Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Night Before Xmas (Iceworld Style Christmas Map)
Inspired by the classic "Iceworld" with much more detail, more cover areas and a dark and gritty christmas theme. Let me know if you come across any issues or have any feedback. If you enjoy the map please give it a thumbs up and a favorite!

Hint: For t...
Created by NIPPER
Happy Halloween everybody!

This Christmas... basements. will. flood....
Created by Szoke
Xmas version of the welll known De_dolls map.

All credits goes to the original author (Cunning_Stunt) , and the author of the custom christmas textures....
cs_winternights (beta 5)
Created by ShmoeHAMMAD
Original map designed by: Warbeast
Recreated in CS:Source by: flanders
Skybox: T-R-O-N
Christmas models: Mr. Kit
Beertap model: Unknown (if this is yours please let me know so I can credit you)
Special Thanks: PsL||GodfatheR and all the guys at ht...
Created by catfood
*Imported from CS:Source*

map made by: catfood

catfood server:

In this map you play in a small mountain village where the famous catbeer factory is under attack by terrorists.

the Counter-Terrorists will have to protect the facto...
Mansion (Winter Edition)
Created by Cap1TaL
Don't forget to [img][/img]

Don't forget that...
Тhe Winter Edition as a whole was PsychoMan's idea! Without him, his help in finding custom props, ideas for almost all map changes and his playt...
ChristmasNight [Hide and Seek]
Merry Christmas
Hope you will enjoy my first Hide and Seek map

Dont forget to rate !

CT (Santa Girl) have to hide
T (Santa) have to find his Santa Girl :)
16 CT spawns
4 T spawns

No Snowman Were Harmed during construction :>

Created by Silly
I made this xmas version of cs_office for css, Hoping it can be enjoyed for this holiday on csgo. Still needs some touching up but time is ticking and Christmas is around the corner....
Hide And Seek - New-Year House!
Created by nikko
[img] [/img]

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