Tales of Cosmos

Tales of Cosmos

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Achievement Guide and Walkthough
By Elephant66
Last Updated: June 19 2018
Pilot - Launch a spacecraft
Story related, not missable.

Explorer - Discover all celestial objects.
Story related, not missable.

Hero - Overcome your opponent and gain freedom.
Story related, not missable. Beat the game.

Wanderer - Explore your boundaries.
Keep traveling in one direction in space until you hit a barrier.

Why Walk When You Can Fly? - Land on the same planet four times in succession.
Straightforward, just take off and immediately land again.

Academic - Show 30 items to Perseus.
I believe these have to be unique items, I did not test the same item 30 times. There are ~40 items in the game so this achievement is very missable. Make a point of showing every item to Perseus the instant you get or modify it.

Dependable - Help out and make friends.
I am not absolutely certain what the unlock conditions are, I unlocked it by talking to Mycendus after giving him the tonic. I would suggest talking to every NPC you can, before and after helping them.

Tenacious - Follow your hunter instincts.
After chasing the crow on Clades to the right, chase it back left.

Time Traveler - Manipulate time.
Acquire and combine all the mysterious parts(see walkthrough).

??? - ???
In the place where you get the mysterious device. Keep using the light switch.

Stubborn - When all else fails, keep on trying.
When attempting to enter EVM-8000, input the wrong code ~10 times.

Agility Champion - Jump 100 times.
Easily done on 311 Zarathustra, just keep jumping on the bellows.

Bullseye - Complete the game without ever missing a hit, throw, catch or shot.
I was able to get this by loading an old save and beating the boss without missing.
I suspect you need to do all the following in the first try, would recommend quick saving before doing them:
- Catching the cork on Tyrus
- Shooting the scarecrow on Clades
- Beating the final boss
If anyone has more information on this, please share!

Modern Major General - Assume command over Shuttle's Bane.
When Perseus is abducted, use the bicorne on the control panel.
- This guide assumes you have following enabled and will specfically mention when your characters need to be split up.

- All commands are for Professor Gagayev(the monkey) unless they are bark or talk, in which case Perseus(the dog) should be used.

- You can skip cutscenes with the escape key.
Part 1: Crash Landing - Chlorine Beach
Bark at the Indegenous Lifeform(crab).
Spin the carousel, take the tube.
Open the fridge, take the canned food.
Give canned food to Polie(gives back tin can), take the spoon.
Hit the barrels, walk right.
Take shaft on ground.
Interact with the barrel with red x on it(get key).
Enter the shuttle wreckage.
Interact with engine(get broken star drive).
Smash piggy bank, take coin, exit shuttle.
Use coin on arcade(get pickaxe).
Go right, Take piston on ground.
Hit bike, take rubber tire.
Open inventory, click star drive.
Use piston, shaft and tube on star drive.
Go back to the far left.
Use key on chest, use chest(get statuette).
Give statuette to Captain Bim(get bottle of booze).
Use fixed star drive on Jungle Gym.
Use bottle of booze on Spaceship.
Pick up spongy cork.
Enter spaceship and blast off.
Part 2: Exploring
The next objective is finding all of the planets and getting most of the needed items.
Since the planets are in constant motion, it is not practical to give a sequence to visit them in.
If you hover the mouse over the icon for a planet, you can see the planet's name.

Walk around the planet until you find the crows and bark at them.
Move to the left of the remaining crow and bark at him until he no longer flies to the right.
Take the wooden club from the tree.
Moving right from there, put the spongy cork in the washtub, then take the big cork.

Interact with the flag(get ball of string).
If you have already visited Clades: Use the wooden club to play baseball with Lt. Nibbles, put the cork over one of the craters, disable following, interact with one of the open craters and bark at the other(get baseball). Reenable following.

311 Zarathustra
Give pickaxe to Fuzzie.
If you have already visited Tyrus: Use ball of string on sparks(get burning fuse).
Spam bark at crystal until it breaks, take mysterious crystal.

Object 72
Use spoon on Object 72(get a spoonful of dust).
Optional: Interact with anomaly(get mysterious core).

Novaclad and EVM-8000
Nothing can be done here yet unless you want the Stubborn achievement.
Part 3 - Finishing
If you have the baseball and Burning fuse, go to Clades. If not, see Part 2 and get those in whatever order is most convenient.

Land near the scarecrow.
Split your team up, putting the dog to the left of scarecrow and the monkey to the right. I recommend having one of your team fly the ship to the other side to save some time here.
Put the rubber tire on the tree.
Move the dog towards the scarecrow and then quickly swap to the monkey and use the baseball on the slingshot while the scarecrow is distracted. Take the funnel.
Travel to Tyrus.

Land near the flagpole.
In order, use tin can, spoonful of dust, funnel and burning fuse on flagpole.
After the cutscene, travel to Novaclad.

Land to the right of the greenhouse.
Interact with the seed sack(get seeds).
Go left, use seeds on tree hollow(get Thunderbird 4000). Continue left.
When you reach the area with the vases, go down and enter the dark hole. Use something dangly, then use the pot to get the mysterious device. Combine this with the myterious core and mysterious crystal to get the mysterious device. Leave and continue left to the statue.
Interact with the plaque(get chewing gum).
Use the sword, take the sword.
Go left and take the poster.
Use the mysterious device with your spaceship to get a recharging speed boost.
Travel to Tyrus, land near lander module.

