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EpikTek LP Mods and Scripts
All mods and scripts currently used in the EpikTek Space Engineers LP series
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Airlock Block
Created by gornyakmaniac
Actually this is completely airtight door blocks with leafs on both sides what perform functions of airlock chambers. Leafs stay closed at least from one side at any time, so your clumsy friends won't let air leak out of ship :) There is two variants: wind...
[NEW VERSION AVALIABLE] Maintenance Tunnels
Created by Argual


The following blocks will be removed from the next version (Separate mod, you can still use them with this one):
T-shaped Vent, T-...
Camera Panning - rotate camera view (+reset 1st person character view)
Created by Digi
This mod enables players to change the direction camera while viewing it.
Works for any camera block, modded or vanilla.

How to use in game
When you view a camera the mod will tell you the controls as a HUD notification.

Simply hold the Lo...
Midspace's Camera/Turret Clean Crosshair replacement
Created by Screaming Angels
Works with all Cameras and Turrets.

This contains only a Texture and ModAPI Script.
There are no block definitions in this mod.

This Mod uses code to replace the Overlay on all Camera and Turrets, including modded blocks without changing the rest of...
Disabled LCD/Text Panel Highlights
Created by Eikester
This Mod simply replaces the Vanilla LCD/TextPanels with modified Models that doesn't have any highlighting on them.
Usage is the same as before!

Does NOT effect modded Panels...
Emissive Strips
Created by Tal Maru
Decorate your ship with out using 10,000 lights.
These look like they glow but do not provide any light so they do not cripple servers with 10 million point lights.
They are also very low poly to be fps friendly.

Mirroring works \o/ <took a couple ho...
Created by PH1L1P
Basic setup:
1. Programming block with script
2. Timer block that triggers self "now" and triggers programming block
3. Two doors with names like this:
airlock_12a and airlock_12b
airlock_99henry and airlock_99johnson
airlock_01X and airlock_...
Taleden's Inventory Manager
Created by taleden

v1.6.4 (2017-04-03)
See the "Change Notes" tab on the Workshop page for details.


TIM is and always will be free; donations are not required, but if you like the script and would like to suppor...
(DX11) Boarding Ramp
Created by Eikester
Boarding Ramp

Small and Large Grid
1x1x3 (Large)
5x1x15 (Small)

DX9 & 11
No Construction Model (will be added soon)

Advanced Door

Maglock Surface MkII
Created by Harag
Low profile magnetic pads that can be used instead of landing gear to lock to a surface.

Basically this is PhantomX' Maglock Surface with different models. Thi...
Deep Space 4K - Clean Post-Processing | 1.187+
Created by PhoenixTheSage
High Resolution Realistic Skybox!
Includes custom, subtle shader settings for the environment
Removes lens dirt, reduces vignette, while maintaining appeal

This skybox is a 4096 resolution meant to evoke that classic S...
Retractable Glass Bridge & Door (DX11)
Created by MMaster
This mod is outdated. Unfortunately I cannot find the original files for it so I have no way to update it :(

Airtight Retractable Glass Bridge / Door
Block mod by MMaster

Set of airtight retractable glass bridges of length 3 - 9 (1 blo...
Automatic LCDs 2
Created by MMaster
Everything you will ever need to know about your ship and station displayed in real time on LCD panels in any vanilla games. modded games and servers!

v:2.0131 [Commands Docked, ChargeTime, TanksV & several bar only variants]
In-game script by M...
Easy Automation V2.0
Created by Coren
Not compatible with:
- Space Data Center by mooviies

New features since release:

- The ability to affect one block with an exact name without affecting other similarly named blocks by using # in front of the exact name ...
Inventory Viewer
Created by Speedy Gonzales

Required blocks:

FIRST and at all points henceforth - make sure all blocks are set to be owned by you.

1. Programming Block
The programming block needs to be loaded with "Inventory Viewer", checked (compiled), and remembered...
Easy Inventory
Created by DraygoKorvan
Works in Dev and Stable

New Feature! Easy inventory will queue blocks to the assembler if you hold shift while right clicking. Ctrl + Shift + Right click will queue 10 of a block. Easy!

