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Modern Role-Play Mod Pack
This Addon Collection Is To Be Run On The Server Modern Role-Play!

Here at Modern Role-Play, we currently host a Creative Role-Play Unturned Server using this list of mods!

Check out our website at https://www.modernroleplay.net/
Items (34)
Furniture Expansion
Created by Letgalian
Build your own chairs, shelves, beds, TVs, computers and more! This addon includes over 80 decorative items that you can now craft and place in your base.

The Survivor Pack
Created by BlueFireExplosion
This mod is updated to work with Unturned

The Survivor Pack

The Survivor Pack is any good survivor's best friend and will serve them well throughout their adventures. It can hold an extra 10 more slots then the Ali...
Clothing Expansion
Created by Letgalian
Adds more wearable outfits, such as riot gear, sheriff's uniform, SWAT outfit and motorcycle helmets.


IDs are 17201-17249...
More Farming Mod
Created by Dogfood
Overall extended MOD for PvE life!
This is a comprehensive expansion Mod which enrich PvE life mainly about farming and housing.
New animals and crop seeds will spawn naturally in the official maps (except curated maps).
It also has a useful fu...
Multi's Food [Alcohols]
Created by multimouze
Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Multi's Food is here to fill your tummy.

This mod features alcohols:
  • Red wine
  • White wine
  • Beer
  • Cider
  • Vodka
  • Whiskey
  • Sake
  • Homemade berries wine
  • Rum
  • Moons
Modern Rp Washington
Created by Modern Mo
Map For Modern Role-Play Servers![www.modernroleplay.net]

Includes custom billboard by Khakers!

This workshop map is a remake of Washington and can be used on any server and within si...
Created by ImIveooo_


TKars RELOADED V0.3 by ImIveooo_. (Unity 2017)

This mod allows you to add new vehicl...
Master + Bonus [NEW UNITY]
Created by ImIveooo_


Master [NEW UNITY] by ImIveooo_. (Unity 2017)

This mod allows you to add new vehicle...
Maruq's Aquarium
Created by maruq45
Aquariums to display your fishes!
This mod add two craftable fish tanks.
These recipes appear in furniture tab.

Small fish tank
ID: 10610
Recipe: 2 Weak glass + 1 Fertilizer +1 Water bottle
(And you need crafting skill 2. ) ...
Leprechan's Vanilla Vehicles (Update 1.1.0) [2017.4.X Updated]
Created by Leprechaun12
Made some unique civilian grade vehicles, I hope you guys enjoy using them! They now spawn on Official/Curated maps as well. This mod is still being developed and will have new vehicles being added in the future. Please rate this so I can get your true opi...
Notes - With Visible Text
Created by Bizzoula
Copy of the normal "Note", but the text you write actually appears on it, like a Sign.
Character limit of 140 because idk. If it's too few and enough people complain, I'll change it.

Keep track of important information easily with this nice readable no...
Random Vehicles
Created by Tiway
Random Vehicles

Hello !

We reached 30 000 subs thank you so much !

New : Postman bicycle (53018) and Sidecars (53019 - 53022)

I made a few vehicles with the help of Rorik Bourg, free to use for your servers (Spawns on Official...
Modern Rp California
Created by Fresh Modem
This is a Role-play edit of the Curated map 'California' created by "clue" & "Renaxon" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1905768396

This edit simply removes the zones around locations that prevent players from placing items, and rem...
The Velociraptor[REMAKE]
Created by Genestic12
The Velociraptor Returns!
Hello there. It's been a while, huh?
Anyways. Let's get to the points.

Nope, no natural spawns yet. Naturally spawns now
Nope, probably not going to update the original velociraptor.
Yes, you can ...
Wind Cars
Created by Tiway
Wind Cars :
(Customization update was inspired by Danaby2's Car Customization Mod)

Thanks for the 35 000 subs !

Hello !

