Touhou 13: Ten Desires - Stage 6 Perfect (Normal, Youmu)
"A perfect run of Stage 6 on Touhou 13 - Ten Desires, using Youmu. Normal Difficulty.

No bombs or deaths. Trance used twice for scoring purposes.

These videos are intended for use as a reference by anyone interested in bettering themselves through card memorization or pattern recognition. While full runs are more of an 'achievement' display, individual stages and cards are meant to be clean runs presented as examples for others to study and learn from.

PERSONAL NOTES: Miko makes this fight hard to begin with even without using her spellcards. Her three non-spell arrow attacks are by far some of the most infuriating danmaku patterns I've had to dodge in my experience with Touhou because they don't appear to be static, and her constellation spell can be equally cruel at times if you're not too fortunate. However, it seems a LOT of her attacks are meant more to psyche you into making a mistake than pose any sort of actual threat on their own - her final spellcard is a good example of this, as it becomes pitifully easy once you stop using haphazard movement as your main method of dodging."