Download and use the Text HUD Api (in the bar on the righ...
Industrial Cockpits and More!
Created by EctoSage
This mod is a collection of cockpits, a few conveyor systems, and a hydrogen thruster.

---------------------------------BE AWARE!------------------------------------

Everything should work! (3/18/2017 USA) - Special thanks to Sektan for help...
Automated Beam Drill [Performance improvements!]
Created by Phoenix
Phoenix Manufacturing has done it yet again!

In collaboration with Shaostoul and Megaddd, we present a fully automated beam mining drill.

Designs from an alternate universe were found, and used for inspiring and designing this drill...
[UNSUPPORTED] VCZ Smooth Elevators
Created by Vicizlat
This mod is no longer supported. Please check the VCZ Multifloor Elevator

Known bugs:
EpikTek Astronaut
Created by Equinox
A character model created using the style used on the YouTube channel EpikTek.

Primary features are lots of green emissives....
Plane Parts
Created by Takeshi
Are you interested in planes? Off course you are!
Every engineer starts on earth and had to learn how to fly. Here you got your wings, your wheels and the other stuff. Good luck.

All parts are available for Small and Large grids.

Midspace's Large Ship Speed 200 mod
Created by Screaming Angels
Sets the maximum Large ship speed is set to 200 m/s.

* This does not affect Small ship speeds.
* It is skybox friendly and works with any Skybox, includes ones that already have their own speed.

Mix-and-match ship speeds. Pick ...
Midspace's Small Ship Speed 300 mod
Created by Screaming Angels
Sets the maximum Small ship speed is set to 300 m/s.

* This does not affect Large ship speeds.
* It is skybox friendly and works with any Skybox, includes ones that already have their own speed.

Mix-and-match ship speeds. Pick ...
Reduced Bloom
Created by Blargmode
The bloom (glow) in Space Engineers is ridiculous. And there’s no setting for it. This tiny mod reduces it significantly. It makes viewing LCDs a pleasure.

This mod reduces bloom on all things. While it allows you to read Text Panels and LCDs without f...
Nanite Control Factory - Automated Construction
Created by tyrsis

This is large ship block that creates and controls specialized nanites. These nanites can be programmed to perform different actions that can aid a ship and player in various ways. This includes: construction, repair, deconstruction,...
Extreme Lights (Now with Corner Lights)
Created by [LP] Shadow®
Have you ever wanted to see something in your giant base or ship, but all the interior lights just kill your computer?
Here is the solution: An interior light with a maximum range of 200 meters on large grids and 50 meters on small grids.
It won't kill y...
Created by Leto
- large ship
- 6 persons
- max 120 MW : 120 KM (per person)

Single Pad Transport
- small and large ship
- 1 person
- max 60 MW : 60KM (per person)

- large ship
An Jammer will prevent all enemy transpo...
Contour Highlight Green
Created by Mattheus
Tiered of yellow Textpanels and lcd´s?
Use this mod to show only Contour Highlights
in green.
Works with Vanilla Blocks and some Mod Blocks.


dark orange
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Wx_Sgt Aug 23 @ 12:59am 
what script were you using for the orbital elevator?? Im wanting to make one with the new MP patch. Aug 5 @ 7:49am 
Fantastic series on YT. So many ideas for my own adventures.
LongTimeGamer Jan 2 @ 7:50pm 
thank you epik!
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Thank you Epiktetus
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Thank you for making this list available, Epik! Dec 29, 2016 @ 1:19pm 
Thank you Epiktetus
Epiktetus  [author] Dec 28, 2016 @ 3:31pm 
The one labeled [Works] is the right Nanite Control Factory for now. I'll remove the other one so it isn't confusing and switch them later when the first one gets fixed.
VideoCentral Dec 28, 2016 @ 9:00am 
Thank you!!! Dec 24, 2016 @ 2:22pm 
W which nanite factory is the one that's working? You have two