Eden's Aegis - Stage 5 (Eve / Original)
"Fifth and final stage of Eden's Aegis played with Eve on Original difficulty.

Here we are, at the final stage of the game. It's lovely for sure, and will certainly take forever to upload -_-

The funny thing is that I didn't even get hit in the final attack during my scrapped run and boosting with self confidence, I took a hit in this one.. mk maybe I wasn't boosting with self confidence, if anything, I'm always stressed out when playing these games. Hmm.. I guess this doesn't help the fact that I'm generally a stressed person. Oh well, stressed or not, I still love shmups :]

Eden's Aegis is free and can be downloaded (along with Blue Wish, Eden's Edge and Green Wind) at the official website: http://www004.upp.so-net.ne.jp/x_xgameroom/"