Dungeon Defenders

Dungeon Defenders

TotalBiscuit... Y U No Like Achievements? [Remade in HD]
"Note: This video is a remake of another video, only now I have the capability of releasing it in HD. All new videos will be released in this format!

In today's gaming in discussion, a response to comments made by TotalBiscuit in his Mailbox for 13th April 2012 about the irrelevance of achievements. In this video I discuss why achievements are a great idea, what their uses and enjoyment factors are and talk a little about my own experiences with them.

Footage in the background from my PC of Dungeon Defenders. Dungeon Defenders and all related characters are a property of Trendy Entertainment.

Footage from '► The Mailbox: April 13th, 2012' by TotalBiscuit.

To check out more about Raptr, follow the link below:

EDIT: I have now discovered how to compare achievements on Steam so it is doable, just not particularly clear."