Give chewing gum to Major Trixie, take balloon.
Travel to Novaclad.

Land left of greenhouse, use water pump, then use balloon on water stream to get water balloon.
Travel to Clades.

Land on top of the castle/house structure.
Drop the water balloon down the chimney. Go down the chimney.
Use the coal basket(get chunk of coal), take bicorne. Go through the doorway.
Push the button to let perseus in. Have perseus move the ship onto the ground.
Wait(using the mysterious device will make time go faster) inside on the first floor until the clock strikes midnight. Interact with the cuckoo(get spring).
Use Thunderbird 4000 on the storm cloud.
Travel to Novaclad.

Land near the bunker-like building with EWAC written on it.
Use the bicorne on the terminal. Take note of the code that appears.
Travel to EVM-8000.

Enter the code.
Pull the switch and talk to the console.
Travel to Novaclad.

Land near the crater where the test site was(right of the giant sign). Enter the pit.
Travel right, knock and take the pipe and continue right.
Bark at the mushroom. Talk to Mycendus.
Give poster to Mycendus(get recipe). Return to the surface.
Go left and attach the pipe to the pipeline. Use the water pump.
Use mysterious device and wait until Clades, Tyrus and Chlorine Beach are aligned above.
Use the spoon on the lunar flower(get spoonful of nectar).
Travel to Chlorine Beach.

Chlorine Beach:
Land near the captain/bar.
Put spoonful of nectar in blender.
Walk or fly right and put the chunk of coal in the garbage compacter.
Use garbage compacter, take diamond.
Travel to Clades

Land near the house.
Go inside and downstairs.
Put Thunderbird 4000 on television.
Use the television, then quickly bark at the apparition.
Use the spoon on residue(get spoonful of plasma).
Go outside.
Walk or fly to the car, use diamond on car window.
Hit car window and take steering wheel.
Travel to Chlorine Beach.

Chlorine Beach:
Land near the captain/bar.
Put spoonful of plasma in blender.
Travel to 311 Zarathustra.

311 Zarathustra:
Go inside.
Use spring on bellows.
Disable following, have dog jump on bellows.
Throw sword into smelter, use spoon on molten bronze(get spoonful of bronze).
Enable following and travel to Chlorine Beach once more.

Chlorine Beach:
Land near the captain/bar.
Put spoonful of plasma in blender(get fulmida tonic).
Travel to Novaclad.

Land near pit, enter pit.
Give fulmida tonic to Mycendus. Travel right and enter passage.
Use steering wheel on lock mechanism.
Have the dog interact with one wheel and the monkey with the other. Disabling following will make the timing easier here.

Boss fight:
Phase 1 -
Hit the lever.
Use spoon on coil.
Walk to left side of lever and hit it when visitor is above it. If this hits it, proceed to phase 2, if not repeat phase 1.
Phase 2 -
Bark at lever.
Go through a doorway and bark at the visitor when it is close.
Bark at the wrench.
Walk to left side of lever and bark at it when visitor is above it. If this hits it, proceed to phase 3, if not repeat phase 2.
Phase 3 -
Hit the lever.
Go through a doorway and hit visitor.
Take scrap metal, use scrap metal on coil.
Walk to left side of lever and hit it when visitor is above it. If this hits, talk to Zag Dergo and win. If not, repeat.

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jkobewka Dec 26, 2017 @ 9:18pm 
Finnally got it! So you actually need to walk in to the black. I was waiting for something to light up.
jkobewka Dec 26, 2017 @ 9:00pm 
I really can't find it... I like this game but I don't like having to click randomly...

jkobewka Dec 26, 2017 @ 8:57pm 
This is not the same enternce as when I go down after the lazer blast?

Thanks by the way
Elephant66  [author] Dec 26, 2017 @ 8:28pm 
You go down inside the planet. Search the ground for clickable areas.
jkobewka Dec 26, 2017 @ 7:58pm 
"When you reach the area with the vases, go down. Use something dangly, then use the pot to get the strange device. Combining this with the other two strange items makes it into a time machine. Leave and continue left."

Go down??? Where? I am confused by this...
Elephant66  [author] Sep 20, 2017 @ 8:06pm 
Yes, Dependable is pretty clearly tied to interacting with NPCs. Possibly just a certain number of interactions.
Mr. Lambert Sep 20, 2017 @ 7:46pm 
I got Dependable before making the tonic or talking to the mushroom again. I got it after talking to the mouse on the moon planet after I'd given her the gum. Perseus said, "Now she can get back to her research," and the achievement unlocked.
Samnilla Feb 4, 2017 @ 8:53pm 
Nice guide to the first part. One thing I found helped a bit and you don't have to mess so much with timing, is with your guys on either side of the scarecrow, have GaGayev selected and put them back into follow mode. Perseus will try to get back to the monkey and while he is doing that you can load the baseball into the sling easier.