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Metropolitan Depot
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Dec 11, 2016 @ 2:31am
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Metropolitan Depot

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Metropolitan Depot by MrMaison

Thank you for your patience.

Introducing the Metropolitan Depot! It's a depot/shop giving your new metro trains a home as they now can see the light of day with the new Metro Overhaul Mod. This is a great centerpiece for a metro/subway train yard.

PLEASE READ! This info is from Lazarusman, the author of Metro Overhaul Mod

Rule1: Make a direct path between the depot and the station along the route that is closest to the depot

Rule2: Trains from the depot will not leave it's route once it is on it. If the direct path from the depot to the depot's closest station requires the train to enter and then exit it's route, it probably wont spawn.

Rule3 (jury's still out on this one): Depots don't seem to have much problem with distance. As long as it has a direct connection to the closest station to it in the route (even if the closest station is far away). However, results vary when the trains have to pass through multiple stations to get there. If it is one station, no problem but more than that and things get a bit uncertain. I will do more study on this. At some point I am probably going to make a visual aid for this

Main Model- 1737 tris 2048 Textures
LOD- 110 Tris 256 Textures

Required Mod- Metro Overhaul

Strongly suggest getting Train Converter Mod so existing stations and trains can be used with MoM.

Also Spawn Point Fix

And Improved Public Transportation 2

Big thanks to Lazarusman and Bloody Penguin for making this happen!

7/17/2017 This building is now available as a place anywhere asset

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Oct 9, 2017 @ 1:08pm
Creating more Train Shops for MOM
Jan 27 @ 2:20pm
Trains cant enter depot sometimes
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roman_majcher Sep 20 @ 11:07am 
Is it possible to have a version of MOM without needing to use the depot? Depots are just a headache, and they never seem to work!
AuddieD Aug 29 @ 8:35pm 
Has anyone solved the "Metro Station Track Ground"?
Benito Mussolini Aug 21 @ 11:50am 
Hi I am trying to make my huge city as efficient as possible when it comes to my metro lines. But I cant help but wonder if having 2 metropolitan depot would prevent one of them to stop spawning because I have been messing around with it for hours and I cant find a work around.
Qubix Aug 21 @ 11:30am 
Hi, can someone explain me why metro trains don't spawn on this simpliest line ?

pappadudat Aug 5 @ 8:21pm 
Having trouble with this mod. Seems the elevation always spawns at the ends of the station. I posted a picture.
MrMaison  [author] Jul 27 @ 8:20am 
@Oldhip- The patch is no longer needed. I removed the link from the description.
Oldhip Jul 22 @ 11:30pm 
link for MOM patch is dead so wont load for me
Lorenzo94 Jul 14 @ 8:14am 
Hi, would it be possible to make an underground version of the depot to put in city centres?
kai.extern+*****powered Jun 11 @ 10:38am 
This seems to be trying to use "Metro Station Track Ground" which can't be found. Presumably, that's why it fails to load.
Jacy_Junior May 27 @ 6:15pm 
Olá !! Moro no Brasil e tenho quase 1700 horas no Cities Skylines. !! Recentemente estou utilizando o Metrô MOM e estou com problemas de "inspiração" para a construção dos depósitos (onde os carros do metrô aparecem). POR GENTILEZA, alguém poderia me indicar alguns layutes de pátio "ferroviário/metrô" para usar o depósito MOM ?? Alguém tem um savegame ou foto ??
Jacy Júnior - Brasil
Hello !! I live in Brazil and have almost 1700 hours on Cities Skylines. !! Recently I am using the MOM Metro and I have problems with "inspiration" for the construction of the depots (where the subway cars appear). PLEASE, could someone indicate me some layouts of "railroad / subway" patio to use the MOM deposit ?? Does anyone have a savegame or photo ??
Thank you.
Jacy Júnior - Brazil