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Sacrifun - Get Your Friends Killed!
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Dec 18, 2016 @ 12:18pm
Feb 21, 2017 @ 5:40am
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Sacrifun - Get Your Friends Killed!

Welcome to Sacrifun! Where your only chance of survival is to get your friends killed in your place! Avoid being killed by the killer, but do everything in your power to get other Runners caught by the killer! Bodyblock them, slam doors in their face, tackle them, even grab them and throw them towards the killer!

In this game, one player becomes a Killer. His job is to kill all Runners. The remaining players become Runners. As Runner, their job is to survive and be the last one alive to win. But they cannot do anything against the killer, instead all their abilities are all about screwing over their fellow runners! Use tackles, pushes, health steals, grabs, and more, just to get the Killer to go for the other Runners instead of you! Every time you get another Runner killed, you are awarded with an additional Clone! Clones can be used to run around as a fake player, allowing you to bodyblock other Runners at no risk to yourself! Use the Sense ability (Shift+Alt) to find other Runners if the Killer is after you, but watch out! Every time the Runners are revealed to you, you are revealed to the Killer! If another Runner got you killed, take revenge on them as a Skeleton! Whenever you die, you will rebuild shortly after. Bodyblock those traitorous Runners and get them killed too!

In this game it's everyone for themselves!

For a quick rundown of all the abilities of the Runners, the roles and their objectives, as well as main game mechanics, see this short list[] of all things worth knowing to help your survival against both Killers and Runners.

This gamemode was made for the Facepunch Garry's Mod Gamemode Competition 2016 and won 2nd place.

If you enjoyed my gamemodes, why not give my Youtube channel a try? Who knows, maybe it'll get you some free laughs! :D
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