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Tree Fire Control
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Dec 9, 2016 @ 3:00am
May 18, 2017 @ 10:59am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Tree Fire Control

Tree Fire Control Version 1.7.0-f5 Build 01
Allows more control over the rate that tree fires burn.

This mod allows changing the following via the options menu
-The rate at which trees will catch fire both from normal fires and from disaster related fires.
-Disable trees catching on fire under either situation.
-The ability if things get out of control for you to kill off all active tree fires.

The percentage for the rate setting is relative to the original game code\burn rates.
100% == No changes (normal burn speed used).
0% == Disable trees from fires of said type from ever burning, including manually.

Inbetween is the % chance a tree will burn when the game normally asks it too.
So setting 80% would mean the mod will block on average 20% of games calls to burn trees, a setting of say 50% will only allow buring on half the requests, etc..etc.

Personally I recommend about 35-45% in my games.

*Note* - If you are manually trying to trigger a forest fire I always allow the first tree to burn in a disaster,
so long as you have don't have things 'disabled', ie if you have at least 5% set it will for sure burn the first tree, but then basically not spread.

Disable normal building fires - The setting sets the global flag to disable normal building fires (existing ones still burn but no new ones will happen), this has no effect on disaster triggered building fires.

Enable logging - is more for me the developer, just logs extra stuff to your log, you don't need to enable it unless troubleshooting... or you want to enable seeing tree burn stats on your options screen.

*You may change your options In-Game at anytime, they are effective immediately.

*Obviously requires the Disasters DLC to be of much use to you*

This mod makes use of Sebastian Schöner's (aka cope ) CitiesSkylinesDetour project, and would not be possible without it. You can find his great project here:
Thanks Sebastian for sharing such for reuse with the modding community.

This project's sourcecode can be found on Github -- Here --[]

Other mods that detour\replace TreeManagers's BurnTree() function will cause a problem (ie the mod will load but not actually do anything). I don't know of any that do that..yet.

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Jul 30, 2017 @ 4:21pm
Report specific bugs or bug details here
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ksgustavo Nov 3 @ 8:49am 
Is it possible to make helicopters extinguish trees fires first, and let trucks go for buildings?
sovietisima Oct 24 @ 2:27am 
works with industries DLC patch??
Overlord Aug 8 @ 4:12am 
This mod already have slider for tree fire spread. If it is not enough for you than build less watchtowers.
Will you add an option to make forest fires to spread quicker/more severely, or more reaslistic
Vimes Jul 7 @ 6:58am 
All I did is turn off the ND DLC, result no silly tree fires :)

Not the right thing to do for some but I'm ok with it, until (if they do) CO addresses the issue.
Phoenix C64 Jul 7 @ 6:54am 
Heya @ OP (dunno if you're active anymore) but last wednesday patch broke this mod. forest fires happen again at an alarming rate after milestone 5
Overlord Jun 22 @ 11:04am 
I would like to buy ND disaters DLC (only because of helicopters) and I dont want to use any of the disasters neither fire. And I dont want to tree fires so can anybody confirm that this mod is 100% working to disable trees catching fire? Thank you. I dont have problems with fire in general (buildings) but I dont want any tree fire neither disasters in my sandbox city :)
Avanya Jun 17 @ 2:45am 
This mod still works to disable tree fire spread. Not sure if the sliders still work to lower the speed of the spread, but at least disabling works. If it doesn't work for you guys, then there's likely another mod interfering, which needs to be tracked down.
cpt_gary Jun 16 @ 6:27am 
Want to check does this mod still working with the new park life update?
Vimes Apr 1 @ 6:55am 
That hasn't helped me. Still get spontaneous tree fires, worse if I have beautified an urban area as it spreads to buildings.

Removing this mod and nothing changes