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Facial Stuff
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Dec 14, 2016 @ 12:20pm
Sep 18 @ 1:13pm
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Facial Stuff

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My mods - UI + AI and Faces
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Facial Stuff aims to provide more visual individuality for your colonists.

A randomizer choses between the features mentioned below and creates a new individual appearance for each pawn.

Already includes a modified versions of 'Spoonshortage's Rimworld Hairstyles 1.2' by spoonshortage and 'Nackblad Inc Rimhair 1.1' by nackblad. To avoid beards on females or multiple beards overlaying each other, either deactivate both or make sure that Facial Stuff is loaded after them.

  • 30+ different beards, adapted to each head type, are included. Vanilla heads were redrawn and slightly modified.
    Pawns need a certain age for fully hair fluff.
  • 10 newly defined skin colors instead of the vanilla 6
  • New eye shapes + various brows for the pawns
  • Hair color mixing based on real life colors. No more unrealistic hair colors apart from the trend colors of 5501. Natural hair colors are a result of the amount of pheomelanin and eumelanin. Those values are used for related pawns, resulting in consistent hair colors among families.
  • Hair gets grey at a certain age, but not everyone ages the same
  • Wrinkles for old colonts, visible by age (optional)
  • Added vanilla hair styles with 10 steps of hair loss.
  • Visible hair while hats are worn (optional)
  • Adds options to the main menu to always hide hats while the pawn is roofed or lying in a bed (optional)
  • Adds the Face Styling Bench for easy customization of your colonists. Can also be used to configure the starting pawns, also available within Prepare Carefully

This mod is save-friendly, make sure to deconstruct all FaceStyling benches you built if you want to remove this mod.
No gameplay mechanics are touched, only the visuals are changed.

Powered by Harmony
  • Alien Races Framework – no conflicts, but FS only supports humans. No visual changes or editing of non-human colonists
  • Children & Pregnancy – no conflicts, mod ignores pawns younger than 14 and skips to the vanilla renderer
  • PrepareCarefully – possibility to edit, save & load the visual appearance with the colonist presets
  • Most likely not compatible with anything else which modifies the PawnRenderer (e.g. Show Hair With Hats or Hide All Hats, Headgear Frame)

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Modders are not allowed to use any art created by me without my permission.
Reposting of my mods without my permission is not allowed.

If you like my mods and consider buying me a drink or a nice little meal, don't hesitate!


  • Initial Face Styling bench code adapted from Clutter by mrofa (textures by Fluffy, available at the Ludeon forums)
  • Body, gender and head changer code adapted from Change Dresser by Kiame Vivacity
  • Prepare Carefully saving / loading code adapted from Psychology by {WOBBLY} The Word-Mule
  • Special thanks to pardeike for Harmony and help with transpilers
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Sep 17 @ 1:27pm
PINNED: Bug Reports
Feb 25 @ 11:30am
Dropbox link??
you were right about logic, eri
< >
kodyhaake 18 hours ago 
looks like a really good mod im glad it works with alien framework
Killface  [author] Sep 18 @ 1:37pm 
+ reworked the head rotator, pawns will now react to other pawns right next to them or take a look at their current work target if closer than 5 cells; pawns will also turn their head towards threats
+ new option "Ignore goggles" in the main options menu; with this option activated, only apparel which is worn on the UpperHead and FullHead are counted as hats; goggles or stuff that is worn on the jaw e.g. will show the full hair instead of hair cuts (doesn't differ between on map and on bar);
- slightly change the "really happy smile" to the upper fifth of the mood scale (was fourth)
- changed the roofed check to hopefully keep heads visible/invisible as wished without killing your CPU
- fixed a bug which was thrown when the pawn lost his head => no head, no face … (thx to Olivia)
- some cleanup & refactoring
Killface  [author] Sep 18 @ 1:37pm 
Hmmmm, what's next?
(in no particular order)
- scars for eyes
- missing nose/jaw?
- adding noses/ears? (space?)
- how do ugly or beautiful pawns look like?
- more mouth animations if suitable (eating, mental break?)
- more brows & eyes!
Olivia Sep 18 @ 12:08pm 
Glad to be of help, keep up the great work. Gotta love those demonic smiles.
Wellech Sep 18 @ 6:00am 
cannot play without this mod tho
Killface  [author] Sep 18 @ 3:26am 
@^3[RIOT] ^5Poul ^5Mavinger:
1. this mod is being changed constantly, I'll do some reworking on the textures.
2. I decided to base the new colors loosely on the vanilla ones, so not really using them. Skin colors are set with a value between 0 and 1, like the slider does. Vanilla squeezes the darker colors between 0.75 and 1, while the new colors are shared more evenly, thus resulting in the mentioned changes. I'll be adding new/vanilla colors in the near future.
3. Yes I also noticed that sometimes hats aren't shown when they are supposed to. I'm looking for the origin of this issue. Seems to happen mostly if many pawns are on screen.
@Olivia: In deed a problem with FS. I thought I've added enough null checks, but you proved otherwise. Thanks for reporting, I'm on it.
@all: I've reworked the head rotator and plan on releasing later today, together with some fixes.
Olivia Sep 18 @ 1:15am 
Error message in debug log mentioned your mod. Happened when cryptosleep pod from crashlanding mod crashed down with some exploding bullets and dying pawns.


Apologies if it is nothing to do with your mod but it was mentioned in the log along with combat extended during an event fired by crashlanding. So I thought you mighjt care for a glance.

Love the mod btw. Prob one of few mods I would consider dropping crashlanding for. If it comes to it.
"The" SeanMacLeod Sep 17 @ 4:56pm 
@^3[RIOT] ^5Poul ^5Mavinger
The issue with the hats is controlled in the "Options" menu.
It has to do with one of ZorbaTHut's mods (A World Without Hat) being made vanilla.
^3[RIOT] ^5Poul ^5Mavinger Sep 17 @ 2:13pm 
Tried this mod and like it but, all my colonists have a weird creepy smile, can you maybe make it a little less grinny? The new skin colors are nice, made some of my colonist look way darker tho. I cant tell if the vanilla skin colors are still there..could they all be avaible? Just curious. My colonist with two bionic eyes looks very repulsive to me, thank you for the option to hide them. The last thing I noticed is the hats dont reapear on my colonists when they go outside.
gamer nerd Sep 14 @ 4:02pm 
(looks at jeff "zero" leclurc's mustache) GODAMN, that's fancy!!