
War (Aggressive creature)
Pestilence (Aggressive creature) (Add the adjective 'dancing' and his head will turn upside down.)

Nyan Cat (Internet meme)
Loituma Girl (Meme from anime, Bleach.)
Dramatic Chipmunk (Internet meme)
Ninja Cat (Internet meme)
Keyboard Cat (Internet meme)
Cool story bro (Meme)
Rick Roll (Internet meme)
Tentaquil (Fake Pokemon) (Meme)
Invisible Bike (Internet meme) (Small vehicle)
Do not want (Internet meme)

Mech (Robotic vehicle)
Roflcopter (Flying vehicle)
Time Machine (Machine)
Killdozer (Durable machine)
Hover Tank (Floating vehicle)
Magic Broomstick (Flying vehicle)
Crane Helicopter (Flying vehicle) (Can be attached to other objects.)
Hoverboard (Floating vehicle)
Coleopter (Flying vehicle)
After Burner (Flying vehicle)
Blimp (Flying vehicle)
UFO (Flying vehicle)
Unicycle (Vehicle)
Shopping Cart (Vehicle)
Rocket Car (Fast vehicle)
Rocket Boots (Flying vehicle)
Pogo Stick (Vehicle)
Ghost Ship (Vehicle)
Bullet Train (Vehicle)

Suits and Outfits
Banana Suit
Bee Suit
Hotdog Suit
Hamburger Suit
Mummy Suit
Knight Suit
Hazmat Suit
T-Rex Suit
Robot Suit
Frog Suit
Cyber Suit
Tanuki Suit
Bomb Suit
Bunny Suit
Gorilla Suit
Mascot Costume
Cosplay Costume
Clown Suit
Policeman Uniform
Fireman Uniform
Maid Outfit
Sailor Uniform
Bee Suit
Prisoner Uniform
Jester Outfit
Nun Dress
Superhero Suit
Supervillain Suit
Sumo Suit
Ghost Costume

Grenade Launcher (Powerful weapon)
Chain Gun (Powerful weapon)
Cap Gun (Powerful weapon- can kill anything in a single shot regardless of whether it is invincible.)
Super Gun (Powerful weapon)
Necronomicon (Powerful weapon)
Barrel Gun (Powerful weapon)
Potato Gun (Weapon)
Rubber Band Gun (Weak weapon)
Plasma Gun (Powerful Weapon)
Stun Gun (Weapon that stuns object shot.)
Death Ray (Powerful weapon)

Various other things, like Easter Eggs
Invisible Cloak (Grants invisibility to its bearer.)
Portal (Random creature spawner)
Jeff Luke (5th Cell Developer)
I win (Starite- does not add to Starite Counter)
This Game (Game cartridge for DS)
Win Button (Spawns a 5th Cell Developer when used.)
Developer Button (Basically useless)
Brian Firfer (5th Cell Developer)
Blue Screen of Death (Basically useless.)
Philosoraptor (Friendly Raptor with a monocle)
Tube Man (Arm flailing inflatable man thing)
Brittany (5th Cell Developer)
Developer Fairy Wings (Flying object)
Black Hole (Apocalypse item)
Two One Seven (Nuke, basically)
Particle Accelerator (Scientific apparatus)
Hell (Place)
Heaven (Place)
Valhalla (Place)
Flood (Apocalypse item)
Meteor (Deals heavy damage to surrounding objects.)
Brandon Godfrey (5th Cell Developer) (Make female for an interesting twist.)
Grow Ray (Increases size of object shot.)
Shrink Ray (Decreases size of object shot.)
Mind Control Device (Adds loyal adjective to object being shot, protecting Maxwell.)
Freeze Ray (Freezes the object being shot.) (Can undo petrifying effects of Medusa.)
Potion (Add any adjective to 'potion' and using it yourself or on others will apply that adjective.)
Doctor Jekyll (Normal human form of Mister Hyde)
Mister Hyde (Monster form of Doctor Jekyll)
Cosplayer (Person in costume)
Gaf (Egg-like symbol) (Can be ridden.)
Useful/Interesting Adjectives
Microscopic (Smallest size)
Colossal (Biggest size- 5x)
Temporary (Disappear after a few seconds.)
Debuggable (Replicates itself multiple times.) (The replications are temporary.)
Ultrasonic (Fastest speed)
Unavoidable (Follows other objects.)
Untouchable (Avoids other objects.)
Random (Changes into other objects.)
Regenerative (Regains health every few seconds.)
Roomy (Makes containers have more storage capacity.)
Mitotic (Causes an object to split after every few seconds into progressively smaller units.)
Omnipotent (Grants invincibility, ability to fly, and size increase.)
Ridable (Allow the object to be ridden.)
Scribblenautical (Adds a rooster hat)

A colossal football.

Thank you!
This is my first guide. A giant thank you to the Scribblenauts Wiki, which I constantly referenced!
Please leave a comment telling me what you like and didn't like, or if I got something wrong.
I hope you learned something! :)
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GaxMemory Oct 27 @ 7:10am 
Aww, thank you so much, when i read this guide, my manipulation is so faster than before :3
Lyiusa Eterna Sep 1 @ 12:52pm 
Yep, any "Living starite" practically follows you around.

Another neat objective is the "Dense" and "Lightweight" objectives.

Dense makes "Immovable" objects (Such as clouds, celestial objects) able to have gravity effects, when applied to NPCs, they naturally sink in water, and have weight to them, same for vehicles.

If applied to the player, your initial running speed is slower, but once you start going to full runspeed, you end up taking a bit longer to stop moving, but you also jump far less high.
Not much of a practical reason to add it to your character
Lyiusa Eterna Sep 1 @ 12:52pm 
Lightweight on the other hand does the opposite, It makes objects extremely light.

A "Small" or "Shrunken" player character + Lightweight makes balloons able to give you a high jump, or a glide-jump, very useful and fun to mess around with. It also makes objects, namely throwables extremely easy to fling across the map.
(Warning: If you're avatar is small, like mine is, don't give yourself the small prefix, size does matter here!)

Another useful object is the Maelstrom, due to the fact it's similar to a blackhole, but not deadly. Careful though, it pulls you in too.
Warlord 桜  [author] Sep 1 @ 11:56am 
Very neat! Seems kinda cheap but that's definitely awesome.
Lyiusa Eterna Sep 1 @ 5:50am 
I would say another useful object with Adjectives is a "Mega deadly supersonic venomous fireproof immortal living Starite"
It's basically a loyal spirit/sprite follower that always follows you, and will insta-kill anything that hits you, can't die, can't be poisoned, and is fireproof. (So it doesn't burn you.)
Warlord 桜  [author] May 12 @ 4:52pm 
Thanks for checking this out everyone :flowey:
__DeadpoolDestroyer__ May 12 @ 11:39am 
I love this, and I never knew there were MEMES in scribblenauts! :steamhappy:
Old Time Films May 8 @ 6:13pm 
cunt May 14, 2017 @ 11:37am 
Warlord 桜  [author] Apr 19, 2017 @ 1:55pm 
Thanks everybody for commenting! I hope you learned something! :violet: