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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Extinction Core
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Dec 12, 2016 @ 7:14am
Aug 19 @ 11:34am
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Extinction Core

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Saiyan Rose 4 hours ago 
best way to get supreme reaper boss to spawn in? seems really rare
QueenAbsol6 4 hours ago 
@lonewolf haven't gotten a abberant alpha spino yet but the normal ones seems to have it. They didn't before the update though. The island ones just roar
Z Ξ V S 6 hours ago 
Developer, I ran into the problem of playing with your mod, with Megapithecine no more blood that would have been able to tame Ultimite Bokito, supreme Psycho killed my Nephamen, the Primordian Dragon with one hit!
Saiyan Rose 8 hours ago 
any reason why my bokito still takes mad damage sometimes had one die yesterday (both versions of bokito have this bug when fighting another bokito i mainly see this or an omega mega) just gets insta one shot any reason why?
Thundrwolf 10 hours ago 
@Vampy457 you can't bola Alphas however you can passive tame them using a Alpha Carno/herbavore helm or knock them out using Compound tranq arrows both make it easy either way
Vampy457 11 hours ago 
Is there a way to bola etc alphas ? or what options there are for get them down to tame them? /pn if possible
LoneWolf (Hudson) 11 hours ago 
Do you talk about aberrant alpha spino or normal aberrant spino. Because i've no idea if extinction correctly overwrites abberration creatures in every case.
QueenAbsol6 11 hours ago 
@lonewolf I'm currently transferring back and forth from the island to abberation and my abberant spino can stand on 2 legs but not my island spino
Trying a dinowipe to see if that may help.
--Q--Val 12 hours ago 
Welcome Back Psycho
LoneWolf (Hudson) 13 hours ago 
@ SuckEht

Spino cannot stand up, yes that's right, but Argentavis is completely updated, even my old ones. I tamed a new one to try, and he can pick up smaller creatures like it should be, no problem.

And for the uploading problem, you can think about using Dino storange mod. It works to use a soultrapper and uplad the trapped creature this way as ARK Data Item.