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A Guide for CEO: Special Cargo
By Def
A guide on how to become a SecuroServ CEO and how to make profit.
Introduction to CEO
Thank you for clicking on this guide. This guide will be on how to become a CEO and earn profit from being one. This is my first guide so I'd appreciate some feedback, whether its positive or not.

The guide will be made out of 3 Chapters:
1. The Setup
2. Getting the goods
3. Profit!

All the information provided in the guide comes from my own research. If any of my information is wrong, feel free to correct me.

If you prefer a video explanation click here:

Chapter 1: The Setup
Now to become a CEO, you need to buy an Office and a Warehouse.

Offices can be bought in the Dynasty8 Website in the internet. (Not in real life of course!)

There are 4 different Offices:

1. Maze Bank West
Location: Del Perro (You know, the one near the beach?)
Cost: $1,000,000 (It is the cheapest Office!)

2. Arcadius Business Centre
Location: Pillbox Hill
Cost: $2,250,000

3.Lombank West
Location: Del Perro (It's close to Maze Bank West)
Cost: $3,100,000

4. Maze Bank Tower
Location: Pillbox Hill
Cost: $ 4,000,000 (Obviously the most expensive)

All the interiors are the same (except for decor). Only difference is the price and the location. For starters, I would recommend the Maze Bank West Office as it is the cheapest.

After choosing an Office, you'll need to choose the decor, the gender of the assistant and other cosmetics.

The Decor
The Decor is what makes your office stand out from other offices.
There are 9 different decors in total.

Executive Rich (Default interior) FREE
Executive Cool $415,000
Executive Contrast $500,000
Old Spice Classical $685,000
Old Spice Vintage $760,000
Old Spice Warms $950,000
Power Broker Conservative $835,000
Power Broker Polished $910,000
Power Broker Ice $1,000,000

If you're low on cash, just keep the default decor.

The gender of your Assistant

Guys, c'mon. There are only two genders. (TRIGGER WARNING)


Note that the way your assistant looks and dresses is dependant on your decor


Now obviously, cosmetics are just for looks.
Now, you have to name your company.
After naming your company, choose how it looks.
There are 13 Font Options and 8 Color Options
Naming your company when buying an office for the first time is free. But if you want to change it, you'll have to pay $250,000. So choose wisely, unless you want to spend a quarter of a Million Dollars.

After that, comes the Money Safe, Gun Locker and the Accomodation

The Money safe is purely cosmetic and just for looks.

Cost: $335,000 (Get this if you have some money to spare or if you want to show it off to your financially poor friends)

The Gun Locker has one and only one use. It allows you to have your own custom loadout. You can remove unwanted weapons so you won't have to switch weapons everytime.

Cost: $520,000 (Do get it when you have enough money to spare!)

The Accomodation is basically your small apartment added onto your office. You can rest, bathe, and change your outfits while in there.

Cost: $795,000 (Get it if you want to abandon your apartment and have enough money to spare)

That's all for the cosmetic items! Now, for the Warehouse!

Note: You need to be in a public session to use your computer!

The Warehouse

To get a warehouse, you'll have to get to your office's computer and buy one.
There are 3 types of warehouses:
Small (Holds 16 Crates)
Medium (Holds 42 Crates)
Large (Holds 111 Crates)

If you're low on money, start with the Small Warehouses:
Convenience Store Lockup Rancho $250,000
Celltowa Unit La Mesa $318,000
White Widow Garage La Puerta $360,000
Pacific Bait Storage Elysian Island $376,000
Pier 400 Utility Building Elysian Island $392,000
Foreclosed Garage West Vinewood $400,000

Medium Warehouses:
GEE Warehouse El Burro Heights $880,000
Derriere Lingerie Backlot Del Perro $902,000
Fridgit Annexe La Puerta $925,000
Discount Retail Unit Downtown Vinewood $948,000
Disused Factory Outlet Strawberry $971,000
LS Marine Building 3 Elysian Island $994,000
Old Power Station Rancho $1,000,000
Railyard Warehouse La Mesa $1,017,000

Large Warehouses:
Wholesale Furniture Cypress Flats $1,900,000
West Vinewood Backlot West Vinewood $2,135,000
Xero Gas Factory LSIA $2,365,000
Logistics Depot La Mesa $2,600,000
Bilgeco Warehouse LSIA $2,825,000
Walker & Sons Warehouse Banning $3,040,000
Cypress Warehouses Cypress Flats $3,265,000
Darnell Bros Warehouse La Mesa $3,500,000

You can buy up to a total of 5 warehouses.
All of these warehouses only have difference in interior, price, location and capacity.


Associates are members of your organisation can either be friends or random players.
Associates do not earn a cut from selling your cargo as the CEO has paid for everything.
Instead, Associates earn $5,000 salary every 15 minutes. Associates will lose $250 from the salary everytime their CEO is killed by other players. Associates that are in the vicinity of the CEO will earn a bonus of 100RP per minute and have their health regeneration boosted.

Chapter 2: Getting The Goods
Once you've gotten everything setup, you'll need to start getting the goods.

There are 11 different types of goods that you can get:
- Animal Materials
- Art & Antiques
- Bullion
- Counterfeit Goods
- Electronic Goods
- Gemstones
- Jewelry
- Medical Supplies
- Narcotics
- Tobacco & Alcohol
- Weapons & Ammo

Occasionally, your assistant will call you, telling you that there is some 'Special/Hot' product available for purchase. These missions only have 1 crate that you'll need to transport to the warehouse, but it is thrice the difficulty. The special product will bring in more profit once sold.

Here are the special items from highest sell price to lowest sell price:
Rare Pocket Watch

Buy Price: $30,000
Sell Price: $150,000

Large '64 Carat' Diamond

Buy Price: $27,000
Sell Price: $135,000

Ornamental Egg "Faberge Egg"

Buy Price: $25,000
Sell Price: $125,000

Golden Minigun

Buy Price: $23,000
Sell Price: $115,000

Rare Hide "Bigfoot Pelt"

Buy Price: $21,000
Sell Price: $105,000

Film Reel

Buy Price: $19,000
Sell Price: $95,000


When buying crates, there will be random scenarios.

- Heading near Lester's warehouse to pick up a truck and being ambushed by groups of NPCs, such as the FIB and various gangs (i.e. Vagos, Triads, etc.).
- Going out to a Marquis (out at sea) and having to blow it up to salvage the cargo.
- Finding a crashed plane with the cops checking it out to salvage items from.
- Being blackmailed by your seller and having to assassinate some targets before they give you the location of the items.
- The trackers being interfered with so you have to search for what vehicle actually has the cargo.
- Going to a drop zone and signaling the seller that you're ready with droppable flares.
- Having some gang members hijack the delivery truck holding the items you're buying so that you have to get it off of them.
- Stealing a truck from the police station that the police are guarding.
- Investigating some attacked vehicles and having to find the cargo.
- Having to shoot down choppers and collecting the crates that drop from them.
- Interrupting a buy between two gangs that turn on each other.
- Having to shoot down a Valkyrie and then killing Merryweather personnel parachuting away to obtain the cargo.

The best way to complete these missions is to use a buzzard, or have some extra friends to help you out!

After a buy mission
After a buy mission, you will have a cooldown before you can buy more crates.
There are a few ways to bypass the cooldown time.
1. Do some VIP work such as Headhunter, etc
2. Buy a second Warehouse as the two warehouses do not share the cooldown time.
3. Do heist setups in between the buy missions so you'll be earning money while you're spending money on crates

Before a buy mission
To decide on how many crates to buy, here's the logic behind the buy missions:
Buying 1 crate is much more cost effective as it only costs $2,000 but it will take more time to fill up a warehouse.
Buying 3 crates however is much more time effective but it will cost you more money ($18,000).
For beginners, I would recommend that you buy 1 Small Warehouse and fill it up with 1 crates at a time.

Because of the buy prices, the profit you earn from selling the cargo will vary.

Credits: GTA Series Videos Link:


Chapter 3: Profit!
Now, you've come this far, you're close to earning some real top dollar!

Selling the cargo
Got the goods? Good. Time to sell!
Get to your warehouse and go to the laptop near the entrance. Once you've done that, you can choose to sell your crates in numbers, or a full warehouse.
DO NOTE: Special Items cannot be sold together with the crates. You will have to sell them seperately.

Once you've decided to sell your crates, there will be three ways to sell the crates that will be random.
By Air (Cuban 800 or Titan):

By Sea (Tug Boat)

Or By Land (Brickade)

The number of these vehicles vary from 1-3, depending on how many crates you have.
When selling with a full Large Warehouse, try to have associates with you as it will take longer to sell if you're doing solo.

1-9 crates = 1 delivery vehicle
10-41 = a chance of 2 delivery vehicles
42-111 a chance of having 3 delivery vehicles for sell mission at once.
Thanks to the Tenth Doctor for this information!
Tenth Doctor:

The delivery vehicle can also be chosen by changing sessions. Try changing it until you get the one you want.

The delivery vehicles can be upgraded to make your deliveries and your life easier!
Armor Upgrade: $230,000
Bulletproof Tires: $95,000

Cuban 800 and Titan
Armor Upgrade: $190,000
Jammer Upgrade (Allows co-pilot to jam incoming missiles from other players or enemy Buzzards): $300,000

Tug Boat
Armor Upgrade: $265,000
Speed Upgrade: $170,000

Once your warehouse is full, NPCs might raid your warehouse!
You have to rush back to your warehouse and prevent them from destroying your cargo.
You can lose almost all your cargo! So be careful and be prepared.


Credits: GTA Series Videos Link:

NOTE: Associates do not earn a cut from the profit as the CEO is the one who has paid for the office, the warehouse, the crates, the upgrades and everything else.

The End
I hope you that you enjoyed reading this guide. While doing my own research for this guide, I have learnt many more things about Special Cargo.

Although, this isn't the best way to earn money. The best way is to still replay the Pacific Standard Heist over and over again.

Here's my CEO Office currently!

Thanks for taking your time to read the guide. Consider giving it a like and even favouriting it for future reference!

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vlowbob Jul 29 @ 5:53am 
first time i sold my full med warehouse i got 1.4m and now im selling same stuff for 735k?
Geeky Meerkat Aug 12, 2019 @ 11:25am 
Something of note, if you try changing the sessions to get a different vehicle, you'll sometimes lose some number of crates. Once I lost none, another time I lost one, and most recently I lost an entire warehouse of them. So change sessions at your own risk.
trollbreeder Apr 16, 2019 @ 1:55pm 
@Def Correction: You need other businesses in order to properly make money using the nightclub
Also you can buy a mule custom and/or a pounder custom in order to prevent that too many goods problem.
Chimmi Senpai Jan 7, 2019 @ 3:37am 
I went for special cargo in a public lobby, and some asshat decided to hack the server to force everyone out of their businesses just when I got to the target. ROCKSTAR, FIX THIS SHIT. I lost that 64 karat diamond because of it.
BIG RON Sep 20, 2018 @ 6:25am 
Very good guide thanks man :47_thumb_up:
Def  [author] Aug 27, 2018 @ 4:03am 
@yao199 (UA) I'm not so sure as they might have been changes to how the businesses work, but if I'm not wrong, the car cargos would be much more profitable. The crates are my recommended way of getting RP quick as one crate jumps your RP by almost a bar. The car cargos are quick money especially if you have friends.

So to answer your question, I'd recommend the car cargos out of all businesses as they are the quickest way to earn about a $100,000 every 40 minutes.

However, if you are playing solo and only solo, I'd recommend the night club business. It's so much more comfortable for solo players as the cargo accrues overtime and when doing the selling missions, they only use one vehicle (unless you have too much goods and can't fit into the default van you're given).
yao199 Aug 26, 2018 @ 8:08am 
Is this method more profitable than car cargos?
I haven't played GTA Online for almost 2 years & now am looking for a fast to earn money fast so I could participate in the new heist & earn the last achievements, what method would you personally recommend?
Coffee Aug 2, 2018 @ 3:06pm 
I think the numbers for # of sell vehicle changed. 41 made 3 trucks and then 3 cubans another time
Def  [author] Jul 15, 2018 @ 5:10am 
@Go Fast! No idea, it depends on Rockstar. But there might be a sale going on when the Nightclub DLC releases. And thank you for your rate!
Go Fast! Jul 15, 2018 @ 5:03am 
btw I rate + your guide very nice