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A-TACS Uniforms 1.2.3
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Dec 25, 2016 @ 1:53pm
Mar 18, 2018 @ 4:36pm
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A-TACS Uniforms 1.2.3

What is A-TACS Uniforms

A-TACS Uniforms is one visual update to some uniforms who retexture the default files and add some new camouflage details based on the A-TACS Camo.

What include this AddOn

This AddOn include some new textures called FG and AU.
AU Pattern include some mix of sand/dirt textures.
FG Pattern include a mix of foliage/green textures.
But this AddOn also include some gun textures (not A-TAC for the moment) and this is because this addon was make for one community called U.S.M.L (Unidad de Simulacion Militar Latina).

Future Updates
This addon is not dead because we got some ideas which include retexture some pilots uniforms and other styles of textures.


Alvaro - Programmer.
Freghar - Backpack Script.
A-TACS (tm) - The Patterns.


AU Backpacks

USML_Backpack_compact_UAC_TS --> Compact Backpack
USML_Kitbag_compact_UAC_TS --> Kitbag
USML_Backpack_Carryall_UAC_TS --> CarryAll
USML_Kitbag_compact_UAC_MEDIC --> Medic Kitbag
USML_Backpack_Pierna_AU -> AU Leg BackPack

FG Backpacks

USML_Backpack_compact_UAC_ALST --> Compact Backpack
USML_Kitbag_compact_UAC_ALST --> Kitbag
USML_Backpack_Carryall_UAC_ALST --> CarryAll
USML_Kitbag_compact_UAC_ALST_MEDIC --> Medic Kitbag
USML_Backpack_Pierna_FG -> FG Leg BackPack

Tar-21 Weapons

USML_TAR21_ARENA -> Tar-21 Sand
USML_TAR21GL_ARENA -> Tar-21 Sand Granade Launcher
USML_TAR21_NEGRO -> Tar-21 Black
USML_TAR21GL_NEGRO -> Tar-21 Black Granade Launcher
USML_TAR21_VERDE -> Tar-21 Green
USML_TAR21GL_VERDE -> Tar-21 Green Granade Launcher

AU Vests

USML_UAC_TZ_PlateCarrier_1 -> Low protection
USML_UAC_TZ_PlateCarrier_2 -> Medium Protection
USML_UAC_TZ_PlateCarrier_3 -> High Protection

FG Vests

USML_UAC_ALST_PlateCarrier_1 -> Low protection
USML_UAC_ALST_PlateCarrier_2 -> Medium Protection
USML_UAC_ALST_PlateCarrier_3 -> High Protection

AU Helmet
USML_UAC_TZ_Helmet -> Equipped MICH 2000
USML_UAC_TZ_Helmet_simple -> Not equipped MICH 2000
USML_UAC_TZ_Medic_Helmet -> Not equipped Medico MICH 2000
USML_UAC_TZ_Helmet_Light -> AU FBJ Ops

FG Helmet
USML_UAC_ALST_Helmet -> Equipped MICH 2000
USML_UAC_ALST_Helmet_simple -> Not equipped MICH 2000
USML_UAC_ALST_Medic_Helmet -> Not equipped Medico MICH 2000
USML_UAC_ALST_Helmet_Light -> FG FBJ Ops

AU Uniforms

USML_UAC_TZ_Uniform_Light -> AU Uniform (rolled up sleeves)
USML_UAC_TZ_Uniform_Light2 -> AU uniform (NO rolled up sleeves)

FG Uniforms

USML_UAC_ALST_Uniform_Light -> FG Uniform (rolled up sleeves)
USML_UAC_ALST_Uniform_Light2 -> FG uniform (NO rolled up sleeves)

AU Radios

USML_tf_rt1523h_TKZB -> AU RT-1523H TKZB
USML_tf_anarc210b_TKZB -> AU AN/ARC-210B

FG Radios

USML_tf_rt1523h_ALST -> FG RT-1523H TKZB
USML_tf_anarc210b_ALST -> FG AN/ARC-210B

Military Berets

USML_Beret_AU -> Beret Desert
USML_Beret_FG -> Beret Urban

Military Caps

AU_M_CAP -> Desert Military Cap
FG_M_CAP -> Normal Military Cap

Officer Militar Uniforms

Uniforme_Oficial_AU -> AU Official Uniform
Uniforme_Oficial_FG -> FG official Uniform


This AddOn use Creative Commons used by permission. If you wanna use this addon/pbo, need a permission first.

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