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How to make the game look good af (Resolution Fixes)
By Immune
4k glory, and then some. (Not for poor people)
Prep work.
Launch the game for the first time, change the resolution FIRST to 1920x1080 in the Display settings in-game and hit apply. THEN change that same slider to Fullscreen and hit apply again. Max out the other settings and then exit the game. I CANNOT stress how important this step is. It never worked for me if I didn't do it exactly like that. Change the resolution in windowed mode first to 1080 THEN move the slider over again to "Fullscreen" I repeat.

Right-click the game in your steam library. Click properties -> Local files tab and then Browse local files. Should pull up your main Guilty Gear installation folder; if it doesn't, you did it wrong.
RED System Settings and what to do. (Make sure you're not poor for this)
Change the following under: GGFolder/REDGame/Config/REDSystemSettings.ini

Changing internal resolution:
Find ResX and ResY in the ini (use Ctrl + F) and change it to:

ResX=3840 (or whatever your X resolution is)
ResY=2160 (or whatever your Y resolution is)

Right underneath that there should be a ScreenPercentage line, change that from 80.000000 to 100.000000 for God's sake. This will make the actual render resolution match that of ResX/Y and not just upscaled from 80% of what it is.

For people who aren't poor:

Change the Anti-aliasing in-game to SMAA and there's two lines to edit in the .ini

MaxMultiSamples= (change this to 8 or 16 for best effect) it'll make ♥♥♥♥ crispy and buttery smooth like Jam's yams

bAllowTemporalAA= (change it from False to True if you aren't poor) it's some ♥♥♥♥♥♥ effect that looks good if you're running at really high resolutions (if you have a 1080p monitor kys but also this might make the game look blurry maybe I dunno ♥♥♥♥ you)

and even if you are poor, you might as well change the MaxAnisotropy= line to 16 since it will make the angled textures look better at not much performance cost.

The Result:

You can finally jerk it to Jam the RIGHT way.

You heard right bois, I just got a hold of that good ♥♥♥♥; the cream as they say. You can supersample without the need of external software. (DEFINITELY NOT FOR POOR PEOPLE).

I'll first bring your attention to this line from above, also located in REDSystemSettings.ini:

as I mentioned, this line, if changed to 100, will make the internal resolution match the Display resolution.

Like so:

But deadass if you just:
ScreenPercentage=200.000000 etc.

You can supersample. Essentially run at higher resolution than your monitor supports and downscale to make a far cleaner image. So for all you poor people with the 1080p monitors, this will let you run it at 4k internally, just put in ScreenPercentage=200.000000. Any other resolutions you're looking to get, just do the math on. (For example: I'm using a 4k monitor. ResX=3840 ResY=2160 and I have ScreenPercentage=150.000000. So I run the game at 3240p and it looks...just beautiful. I'm literally ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ buckets looking at Jam.)

Jam's reaction to all of my ejaculate

Dizzy's cute too

I was able to confirm all of this by watching my GPU load and watching my own loads of seminal fluids spike (drastically). Also shoutout to Simatron3000 for commenting this thought as well as helping me confirm it by PMing me.
Author's notes.
Merry Christmas (I jerk it plenty to Dizzy too okay? I just didn't feel like taking more than a few screenshots)

If you're looking for someone to trash you with every character in the game, add me. Unless you're poor, don't add me.

I love you all for real. This guide is still a WIP. Play around with the ini and let me know if you find more things that improve the visuals please. <3
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Omg, the game looked like crap and now gorgeous AF thanks!
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useful guide, really cringe though.
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ThatOneGuy Mar 7 @ 1:40am 
Just wanna add that if it isn't working for you like it wasn't for me, try making sure Fullscreen=True in the ini. I was wondering why it wouldn't work for like 20 minutes when mine was set to False, not sure why it was really
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best guide jam best girl thanks
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