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Facial Stuff
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Facial Stuff

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Facial Stuff aims to provide more visual individuality for your colonists.

A randomizer choses between the features mentioned below and creates a new individual appearance for each pawn. Did I mention that this mod also adds hands, feet and a set of four different walk cycles?

Please check the mod options first before requesting a feature to be removed. It's most likely optional already.

March 2018 Update
The last update changed a lot of things. In case you want to stick to the last version, head over to http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1343430059 and deactivate this version.
Most mods which depend on FS might lead to crashes, in this case either use the legacy version or wait until the other mods get updated.

  • Removed Spoon's http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725447220 and Nackblad's http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727687246& hair mods as I'm not keeping track of any updates. This lead to e.g. duplicate hair styles due to some renaming of the original hair. Also the player should have the choice which hair packs he'd like to use, not me. Please use the mods accordingly.
  • In case you're using the legacy version, also backup any mods depending on FS (e.g. RimFaces) in case the mod author updates his mod for 0.18.5
  • Facial Stuff Extended hasn't been updated yet (2018-03-26) and might cause crashes

  • Hands and feet, animated and optional (also for animals, unfinished)
  • Smooth weapon animations and changed offsets
  • 30+ different beards, adapted to each head type, are included. Vanilla heads were redrawn and slightly modified.
    Pawns need a certain age for fully hair fluff.
  • 10 newly defined skin colors instead of the vanilla 6
  • New eye shapes + various brows for the pawns
  • Hair color mixing based on real life colors. No more unrealistic hair colors apart from the trend colors of 5501. Natural hair colors are a result of the amount of pheomelanin and eumelanin. Those values are used for related pawns, resulting in consistent hair colors among families.
  • Hair gets grey at a certain age, but not everyone ages the same
  • Wrinkles for old colonists, visible by age (optional)
  • Added vanilla hair styles with 10 steps of hair loss.
  • Features pawn head rotations, pawns now react to their environment
  • Visible hair while hats are worn (optional)
  • Adds options to the main menu to always hide hats while the pawn is roofed or lying in a bed (optional)
  • Adds easy customization of your colonists at the Dresser. Can also be used to configure the starting pawns, also available within Prepare Carefully. Look out for the smiley symbol

This mod is save-friendly (adding & removing).
No gameplay mechanics are touched, only the visuals are changed.

Powered by Harmony
  • Alien Races Framework – you'll need http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1343154708
  • Appearance clothes – unknown, but FS relies on the currently worn apparel and thus may conflict
  • Children & Pregnancy – no conflicts, mod ignores pawns younger than 14 and skips to the vanilla renderer
  • PrepareCarefully – possibility to edit, save & load the visual appearance with the colonist presets
  • Most likely not compatible with anything else which modifies the PawnRenderer (e.g. Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats, Headgear Frame)

Don't forget to rate this mod if you like it.

Note: Bug reports without a log will be deleted immediately.
No log – no fixing. Please refer to "Bug Reports" (see below).

Frequently Asked Questions
  • I don't like the faces/eyes/hands/feet.
    The mod has options, almost everything can be deactivated. See the RimWorld manual where to find them.
  • I like feature xyz. Can you make a mod with only this specific feature.
    No. I worship my free time and I don't want to make a mod I wouldn't use anyways. Also I'd have to split the code, bug test, make it compatible etc. So unless I get paid, I won't do so.
  • Is there a documentation for Facial Stuff?
    Not unless someone writes one.
  • Your mod breaks my game!
    FS is intended to not break games and leave a rather small footprint. In case you're experiencing any issues with FS, please see "Bug Reports" and follow the guidelines for posting bugs. I cannot guess your mod lists, and as I'm alone, I cannot do excessive testing either.
  • Facial Stuff doesn't work with Hardcore SK/throws errors.
    I like Skyarkhangel's work, but it takes forever on my machine to even get to the main menu with HCSK activated. Consider it untested. If you want to get it done, you'll have to do it yourself. (Remember, HCSK is a mod pack, meaning most mods included are altered and may be ignore by the included FS compatibility patches, so lots of work for something I don't use and lots of my free time wasted just for starting up a game I have barely played in the past few months)
  • What are your future plans?
    Fixing urgent bugs. Apart from that, none. I'm kind done with RW for now and more focussed on real life. My attitude might change, but don't expect me working 40+ hours per week on mods in the future.

External Download

All textures ©Killface. Please don't repost without asking.

If you like my mods and consider buying me a drink or a nice little meal, don't hesitate!

Thanks and Credits
  • Initial Face Editor code adapted from "Clutter" by mrofa (available at the Ludeon forums)
  • Hands based on "Clutter Weapon Hands" by mrofa.
  • Body, gender and head changer code adapted from Change Dresser by Kiame Vivacity
  • Prepare Carefully saving / loading code adapted from Psychology by {WOBBLY} The Word-Mule
  • Inspiration for the new renderer and all of its benefits by {WOBBLY} The Word-Mule and ChJees
  • Special thanks to DoctorVanGogh and erdelf for help with transpilers, NotFood for the new Dresser patch and
  • Brrainz for Harmony and help with transpilers
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crimson_fluf Jun 6 @ 2:42pm 
Does this mod change the dressers? My colonists no longer store clothing in dressers, but with a pawn selected I can change their appearance at the dresser. Is that this mod?
Zwei Jun 4 @ 11:03am 
where can I find styling bench in 0.18?
HawaiiZero Jun 2 @ 10:07pm 
@Killface: I really like your mod, which makes Rimworld more alive. As a new simple modder, is it possible to change the mouth and eyes' OffSet positions and export or save the def file like WeaponExtension def? I know I could do it in developer mode but it won't save the positions as it goes back to default.
Fooyeah Jun 2 @ 8:40pm 
I see how to do no beard now how bout the brows?
Fooyeah Jun 2 @ 8:35pm 
This seems like a good mod just wish you had the option to not have a beard on some, if it is an option I can't find it. Same with the brows
Kaz the Cursed Jun 2 @ 12:48pm 
I wish I knew how to do that
Killface  [author] Jun 2 @ 12:33pm 
@Myst & Kaz: Look for the Alien Faces Example mod by me on the workshop. It includes support for the most common races, you can add support for all races with some simple xml editing.
Thanks :c)
Stollie Jun 2 @ 5:04am 
Awesome mod!
Kaz the Cursed May 27 @ 5:55pm 
Anybody willing to make this mod work with Xenohuman Race, cause that would be badass
HeroinAction May 24 @ 7:35am 
They are little Raymans now, i love it! - you could maybe add a screenshot of the floating limbs/ advertise that more on this page.