I made a cars mod that is not that good tbh, but it is vanilla styled so it is okay to me.
It is free to use, but d...
Lin's Firearms+ [Outdated Version]
Created by Lin_Ain

ID List
10001 Rhino
10002 Rhino Mag
10003 Avtopistolet
10004 Avtopistolet Mag
10005 Groza
10007 Glaz
10008 Glaz Mag
10010 Kalashni...
Survivor's Expansion
Created by Second Cog

→ID List Here←

A new mod is coming for you, dear survivors! You using Furniture E...
Hawaii Assets
Created by SDGNelson
These are all of the objects, items, vehicles, NPCs and other assets built for the Hawaii map.
Required for playing Hawaii, but kept separately on the Workshop as a smaller download for other maps.

Created by:
  • Justin "Gamez2much" Morton
Automatic Doors
Created by Khakers
A set of 3 fully automatic door objects. These are objects so they must be placed in the map editor. Once you've placed them, our convenient doors will automatically open for any player it detects in from of them.
This mod doesn’t fully function i...
Vanilla Extended v5.0 [4x4 Update]
Created by JPepe
Vanilla Extended is a vehicle pack that aims to expand the vehicle list in a varied and extensive way, hopefully making the biggest vanilla mod of Unturned yet made to the date, for achieving that goal, Vanilla Extended will recieve updates that expand it'...
Subarmale's Licenses
Created by Subarmale
Offers 14 licenses which fit into 3 main types: Jobs, Vehicles and Guns. Additionally, a license building is included allowing players to apply for licenses.

This mod was made by Subarmale for Putin's gaming hub.

Putin's gaming...
Elver Assets
Created by Postman Pat
All assets from Elver curated map.

All ID's

Main Mod

This map was featured in Unturned Up...
Vanilla Vehicles Remastered [FINAL]
Created by JPepe
Disclaimer: You are free to use this mod in ANY rp server, you're not allowed to re-upload the mod with any changes or updates whatsoever.

[HANDLING UPDATE]: After receiving tons of feedback regarding the handling of the mod, I've decided to take a step...
Law/EMS Pack
Created by Hughesy
This was commissioned creation I am not the creator of the items inside this mod however I am the owner of all items within this mod.


Marshal Jacket (Not with writing) - 22315
Marshal Markings (this is a backpack) - 22316
Marshal Heavy...
BRT Bus Mod
Created by Khakers
A rework of the vanilla Unturned bus with semi functional doors, daytime running lights, new styling, and better driving physics.

Doors toggle via ctrl

Vehicle ID
The Tents Mod
Created by Greg
An excellent mod for players wanting to go camping! The tents mod allows you to have... wait for it... tents! They work as beds, so they are claimable, and you can teleport to it aswell if the server has /home. In the next update I will add large tents wit...
Camera Mod
Created by Second Cog
ID: 17700


Today I want to entroduce you rather simple mod which adds civilian camera in vanilla style. This isn't my mod. It was made by Letgalian.

What you can do with it:

You can use it to focus objects p...
[WIP] "Generic" Firearms Pack
Created by Bandit.545
Update 3 have been released! Check the change notes for details.


A continuation of the "Generic" series of mods. this time firearms are the theme.


-Custom sounds
-Custom Animations
Fixed Taser
Created by Salzzz
This mod is a re-upload of another taser mod that hasn't been updated to Unity 2017 yet. I will immediately put this mod down once the original owner tells me to do so.

Taser: 10000
Magazine: 10001

[3.28+]Bell 407
Created by [TH]Zhao Yi
NEW!! Model
NEW!! Sound
NEW!! variants, Scorpion-7

Join a Unturned Modding Discord[discord.gg] for who want to making mod

My paypal[paypal.me] for who want support my project + awesome content...
Colorful Structures
Created by Tiway
This small mods adds structures of all colors so you can build tons of colorful stuff !

You can craft every item with bricks, but if you want to give yourself these structures here's why :

Each color has a number, replace X in the ids by this nu...
Modern Roleplay Police Clothing Pack [UPDATED 3.20.12]
Created by Modern Mo
Clothing Pack For Modern Roleplay[www.modernroleplay.net]

Currently compatible with Unturned
Newer updates un-tested.


---- Police ----
Officer: 8160
Corporal: 8161
Sergeant: 8162
Lieutenant: 8163
Captain: 8...