Bastion who knows where 1 (10 idols)
"This one is a bit easy to do. Use the bolt repeater while reloading your motor launcher and keep your distance. Every so often turn and fire the motor to take out groups of enemies. If you need HP remember to shoot the shard block with one or two bolts then hit it with a power shot of the motor for extra hp.

Galleon Mortar
Burstone Bombs (+25% blast radius)
Blast System (+15% crit chance)
Sharpnel Charges (+25% blast radius)
Dampened Tubing (+15% crit chance)
Stonewall Propellent (immunity to bomb damage)
(total of 50% crit chance for each individual target hit when coupled with alcohol)

Fang Repeater:
Speed Clip (+55% faster reload)
Flurry Bolts (improved firing rate)
Hollowed Chamer (+8 ammo capacity)
Multi-Piston (improved firing rate)
Tracking Critters (bolts seek out foes)

Special: Bomb Barrage (For the spinning guys)

Bastion Bourbon (+2 health tonics)
Bull Brandy (+15% damage reduction)
Cham-Pain (+25% damage)
Doomshine (+10% crit chance)
Dreadrum (+10% crit chance on full health)
Leechade (life steal)
Lifewine (survive killing hits)
Graver Gimlet (+5% chance to do double damage)
Hearty Punch (+1 chance to carry on)
Squirt Cider (+10 max health)"