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Glitch Strikers
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Feb 22, 2017 @ 12:05pm
Feb 28, 2017 @ 6:26pm
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Glitch Strikers gets Greenlit!
Answers to Common Questions
Release date: Summer 2017 (Hyper Manni Pals in Early Access)
Experience everything you love from the 8-bit era and live out your fantasies of playing as characters that travel across games. Glitch Strikers is the amalgam of dreams for gamers that grew up playing 8-bit video games.

Glitch Strikers is the spiritual successor to the popular fan game, Super Mario Bros. Crossover (SMBC)[], and is the result of a successful Kickstarter (Note that most of the info on the Kickstarter page is no longer accurate.)

Fast Facts
  • Created by Jay Pavlina (Super Mario Bros. Crossover) and Matt Kap (Castle in the Darkness, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth)
  • Has been in the works for nearly 5 years :*( ... was rebooted to this version 8 months ago :)
  • Play as characters inspired by legends from the 8-bit era
  • Play through original games inspired by your favorite retro classics
  • First episode (Hyper Manni Pals) will be available on Early Access in a few months
  • The direction of the game will take community feedback into account, as we did with SMBC
  • Made in Unity
  • Steam is first platform, but more will follow
  • Everything is 4 player local coop!!!
    • Separate trailer will be released in the near future featuring multiplayer
    • Extremely likely that online multiplayer will be added... game was built from the ground up for online... still a lot of extra work though, so it will probably not be in first version :D

Glitch Strikers follows the story of Manni and his friends as they travel across games to investigate the cause of the mysterious glitches. Each game world they visit will be an original concept, but many will take inspiration from classic retro games. They all will include modern gameplay mechanics and features, and they’ll be playable by a variety of characters.

The game will be released in episodes. The first part, Hyper Manni Pals, takes its inspiration from Super Mario Bros. Crossover. It will be released on Steam early access in Summer 2017. Later episodes will include visiting game worlds that the other characters originate from. Some of them are shown in the trailer.
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Apr 14, 2017 @ 2:07pm
Steam Keys for Kickstarter backers?
Feb 23 @ 1:35pm
So now that the game is called "Glitch Strikers"
Jul 17 @ 4:22pm
Will this game have Online Coop?
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Orochi Oct 10 @ 6:50pm 
any news of the game ?

SGIR BOSSMAN Sep 23 @ 2:27am 
how long will this actually take its almost been two years
Little Game Fairy Aug 1 @ 12:08am 
By that I mean, Nintendo tends to be uh, very proactive with their Cease and Desist orders.

I'm a Nintendo fan, a really really big Nintendo fan. But they're definitely one of the most litigious companies in the industry.
SGIR BOSSMAN Jul 30 @ 1:47pm 
this has nothing related to nintendo, its based of, but not nintendo.
Little Game Fairy Jul 29 @ 9:50pm 
Nintendo Ninjas..
SGIR BOSSMAN Jul 29 @ 10:52am 
hasn't come out last year and still no mentions, what the actual hell is going on?
Little Game Fairy Jul 16 @ 1:22am 
Hope this is still being worked on. I forgot about this for a long while, but I remember being super excited for Super Mario Crossover, along with many other Mario/Nintendo fangames. Had no idea it became this.

It's a shame that Nintendo is so strict when it comes to fangames, unlike other companies like SEGA and Capcom. I can definitely see why you would do this, after what happened to things like AM2R. Guess I'll have to settle for playing as not-Mario and not-Peach on PC.

That not-Peach character is legitimately adorable in her own right. I'm excited to play as her. Even as a big Nintendo fangirl, I can only hope that someday Nintendo becomes a bit more like SEGA. Well, at least now you can legally charge for this game since it doesn't have Nintendo characters.
ShadowLight Apr 21 @ 1:18pm 
Edit: Just noticed there is mention of a Linux version. Need more coffee. :steamfacepalm: Can't tell from the intro,so will the gameplay be linear or are there <squee> MetroidVania elements? (I'd imagine that'd be a safe assumption with Mr. Kap involved?)
ShadowLight Apr 21 @ 1:10pm 
You've got a guaranteed buyer here,loved the Mario crossover games! Will there be a SteamOS/Linux version? If not, I'll manage to Wine-Steam it like I do to play Castle in the Darkness (just had to give a shout-out to Matt Kap here!) :steamhappy:
SomeGuy712x Mar 8 @ 9:51pm 
Whoa, how did I not notice this before? Well, I noticed it now, and that reveal trailer was awesome and hilarious! I'd totally be interested in playing this whenever it's released!