Eden's Aegis - Stage 3 (Eve / Original)
"Third stage of Eden's Aegis played with Eve on Original difficulty.

Here we are, the stage where I start taking some hits. That being said, I was still pleased with the run seeing as it is usually a lot worse. And that being said as well, it was my first time playing as Eve, which I ended up liking despite the orbs following in your traces, which is something I normally despise.

By now, you've most likely realized that I enjoy spamming the special attack. Indeed, I do. Not only is it an habit to hit the button whenever I hear the gauge being filled, but it also saves me a lot of trouble by clearing enemies as well as their bullets (from what I've come to understand, killing an enemy with the special attack erases its bullets). This has saved me countless of times when finishing off a mid-boss, right when smaller enemies start appearing on the screen.

Eden's Aegis is free and can be downloaded (along with Blue Wish, Eden's Edge and Green Wind) at the official website: http://www004.upp.so-net.ne.jp/x_xgameroom/"